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  1. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    None of those you mention are global. They are regional and culturally specific. Very different. I specifically referenced mainstream pharmacy chains.
  2. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    Just back the truck up. Think of this industry and the sustained growth it has achieved before we repeatedly use words such as 'Spin'? This is no longer relevant or constructive. I have been involved with multiple products, multiple brands and multiple industries. I live and breath marketing. Marketing spin will only take any product so far. Long term customer satisfaction cannot be faked. A product that is built on spin and hype is short-lived with maybe 1 or best 2 years per market/country and ever reducing as the truth catches up with the spin. Whatever your personal thoughts on Manuka are? The industry is so far past 'Spin' the value of using the word has been lost many years ago. Regardless of you view of the supporting science the consumer has decided. The consumer is repeatedly purchasing the product. More are listing to the growing anecdotal positive feedback and responding to the own experiences. The positive feedback is spiralling up not down. Short term bubble product lifecycles can be built on spin, hype and irrational desire and a response to crowd following. When a product is more than this, consumers repeat purchase over long periods for strong and rational reasons. Particularly when the product is expensive. There are Manuka products now for eye's, throat, nasal, stomach, skin, hair as well as increasingly for wound care. These products are in mainstream pharmacy chains throughout the world. This simply would not be sustainable and growing if the consumer could never identify positive reaction/result.
  3. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Not at this stage. We are selective though.
  4. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

  5. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    I hope you are wrong on this one. If you take this direction then you will start undermining the one honey that is leading the way for NZ on a global stage. In my opinion we should do everything possible to defend Manuka and the stricter the standard the greater the credibility.
  6. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    Agree - So why are so many of our NZ brands discounting the hell out of product into China?
  7. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    I think that is what I am saying?
  8. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    Some big questions here. China is a big beast and Manuka and other premium goods are probably only sold to the top 15-20% of the population. If the economy slows/shrinks is the effect so great within that demographic of the population? Possibly not. The issue is more likely to be that growth slows and the market continues to become more congested as every man and his dog seems to want to sell their brand there. The inevitability is that most brands only know one way to sell the product. Price. They become addicted to the few customers, large volume business model and leverage price as the weapon of choice. The follow on effect is a devaluation of the market and product category.
  9. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Hi Jay. What is your e-mail or you can contact me on adam.boot@midlands.co.nz
  10. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Sadly one of the owners did pass away last year. Regardless. This decision was never made. It is no more than rumour.
  11. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    Difficult one to be specific as honey can take multiple routes to market. With some certainty you can say that China remains the largest single market for NZ honey and in particular Manuka. The USA would be the largest consumer of honey and one of the largest honey consumers per capita. Not all of our honey takes a direct route to the USA so I think the % split is not entirely accurate. Personally I like the US market and I think it has legs. The product and marketing mix needs to be clever to carve out a high value position. They have access to a lot of cheap honey and a lot of junk honey so no point chasing the spiral down. Unfortunately where Manuka is concerned there are some crazy, misleading grading systems floating around that have muddied the water. There are also a few legal battles from dodgy Manuka Honey hitting the shelves. Lots of marketing needed but definitely a longterm opportunity.
  12. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    Well. That works but probably won't catch on in print.
  13. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    I have heard this same story of $3.30 per kg. I have also heard $5.00 per kg for the same deal. Not sure of the truth in it, but either way it is a low price. It is very disappointing to see this from a so called market leader though very little ever surprises me when it comes to the big C. If this quantity was sold onto the domestic market it will have a negative impact. If the honey was dumped in another market like the USA then the impact will be minimal if at all. If you could afford to sell at that price you should have also been able to produce a commercially viable consumer product with some added value. They are probably not a good example of business and management practise and I would like to think they do not reflect the majority of the NZ industry.
  14. Adam Boot

    Honey Price Collapse

    Beeman1 - Do you just sit there and make these stories up then preach them as though they are gospel? We do nothing with the big C. We have many wonderfull suppliers, if we have not bought from someone it will be for obvious reasons. Either we have enough for our needs or the price is prohibitive.
  15. Adam Boot

    Marketing honey

    That would be great. If every one on this forum embraced that saying the the terminology would spread. The phrase has to become habit.