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  1. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    'Sure you'll have a view and response supporting your position, but perhaps something for consideration' - Not really. The result is what it is!
  2. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    So much for grape vines then.
  3. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    It is not really an 'ha but' question. Simple fact is we demand higher standards of purity for our honey. We do not compromise and invest in testing to support this. I would like to think that most beekeeping in New Zealand is Superior in bee health, hygiene and sustainability. We are very selective when sourcing Manuka Honey for the PURITI brand as it has to exceed the MPI definition by a higher pass mark than all other brands. Obviously we then test to ensure glyphosate free. If our higher standards encourage a further lift in bee health, hygiene and sustainability then this is of course an additional bonus and something we encourage.
  4. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Yes - depending on the chemical markers
  5. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    PURITI is above target in all aspects. Sales and sales growth. On average 7-10 new stores (pharmacy, health etc) per week choose to stock PURITI just in NZ. Sell through is above target as is international distribution deals. Can't complain. We will launch another new brand in January. This will complement the offering.
  6. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Remember there is Manuka moving off shore that is deliberately not recorded as Manuka. Just as honey. This is done to avoid the MPI Manuka Honey science definition. Manuka is moved of shore in unlabelled jars to avoid labelling laws as well. Then we wonder why the Government refers to the industry as cowboys!
  7. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    I am interested in seeing the front
  8. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Love it - It probably is
  9. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    'How long do you really think it takes to bring a brand to success' - It depends on how you approach situation and the solutions you adopt. You will struggle to build a brand quickly selling in Markets.
  10. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Interesting concept. So you have a jar full of wonderfull honey with a label on it. Great, that has just cost you money for zero return. What next? How do you get it on to shelves? (Remember in the case of Manuka honey there are at least 200 different jars with labels on them) How do you get a retailer to put this on the shelf and pay you for the privilege? How many shelves? It needs to be many hundreds probably thousands for this to work, but how many for this jar with a label to be cost effective? Now before you get a repeat order you have to sell some. Out of all those jars with labels on, why is the consumer going to choose your jar? (if your answer is price you have failed the test) I agree putting a label on a jar is easy. Creating a brand is a world apart from this. The next stage is your budget. R&D and Marketing above the line and below the line. Do you know how much you need? More importantly do you know how to make those budget dollars work? 'it’s not rocket science .... it just takes quite a bit of r&d budget' - now that is one of the greatest lines ever. It should be carved in to every tomb stone of every failed product with a label that believed they were a brand.
  11. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Ok, hold on back up the truck. This is an open forum. You title 'Honey Marketer' suggests we probably compete. I do not know who you are. On the other hand I am foolish enough to use my own name. I am not going to explain how I compile data, the sources I draw upon and how I make assumptions. When is said 'full of wholes' I refer to the fact that you are basing an entire nations consumption, usage of honey and the value of that honey based upon the data of supermarkets. There are at least 7 other retail channels domestically for jars of honey. Therefore the data cannot be representative of the market. There are multiple honey market sectors you have completely ignored. You have assumed that honey in a jar represents the bulk of honey used. I agree you used simple arithmetic, but you were swayed by opinion as you did not account for anything outside of 'Supermarkets' because it fits your argument and view. Which is fine by the way because we can agree to differ, both on overall position, methods of solution, market potential and market value growth. Your statement 'In a decreasing value market, decreasing volume creates a decreasing total value' how do you know any of that is true? Do you refer to 'from the hive' or 'to the retailer' or to the consumer? The market is multi faceted with many layers. What parts are you referring to. There are so many untapped ways to create and build value, the industry just needs to think a little differently. You are correct the MPI do not suggest. They state the below taken directly from the MPI website: https://www.mpi.govt.nz/exporting/food/honey-and-bee-products/ Honey and bee products New Zealand produces between 15,000 and 20,000 tonnes of honey each year, depending on climatic conditions. Export earnings have exceeded $300 million and continue to grow. MPI helps honey exporters sell their products to almost 40 countries.
  12. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Philbee - I am interested to know how you think the premium will shrink? Do you think the price will decrease? The cost will increase or other honey types will catch up? I agree there will be stress in the market. There always is in growing markets with growing demand. I would welcome seeing 'There are people out there who can and probably will turn that notion upside down and inside out' and how it might be done? If anything the complexities and regulation is getting more complex. Cost of entry to the market is getting higher. Every man and his dog thinks he can put honey in a jar put a label on it and sell it. They believe that that is the process of creating a brand. Then a year latter wonder why the don't sell much honey.
  13. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    I have just used this data recently for a report. It becomes even more interesting when you overlap this data with the import list data and then the consumption data.
  14. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    The answer to that is easy. MPI Manuka honey definition combined with greater international competition at lower prices for non Manuka honey. Result is uncompetitive honey surplus. If the price of non Manuka Honey drops to $4 then you sell it all. If the growth hive numbers is aimed largely at Manuka harvesting then the surplus growth is not necessarily going to grow at the same pace. If NZ beekeepers cannot produce at the same price as international producers then new premium markets need to be developed for non Manuka honey types.
  15. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    If you take current surplus and expected production surplus from this years harvest then 30,000 could be worthy number. Both domestic and export are strong for some packers, some brands and some types of honey. It depends on what you are selling not what is being harvested.