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  1. # 6 or 7 per kg would be sustainable maybe shy away from growth ...sustainable would suit me to the ground I dont need to be rich just cover wages and associated beekeeping costs is all I ask for. Even in the hay days of the past few years as a non manuka producer the money went back into bees to keep up with regulations rmp... On the bright side the sun is shinning today...lol Still working off the xmas belly . I looking around every corner under every rock trying to find bigger pants.
  2. Yep sick of hearing tighten the belt have done that can't breath some weeks.
  3. So I'm thinking crunch time is upon me ####load of hives bit of honey coming in good quality clover , poss 5-7$ kg? 3.50-5$? If wanted at all? 3.5 -5 game over 6-7 might have a chance Not wanted - game over... 4th generation beekeeper I thought to myself over 100 years in the family game and it might end with me? Tough times ahead? Tough times now.... I'm with @jamesc the problem needs advertising must be going to get serious very soon ? I'm a proactive beekeeper queens,nucs,pollen,honey,venom, proplas ,pollination but the structure of company relies heavily on a sold honey crop . Keep thinking this could be the never ending nightmare.🤔
  4. Wounder why they stealing ? Can't give them away
  5. Our kanuka hasn't started yet week or so away lots of bud wheater still bit cool.
  6. Burning off fast east coast south island
  7. ? 3$ kg to look forward to....gonna get ugly
  8. a true beekeeper will still standing next spring?
  9. I guess so ...hopefully tourist numbers quality friendly faces etc but why not clutch at straws....
  10. To true Adam I only wanna sell 50 ton if I need halal or kosher, umf I give you a call...think I will just be nz beekeeper packing my own honey selling to the people in my own bck yard sold 10 ton so far @ a great kg rate giving the courier something to do, local label shop some work supporting local sports teams bla bla etc. So my local sales up by 8 ton this ytd. Only got 40 ton p/a to find a home for game on ....
  11. Hitting the nail on the head.... Midlands started there beekeeping operation because the average age of the beekeeper owner at the time was 60plus and Duncan could see pollination issues , these issues will come back with reinforcements along with disease issues ....
  12. Yep I think by April this year the situation will be worse ... than today, heard of hives 100$ including gst double brood on pallets if that's not a bail out sign or industry collapse sign what is? I came into the industry 24 years ago ish first 500 hives cost me 100 plus gst double brood box and 2 supers honey price 3.15kg ......
  13. So.... you have 50 ton in your shed no bulk buyers no future guarantee of sale new season crop coming on....guess what time to pack test your luck ...just maybe you might get your needed 7.5kg to survive or option 2 approach existing packers who offer 3.50 kg knowing full well its below production cost ...??? This is not going to work either way and small and big operators are measuring the string and planning there exit...with no sign or motion of a turn around what are the choices .....
  14. Hi yes mated queens,both over wintered and new season..
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