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  1. thanks a bunch!! Yes I should of thought about contacting Asurequality for the list if that's possible!!!
  2. Hi all, Thank you so much for all your valuable inputs, never thought I would get so much replies in a few days. Yes I actually meant, bee keepers with their honey certified as organic, never meant to say the bee keepers are organic. LOL I also did a bit of research myself on Google and found there is a company "https://www.asurequality.com/" which can certified whether the product is organic. Has anyone come across this company? It just seems so hard to find a bee keepers who do their honey organicly and would do bulk production and retail packaging for you.
  3. Hi all, Im new to this forum and looking for some organic certified beekeepers whom could help with bulk commercial production and packaging. Any assistance or guide would be much much appreciated!!!! Thanks all!
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