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  1. ages ago I read a paper that researched tempersture and crystal size - their theory was that lower temp reduced the mobility of glucose so it couldnt clump up and form large crystals
  2. luckily its extremely fine grained so all i have to to is make it liquid enough to homogenize and jar:-)
  3. sorry, a long time getting back to this.... on the plus side its not an urgent problem to resolve:-) true, thats a good idea. There is a commercial outfit nearby i could call on, I could just let it bulk mature until next season then chuck it in and deal with it then. Id just warm it enough so that its liquid, its finely grained
  4. i like the idea of just chucking it in a van or something, nice and easy - but i dont think it provides enough control, like I could reach the end of the day and have half melted honey. sounds like a bath is the way... another question occurs - how long will it remain liquid at room temp? homogenizing and jarring would take maybe 2 days:-( urgh.
  5. I have a similar problem to deal with at some point. I spun out my honey into 15 buckets (about 25kg kg each). Usually at that point I'd homogenize it all in a vat and straight into jars. Due to lockdown the jars didnt arrive and it solidified in the buckets... now i have to figure out how to melt it all at the same time whilst minimising HMF increase as much as possible (its manuka so HMF will be lab tested) Im thinking perhaps sitting the buckets in a bath at about 37c and opening them to stir occasionally until melted?
  6. if its been a dry summer and theres tutin in the area, you need to be mindful of tutin levels in your honey if you harvest after the flow
  7. depends on storage temperature as well, at lower temp a higher percentage of DHA goes down the chemical pathway to MGO (but painfully slowly). at higher temperature the conversion happens faster but more DHA disappears down pathways into compounds other than MGO
  8. not the best pics sorry. runs about 1 revolution per 3 seconds by memory. it tended to get hot after around 20 min under load so I put the motor in a nice hygienic housing and put a fan from a pc on it (also 12v running on the same circuit) after that i could leave it running as long as i needed. figured out if i hook it up to a battery charger and then 'jump start it with a car battery' it tricked the battery charger into running it if you get what i mean. vat goes underneath. made a lid with a slot so you can slide it on
  9. i made homogenizer out of a windscreen wiper motor from a car and a stainless steel mixing paddle from a milking vat off a dairy farm. 12 volt, runs off a battery charger. and sits on a frame above the vat. works surprisingly well
  10. took a walk up the tops about a week ago where the manuka was still going but had been hammered by big NW. took this pic because i found it interesting that despite being munted the flowers still had bees on them... I wonder if the gleam on that left flower is actually nectar?
  11. same here... every year when you think it cant get crazier more hives turn up to stack up behind the boundary stackers. However Ive noticed there seem to be fewer this season - guess the prices for low value manuka/non manuka have started thinning out the ranks
  12. true that, got masses of kanuka in flower at the moment all round the hives. The bees are studiously ignoring it and flying off who knows where
  13. hi, just wondering if anyones got a rough guideline on manuka wholesale prices per kg? im guessing this is driven by manuka 5, DHA and MGO so there maybe no simple answer... thanks!
  14. wow, my phone can barely even make out stars... heres i timelapse panorama i took down cape palliser a couple of months back blending the afternoon through to full dark. not sure if it will show the whole thing its quite wide
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