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  1. Not insured. Can't think of anyone who might want to do this. We thought maybe we should offer a reward for any info or recovery of the hives.
  2. Well today it got worse. Another 32 hives stolen overnight !!!!! Our sites are in the local Forest behind locked gates but unfortunately this week contractors have been working in there and have been leaving the gates open. The police and Forest Security have been advised but we are putting more cameras out incase they come back. They had blocked up the entrance with a rubber matting material so we have kept that as evidence. Our Registration number is D0871. It's really disheartening as they were bursting with bees getting ready for splitting and pollination .
  3. Matahina. I would say they are long gone by now - it would have happened within the last 3 weeks. The rest of the site will be moved ASAP in case they come back. The thieves would have known what they were doing. All our boxes are branded and lids and bases are our own design so we will know them if we ever see them again.
  4. Heads up for the Whakatane district beeks . So today we discovered 20 hives plus pallets stolen off one of our sites. We were just finishing our possum block (grocery money for these hard times) and no 2 man called up to say um I think you had better come and have a look. He has very good records so as soon as they drove into the site they new something was amiss. I don't often swear but today I had to - it feels like some of my babies have been lost. 😓
  5. manz

    Bee Poo

    Have they thought about checking if they are in the flight path of an apiary site ?? I get this all the time on my car from bees on our home block (now moved). Have to waterblast to get it off. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/109210210/what-is-the-mystery-substance-splattering-down-on-waitara-residents
  6. We currently write all our information on the top of drums and this has been okayed by Asure Quality at our Audits. I have seen printed labels stuck on drums before and wondered where you can get them from. Also what information does everyone put on. I currently put our RMP code, Product of NZ, honey, drum code, year, Gross, Tare and Nett weights. I have tried searching the MPI web site but after being redirected to various pages and still not finding anything I gave up. That site is horrendous and a real time waster as I keep finding stuff I didn't know about so start reading before going back to my original search.
  7. Went last year. Well worth it and a good chance to catch up with other beekeepers.
  8. So we had our Audit on Monday. 4 hours later!!! we have a pass with 4 Non-Conformances and 4 Observations. One of the observations is to do with Product Recall. The last Auditor gave me a printout which she said was sufficient but the new Auditor said no its not. So having read the Guidance Material which is 41 pages long I will now draft another document for my files. Has anyone ever done a mock recall which is a requirement. And what detail do you all put in your document - we only sell our drums to 2 large buyers so I don't see why I would need to put ads in paper and radio. The Non-Conformances were that I hadn't done a training log for myself, a building and plant maintenance log has to be kept, we had written Manuka honey on our drums before getting test results (fair enough - we've just deleted the word Manuka) and I hadn't used the latest version of the HD which came into effect on 7th March, I had used the 5th February ones so I have to redo from March onwards.
  9. This is my paperwork ? Should have attached this to my last post but haven't learnt how to edit yet.
  10. Audit being done tomorrow. Had a final look through the honey shed today. The staff left early on Friday so I thought yay they've cleaned everything to my satisfaction BUT NO ? I spent all morning cleaning - they won't have time in the morning before she arrives so thought I'd better do it myself. SIGH. I'm pretty confident everything is in order but you don't know what new stuff might turn up on the day. New auditor as well so she might want to start from scratch. The last one knew our shed well so was usually a breeze. At least we've finished extracting. Has anyone struck anything new since the standards changed?
  11. I've looked into various software for record keeping but our staff prefer notebooks. I use excel spreadsheets for things such as dates in and out of pollination, where they came from and went to, then what honey sites they go to and where they return to for wintering, also mite control but apart from that our whiteboard at the honey shed works really well. We write on the lids for anything that needs requeening or to watch and new queens are written on the front of the hive. Why change what works.
  12. We used to use Methyl Bromide in 3 shipping containers but are no longer allowed to. Two years ago we built a cool store attached to the extracting shed and now we just turn the chiller on and have never had a problem since except in the warm room where some supers sat for a week before extraction and the moths hatched. We set the chiller at 3 deg C and it works well.
  13. Tested it in front of the hives before putting too many baitstations up.
  14. Put our Vespex out today. Wasps went straight for it - even watched some flying away with bits hopefully in the direction of their nest.
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