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  1. Thanks for that - makes perfect sense.
  2. OK, I know this is an old thread, but I am planning my work for winter and getting ready for the next season. i have two hives that that were new nucs in April. They have now gone from the 5 frame nuc to a 10 frame FD single brood box and fingers crossed will winter well. I plan to add the second brood box in September as our day time temperatures are generally above 15 by then and will start a spring feeding regime to get them drawing out the new comb in box 2. My question is when could I split the hives? i doubt there will be any swarm concerns being smallish colonies at the moment, so no need to spilt in October. Could a January split work with new mated queens or would it be best to make the split in April and build as I have done up to now?
  3. Thanks cBank that all makes plenty of sense. Still fit and agile myself but the thought of lifting a full FD super off at potentially head height just makes the back ache thing about it - particularly fully suited up and on 28 degree heat. Hence the need to get it right now.
  4. Thanks for that BeeGirl. No point in feeling older than you actually are ?
  5. Hi guys, As a newbee with just having moved two new nucs into their new homes yesterday, I am now starting to think about the honey supers for the next season. I have prepared a second FD brood box for when that time comes, but really want some advice on the honey supers and if the FD or 3/4 are the way to go. Naturally the first season may not be the most productive, but I am thinking long term as I do plan to turn these two hives into about 30 over the next 5 years, so getting the right system in place now is probably the best option. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have read a few related threads on here about this but most talked about changing from the FD to 3/4. Whilst I can see the benefits of the reduced lifting loads I guess I want to know if it is best to start with the 3/4 supers and continue with FD brood boxes. I am 48 on my next birthday, and years of silly things have meant the back is sometimes reminding me of my age! I look forward to hearing some thoughts.
  6. Most definitely. Certainly is a topic that requires mentioning to increase the awareness of what is happening.
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