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  1. I guess so we had a 25% loss 20 yrs ago ended up being highest production year of that time.
  2. Hell that's alot of gaps to fill kimosabhe
  3. Maybe regonal beekeeping needs to be looked at too.? Keep hives in your own region or not at all? Why dose this specify manuka plantions ? Boundary stacking both in crop and wintering ? The can of worms is to big. What goes for one goes for all? We have a migrant beekeeper takes hives away then stacks on top of us putting winter strain on our hives while they use forestry access to boundary stack on manuka to get around farms. Can I set up a beekeeping hub in a already overpopulated area ,thats ok because I move into another region to crop which is already overpopulated?
  4. I don't want to be the pessimist but our idea of a co op to put money in the beekeepers pockets... We will be competing against prices already set by companies already racing to the bottom, correct me if I'm wrong unless we the co OP could control all honey produced instead of 10-15% how can we possibly offer a better price to the beekeeper. Of the 280 members to be how many are going to give up what they have goin domestically so the cooperative has domestic sales. Thus will be a important step in developing markets overseas by pushing the brand domestically to gain exposure. Every member to be would have to change from there brand to cooperative brand. In order to gain the exposure to attempt local sales supermarkets etc. Just throwing it out there...
  5. Don't speak to loud @jamesc never know what's around the corner..😈
  6. Thanks Adam for your opinion as somebody with there finger on the pulse.. I can survive on that...
  7. I guess you are saying any increase in sale will be off set by the expense of setting co op up. So defeats the purpose? So maybe short or long term still be in same boat? Dose that mean learn to live on low price or exit industry? Problems will mount fast as this correction takes place maybe we need to set up a page for the exit of beekeepers a place to cremate unwanted beehives? Area emergency response to hives left to die. This will be everybody's problem...
  8. Ok maybe some packers out there on this forum could give us a answer better than we are working on it ( so am i). Is there any future brightness that may give some hope? Will you be buying in near future? Next year? Is 5$ a kg the knew normal? Or no sale ? Because if it is the sustainability of this industry...well it wont be sustainable.. It's really hard running a business on a crystal ball. Be even harder running a packing plant without suppliers .
  9. What's a fair price to a beekeeper? What's a fair price to the consumer? For me 7-8$ kg is break even providing I don't blow engines in more than one truck and nobody damages anything So if the co op isn't the answer what is? Be patient hope the bank manager supports.? Be patient hope the existing packers/exporters can get it moving? Be patient go broke? Be proactive as a industry and make something happen..?
  10. Yeah that could be right ...but in order to get full support past initial beekeepers contribution these questions will need to have a clear answer before stage 2. Unfortunately (for me) anything past stage 1 has to be clear cut if we (our operation) is to continue cash input. I am optimistic this could work,but I also no getting 2 beekeepers to agree on something is hard enough let alone 300? As @Adam Boot mentions how are we going to command a better price? We all know that compliance cost as a beekeeper are I imagine at packer exporter level it's high as well ? Are we going to donate honey to get ball rolling? Is this all about non manuka? 100,000 hives are supporting this,( that's only 10%) so are 90% of hive owners algood selling there honey? Are we going to create a worse situation than what we already have? Just asking?
  11. So regular buyers not buying A bit of no faith in a co OP? That can only spell death to a industry? So I guess for me I would probably through my last pennies at a opportunity to create something that at least I could have a say in or maybe even be apart of. The road is rough the journey is long whatever the outcome we produce food in a staving world.
  12. O do you not get $1000 a kg for your honey?
  13. Talked to a farmer today wanting to no how my beekeeping empire was going, the surprise on his face when I told him if things don't change fast I'll be requiring his jumbo fire pit ,and a job driving his tractor. The farmers who need us have no idea how close to the wire we run. Of course
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