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  1. Only ten days to go, RSVP by Monday 3rd June. Please Complete the Registration Form : http://nzbeekeeping.co.nz/seminar-day-registration $50 per person, all day catering included Bank account details for payment are emailed to you after completing the registration detail. "LET’S TALK BEEKEEPING” - SEMINAR DAY SATURDAY 8TH June 2019: 8.45am to 4.00pm Fairway Events Centre, 17A Silverfield, Wairau Valley Courtesy of the Auckland Branch NEW ZEALAND BEEKEEPING INCORPORATED I Email: info@nzbeekeeping.co.nz I 29th May 2019 6 Beekeepers Seminar Day - Takapuna June 2019.pdf
  2. the cost is $50 per person which includes Coffee/ Tea, morning tea and spit roast lunch included
  3. Beekeepers Seminar Day - Auckland Fairway Events Centre, 17A Silverfield, Wairau Valley. Just behind the North Shore Events Centre PRESENTATIONS & LATEST INFORMATION Dr John Craig Manuka Standards Where to from here? Dr Mark Goodwin & James Sainsbury New Ways of Managing AFB & What should your hive look like? Hayley Pragert Surveillance Adviser, Biosecurity NZ Bee Pathogen, outline of the research, results today and where to in the future. Grant Redshaw . Trevor Gillbanks Beekeeping Tools & Gadgets AND MORE TO COME Opportunity to Chat to your Friendly Supplier Courtesy of the Auckland Branch of NZ Beekeeping Incorporated Email: info@nzbeekeeping.co.nz & Enquiries Chas 021 190 1342 1 Beekeepers Seminar Day - Takapuna June 2019.pdf
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