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  1. Bee related exhibits at feildays Innovation Center MyApiary - Extraction management - Booth INNO37 Flow- Honey on tap - Booth INNO38 Bee-IQ - Hive Gate - Booth INNO34 Main Hall Argisea - Bee nutrition
  2. I think you should get you boss man to take another look and talk to us. Could save a lot of time and money. MyApiary is continually improving and has come along way in 12 months, with a large pool of user providing valuable input and providing feedback. Our philosophy is we are here as a service provider, developing an industry lead suit of tools. The more companies that are onboard the more we can do for the industry. If there is something missing that is a core to your business operation we can work with you to develop this capacity on a known platform where you get a lot of other benefits.
  3. Hi Fitzie, Why are you trying to reinvent the wheel? There are some great app in existence already. You could support them and help make them even better. Hobby/Enthusiasts - 1-100 hives Manage apiary, hives and task https://hivekeepers.com/ https://hivetracks.com/ Commercial 100 - 20,000+ hives Manage apiary, hives and staff and task with cost tracking https://www.myapiary.com/
  4. One of the bigger issues from a consumers point of view is Australian label Manuka tastes nothing like New Zealand manuka. If you're buying a honey variety based on label your expected taste, constancy and quality to be somewhat consistent. This is the biggest reason we need to protect NZ manuka, otherwise, the consumer will be put off. The Australians need to grow up and understand this too and protect their unique flavours.
  5. Good find! Is MPI trying to sneak this through while everyone is looking at the Manuka standard? Like how there is only 6 weeks allocated for your submission when only 3 mouths to come into compliance with the new notice.
  6. Hiveminds solution doesn't help with hive theft. Great set of scales but there is no GPS tracking opponent to their system. Steal the hive and leave the scales behind. We have a number of beekeep's from kapiti to Kerikeri using our GPS units. The units are very robust and easy to use. As the units are completely sealed, many of our existing customers have found very creative places to hide the units in the hive. We recommend 1 or 2 units per apiary, for apiaries that are highly visible or at risk of theft. If the hives are pinched we can track the thieves to there hiding spot. (Contact details deleted. Please set up an equipment supplier directory link) We understand your pain and what the value of a hive really means to you. We want to help catch these sticky-fingered thieves and will aid you tracking down and charging these culprits.
  7. Aucklander no longer, Those who know me, would laugh at my skills as a Jurno, Not a Disk Jockey, but I am a DJ by name. I am Daren Bainbridge, managing director of MyApiary Ltd. Not being a keyboard conversationalist, I was just seeking a polite conversation on the impact of hive theft on another channel. Possibly mistaken identity, Given Topic of this article was filmed at a Hawke's Bay prison and recently attending the Waikato APInz meeting, I thought I may have cross paths with @frazzledfozzle. Cheers Darren
  8. Hi @frazzledfozzle, could you PM me. I take it you are a Bay of Plenty / Waikato beekeep.
  9. Hey Jeremy, Is this solution your talking about the arnia kit. Have you tried it. Does it really do what is can say it does?
  10. Hey Jeremy, I would like to know more. This sounds like a great option for my hive. How can I get a hold of you?
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