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  1. The wax moths certainly prefer old brood comb so making sure I have non of that. Usually store supers wet after extracting ,wax moths dont seem to like the wet frames as much. Some of the hives are 6 3/4 boxes high so dont really want to leave them on as they can be quite unstable. Anyone know someone to extract and buy my excess honey, did this with a locale plant in New Plymouth but they are not there now.
  2. To avoid wax moth is it better to store honey supers and frames wet or dry after bees have cleaned up. No brood frames.
  3. Been bee keeping for years and never had a problem with robbing but this year its terrible have 3 different hives at different locations under attack havent opened them up or put wet supers on maybe its because its still very warm for this time of year so bees are busy but no nectar so robbing
  4. Well maybe $6 isnt so bad after all just seem strange to get $8 2 years ago. Glad I dont rely on it to survive ###### being a commercial operator. Hard work for FA. In saying that `enjoy bee keeping and have been doing it of and on for 30 odd years. Thanks for everyones comments.
  5. Have just dropped of about 200kg of mixed honey to be extracted only to be told they will pay $6 per kg with per frame extraction cost at $1.25 per frame. In 2016 I got $8 . Does anyone have an indication of what other extractors are paying $6 seems very low and hardly worth the effort.
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