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  1. @Rob Atkinson That would be amazing! Will go for a wander and see if I can find him for a chat... Thank you!
  2. @Parminder - I am on Glen Ida Way, out near Tauwhare.
  3. @BeeGirl - I've reached out to them, but haven't had a response. Next on my list is rocking up to one of their meetings and trying my luck... Didn't think it would be this hard to find a home for a hive!
  4. Hi all - first time posting (I joined today). I am super keen to learn about bees and bee-keeping, and was wondering if any keepers were looking for a spare place to put a hive of bees. I'd love to get some on my property so that I can observe and learn about them as we go. Happy to pay for hives, fees, maintenance etc (I have a Flow Hive in a box, but as I understand it they aren't too popular?) More than happy to go with whatever is advised regarding hives etc. I looked at a couple beehive-as-a-service type outfits in NZ, but they don't have keepers in Hamilton/Cambridge at the m
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