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  1. Im in a clover light area but most will be grade 2 not much real white stuff this way
  2. Hate to say it but much the same. Yes manuka was feed honey no real value. Site rentals i'd never heard of them. Pollination was king. I guess when i started with dad the hope of a better future kept us going,very much like today , my guess prices will settle and beekeeping will become sustainable. (It has to) Pasture pollination fees where talked about but implementing that was in the to hard basket. Maybe this correction will return beekeeping to husband, wife operations? I'm going to hold my head high ,keep positive and hope that my services remain wanted. Keep looking for the overseas niche market... I recall complaining about Canadians getting subsidized and that was holding back international bulk price?
  3. Ok so 1995 $3kg -3.5 for water white Diesel 48cents Wage $10 No varroa No extra staff needed. House's under 100k. Fj 45 main beekeeping truck. Shed fees 85$ year Honey was sold every year. Sometimes befor it was in drums Shelf price of honey $4. For 500 grams (I think memory a bit rusty)
  4. The fact is wages h&s general running costs are what they are $4.50 i dont think will cut it.
  5. I have had a few calls ive said i need 6$ to stay in the game ? Not much point in producing a product that cost you to make..
  6. Ive often thought of chasing more pollination, none to be had close by , if i travel out of the district (which would be easy) end result I'm taking work off next guy who is probably struggling enough with out stress of losing valuable work. For me i couldn't do that. Downsizing is the answer i run singles so double up redeploy in spring..πŸ˜–πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Œ
  7. Problem with letting staff go my problem will become the neighbor's problem and so on and so on
  8. Funny how it all works aye... Paided taxs all our lives built a bussiness on love of the trade and family . Years/genarations of free pasture pollination . Wonder what the pasture will look like in 5 years? There will be survivors i guess ? Will it be me? I have no idea ? But the belt is on the last notch. Hope of a decent $ Hope of a settled future In this situation hope may be a dangerous thing..
  9. Have been talking to a few long established beekeepers lately, walking away getting a job seems to be the consensus...or major cut in hive numbers , maybe beekeeping will return to smaller husband wife operations? 1.5$ kg for clover @jamesc that gives me the screaming ####s..πŸ’© Bearing in mind we operate in non manuka producing country. Although i dont think we are overpopulated with hives south of timaru i think pasture pollination will be the talk of the future, 20 years ago at 4$ or less could be done but a slack season always made it hard work , of course no varroa then .. Downstream effects...the training of new beekeepers in our types of areas will come to a hault agian , my farther trained one person in his 50 years of beekeeping and that was me... If i give up ( which i do not wish to do) 4 generations of local knowledge will disappear. Local knowledge is key to successful, sustainable beekeeping, at present beekeeping is no longer sustainable , maybe its time to start squeaking to the powers above? Dose the general farming community realise the struggle? Government help? (Haha) Alot of good beekeepers are in trouble... Dont no if im a good beekeeper, im definitely one that is on tipping point with 3000 + hives 6 staff.. Sure would like to see a crystal ball to make the next decision in life...πŸ€”πŸ€”
  10. Yep spent 25 years reading between the lines ,good book long journey
  11. Yeah some nice honeygrade 1 and 2 and kanuka
  12. Not that great cold summer minimal crop no buyers and hearing same thing all round me both queen and nuc money running low now ...πŸ˜”Really not sure what direction to take from here. Any honey price under 6 or 7$ will just put salt in the wound , how about you @Gino de Graaf
  13. # 6 or 7 per kg would be sustainable maybe shy away from growth ...sustainable would suit me to the ground I dont need to be rich just cover wages and associated beekeeping costs is all I ask for. Even in the hay days of the past few years as a non manuka producer the money went back into bees to keep up with regulations rmp... On the bright side the sun is shinning today...lol Still working off the xmas belly . I looking around every corner under every rock trying to find bigger pants.
  14. Yep sick of hearing tighten the belt have done that can't breath some weeks.
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