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  1. 🤔 at this time of year... helping themselves to what?
  2. if this is on your property rather than on the way to your property you have get this sorted. If someone does something stupid and gets hurt OSH will go after you in a big way. i vaguely recall some case in the media ages ago where the army built a bridge on a farm and it collapsed... it got very ugly
  3. definitive! thanks I'll put in an order before the spring rush😀
  4. when do you refresh OA staples? sorry if this has been discussed before, but its a very long thread. I put in some of Phils OA staples as autumn treatment, most of the hives have been surprisingly easy on them and have barely chewed them. How do you know when to pull and replace the staples? just keep and eye on drops and alcohol wash and replace them when mite levels begin to climb? thanks:-)
  5. should propolis production/harvest be limited to within honey season so its not exposed to varroa treatment?
  6. thought Id share this newscientist article, pretty cool:-) Whoop whoop! A vibrational pulse produced by honeybees, long thought to be a signal to other bees to stop what they are doing, might actually be an expression of surprise https://www.newscientist.com/article/2121275-honeybees-let-out-a-whoop-when-they-bump-into-each-other/
  7. if UMF org didnt create a fragmented market it certainly encouraged it. To join the UMF club and use their measure there is a significant one-off cost. It sets the bar to high for small/small-medium outfits and forces them to use other measures. If you're cynical you could think UMF have a goal to devalue competition making it more attractive for them to wholesale to UMF rather than direct to market (or just exit). At a company level it might make sense to talk up your brand and discredit your competition. Dial your view back to a 'nz brand' industry level and its illogical and damaging. Perhaps if UMF had gone with another pricing model the govt wouldn't have felt the need to step in
  8. if its not on another thread I'm sure it will be soon enough - its pretty astounding stuff... 275 afb hives
  9. youd have gone into cardiac arrest if you'd got the email i got yesterday then. afb notification some outfit had 32% afb... and it wasnt a small business either
  10. saw this in Brisbane airport yesterday. MGO 1282. yikes
  11. i read the below here https://www.vita-europe.com/beehealth/blog/chronic-bee-paralysis/ i cant imagine how he prevented the bees from mingling on the ground... either spread them over a wide area or used a very small heading dog:-) Two years later in a different apiary 40 km away, CBPV showed up again. Research by then had indicated that bee-to-bee contact transmitted the disease, so Neel hatched a cunning plan. He caged the queen and separated her from the colony. He then moved the brood box 50 metres away and took out the frames, but returned the beeless box to the original stand after scorching the inside to sterilise it. He then shook every last bee from the frames (50 metres away) and the bees that could fly returned to the original brood box site. He was careful not to let the bees mingle on the ground which might have aided further bee-to-bee transmission. So, the healthy flying bees returned to the original spot and the queen re-introduced. The CBPV bees, incapable of flight, did not return to the colony. He cl;eared up the dead and dying bees in the vicinity so that further reinfection could be minimised. The colonies survived and went on to produce a good harvest.
  12. opt-in shouldn't mean increasing your risk of identity theft, spam mail, calls and scams. as for budget, i wouldnt want to hazard a guess not knowing anything about their site... but certainly a lot less than someones life savings😁
  13. in my other life i work in ICT. If i came up with a solution that presented a huge bunch of names, phone numbers and emails rather than just relevant results, security would quite literally hand me my own a$$. off the top of my head one option would be to get the user to enter their postcode and hit search, then the system returns only the people nearby. that would prevent easy data harvesting.... unless they want to sit there tediously entering in postcodes one by one all day
  14. at the risk of going back on topic, a stockbroker i talked to once told me that before investing in a company he liked 'walking the factory floor' because it took him past the glossy prospectus and showed the true health of the company. Comvita must have some pretty sweet remote sites, but theyre still subject to increasing competition and weather variations like everyone else. Anyway the long winded point Im making is that as a commercial beek you're on the factory floor every day and that gives you an industry insight that other potential investors dont have
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