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  1. Has anyone else had this happen with the extent of being hospitalized but still kept bees?
  2. Ok, so I had a look inside, Its humming, I lost count at about 1 million, 435 thousand bees..?. They all look very healthy with a few frames of solid brood in the bottom box. The top box has five frames of honey, three in the process of being loaded but uncapped. The other frames in the top box are loaded with bees drawing out I presume. I'm assuming the dead young ones are isolated. I checked for AFB in the capped brood cells and they were clear. Anyway and strangely several bees managed to get under my hood and I was stung several times but managed to reassemble both boxes. Unfortunately I went into anaphylactic shock and was ambulanced to Auckland hospital for overnight. Several adrenaline shots and two drips later I have been warned by the doctors that I am extremely allergic and cannot get any more stings. Sadly, the fun police have got me and I need to quit the beekeeping which is devastating. Therefore I have a two high hive in central Auckland humming with bees and will be open to offers. I would be happy for this to go to a hobby guy in Auckland who loves bees. You must pack it and pick this up and I cannot help unfortunately at the risk of more stings. I would consider any offer, real cheap if you take it away.
  3. Thank you Kiwi Bee, Are you placing apivar in tomorrow?
  4. Treated with Apivar at the end of February. should I treat now with bayvoral or an organic something, hesitant to break into the hive in August. i don't have access to Oxalic.
  5. Hi folk. This morning a small pile (8) tiny bees shunted out onto the landing board. Assuming newly emerged. Should I be concerned? Or is this normal? Fine day in Auckland and the rest of them bringing in heaps of Pollen and nectar. My noob eyes cant see any mites, or are they the black dot on two of them. Sorry about the pic. Cellphone only.
  6. so I should be feeding a bit more?..two deep single hive with top feeder
  7. Kanuka and manuka is in full flower around the parks in Auckland (no bees on them in New Lynn Park but full bloom) . A few stray bees around the hebe , also in flower under the kanuka shrubs.
  8. Thanks Dansar, The bees here are bringing in pollen and nectar most days
  9. As a newbie in Auckland I was wondering why we stop inspecting hives and harvesting honey in winter? I understand that further south in NZ and other places around the world there are real winters; But a mild Auckland winter could be the same as some summer days in Invercargill (sorry Invercargillites). The bees here are out and about most mild days. It hasn't been that cold. to date. Is anyone in Auckland doing so??
  10. Found this on You tube, Interested in your thoughts? ? Turn the music down ..it'll drive ya nuts.
  11. Hi Mummzie. Dipped board into hot wax and cooled then rolled. I just cant justify an embossing roller
  12. I cant help myself Tristan. I wonder if we also do what we have always done or we are already doing it right..?
  13. Has anyone ever used plain foundation that isn't embossed..just flat wax? Would this work?
  14. Hi folk. Being my first season with a back yard hobby beehive in Auckland. I'm looking at a first split in October, same yard. I noticed that plastic waxed frames are a lot more cost effective than wooden. Not too sure why and I'm a bit hesitant about starting a new hive with plastic frames, after reading that some bees don't take to them. I have seen that some of you use plastic effectively but why such a cost difference with wooden frames, is it the wax foundation cost?
  15. Thank you all for the knowledge.
  16. Hi folk. New bee guy since March 2018, I have one hive with two 10 frame boxes in suburban Auckland. Top box has 3 frames of honey only and the rest empty. The Queen hasn't moved up to the second box. Bees are still busy and when the sun is shining are returning loaded with pollen. How often should I be fully inspecting the hive in the colder months? Also I treated with Apivar and recently removed the strips. I am leaving the honey frames for the bees, about 4 1/2 frames full.Will this honey safe to use if they have not consumed it all by Spring? The Queen is about two years old and I will be keen to try a split before December. Should I order a new Queen for the new hive and leave the older Queen or replace her too at the same time? Thanks heaps
  17. I made a top feeder (90mm) with Bunnings supplies and realized afterward I could have bought one for half the price..) But it was about the DIY thing. Im thinking i only need anther 4x supers for this summer for a split. Small scale backyard Auckland guy. Incidently ..With auckland temperatures do i really need a nuc split first in spring or just a 10 frame split?
  18. Thank you. Good vids Trev. I have seen all of them, and bulk buying I guess. pallets.. Good idea.
  19. Hi folks. I am a new hobbyist with one hive in central Auckland. I have been here a while but just fascinated to read and learn before bursting into song. Anyway. Does anyone DIY their own hive box's, either full or 3/4? If so, where do you buy your timber? I thought that surely I could make a simple frame box at less cost but If I buy from Bunnings and Mitre 10 the project is not worth the cost ?. I know it's easy to just buy a kit set but being able to make your own appeals to my kiwi culture (dumb as they may be). Appreciate any comments. Thanks.
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