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  1. @jamesc What about for honey harvesting? Do you have more equipment for getting the heavy boxes to and from the truck? I hear there is an all female team near us that use a trolly of some sort.
  2. @john berry We aim to have at least one beek to every 350 hives the company has, no one is solely responsible for any specific hives unless grafting etc. We work in teams and just use the 350 hive thing as a guide for hiring. We have found that to be our golden ratio. To make sure we can shift the moving burden around, to always have enough staff and to allow for unexpected time off etc. DW, everyone is still filling out their hour and some. ?
  3. @jamesc I have no doubt! I just want to talk about how (if she is the best applicant) we can accommodate for a female in the team - having previously not had one.
  4. Any female commercials out there that want to talk to me about their experience? We have a couple of people trialing for trainee positions this week (and next) and one of them is a woman. Because all our other full-time-ers are male, I want to make sure that she is given a decent crack at the job and have some advice from other full-time female commercials already doing it. On another note, what types of things do you all think we should be trialing potential trainees with? I'm thinking the basics - Good listening, following instruction and learning skills - Strength enough for honey harvesting days - Comfort or interest in 4wding (they will be in cantas) - Confidence/comfort around bees (i.e. they are not going to run off like a loon when they start getting stings on hard days) Forecast says rain in the arvo tomorrow and we have someone coming for a trial, tempted to postpone it in case the day isn't going to involve enough beekeeping. But, hesitant to muck him around the day before and then the forecast play out differently.
  5. I'd like to see someone buy a pot of this honey and have it tested to openly share the results. But I sure as hell am not spending that amount to satisfy my own curiosity haha. In other news, I am interviewing for our most current job ad at the moment and I've been just about over run by people wanting to train or get into the industry. It's so hard to pick what exactly will make an excellent future beekeeper,. It's funny how just by adding in that we could have room for trainees, you seem to get nothing but potential trainees apply and put off the experience beekeepers you are also looking for. Could have been something else in my ad that is putting off the experienced but I can't imagine what. (Here it is in case you have suggestions on how it could be better: https://www.trademe.co.nz/jobs/agriculture-fishing-forestry/other/listing-1818631938.htm?rsqid=e8cb9acc1c144a96a96b3563dedd97e9).
  6. This kind of stuff is just so frustrating! Last year I had a guy approach my stall at the fete and say "Oh bees what lovely creatures. I have my own beehive in the backyard. It dies every year, but every time it dies a new swarm eventually turns up and keeps it going for another year." After I inquired further he made it clear he was not interested in talking AFB "nonsense" and I had to take a self-prescribed 15 minute break.
  7. Oh that's good to hear! Meanwhile, I was over at the neighbors last night for a catch up (a beek at our company and his delightful mrs), and the hives in their yard started stinging my cat that had followed me over. I've told her not to dress in black around the hives, but does she listen ?
  8. @Beefriendly do share? I may start using them for it
  9. oh and 'crackin' a beer' has been a biggie
  10. I've used one for removing labels from glass
  11. So I'm at a bbq with a bunch of beekeepers and the most hilarious conversation just started. What sorts of things have you used hive tools for, that are not beekeeping related, where they have proved super handy. Multi-purpose awesomeness. The best so far... "digging an emergency toilet hole".
  12. I don't think I can even pronounce Aponogeton distachyos
  13. @yesbut that last comment reminds me of this
  14. @Beefriendly check it out ^ back up for my hawthorn statement.
  15. I'm in the office today Getting very jealous watching the canta's come and go, while this office feels stuffy and smells like paint.
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