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  1. How do you collect the Mason Bees to attract them to the hive?
  2. It didnt have the best brood pattern but had a lot of eggs for 3 days. I searched high and low for the second queen in the split box. Oh well, pretty stoked about that then if I got both of them! Just gutted my graft went horribly wrong. Just thought the odds of that happening on my very first split ever
  3. I split a hive 3 days ago, made sure the queen was in the bottom box and ensured the brood was allgood. I did a graft on the "queenless" hive with 9 queen cups. Today I go through my "queenless" hive and had about 2 or 3 frames with fresh eggs with 2-3 day old larvae. I was stumped because I made sure she was in the other hive. Surely enough I go and have a look at the other hive and it had fresh eggs and she was definitely in there. So I go back to my other hive to really search for a queen and couldn't find one. My graft failed miserably which sucked but this would be a solid sign of laying
  4. New queen for sure. New frame of brood would be a good idea to boost numbers til the queen gets put in with also added honey. Lots of maintenance needed!
  5. Quite funny how Comvita has a partnership with australia for more leptospermum.. when we're fighting for manuka naming rights and theyre clearly changing the name to manuka via the bypass. Anyone else figure that out or?
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