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  1. Although I like to look at things from every angle, I'd say you're right on that one. Needless to say it's not a legit label. The fact it doesn't state UMF on the label lead me to say that it could have been ignorance that lead to the UMF statement. Either way, the export of clear skin jars and bulk honey needs to be halted to protect our industry. In saying that, there would likely need to be concession made for honey being exported to be processed for medical devices until we can get facilities to handle that at home.
  2. I would say the person that listed it had no knowledge of what UMF was so could be an honest mistake. I believe the 90+ would represent the pollen count rather than activity level too. Label does look dodgy and I'm sure Airborne would be concerned!
  3. Comvita ship a lot of their honey to aussie to be blended and packed. Australian "Manuka" tastes pretty crap though. Nothing like our stuff. The biggest worry would be consumers trying Australian "Manuka" and then thinking all Manuka tastes like burned molasses! As far as prices go, you'd likely be hard pushed to get a 5+ pass the new standards so it could very well get back up to the $27 per kg mark.
  4. This may be a bit late in the piece but worth pointing out I guess. I spoke to Russell from International Honey last week as they are looking to use ApiTrak. Apparently they managed to get RMP registered, MB1 I believe is their allocated code. In order for them to stay compliant they have to load the processed drums straight on to a RCS or RMP registered transporter and submit eCerts from the trailer unit. Some obvious challenges there but good on them for pushing it through. The crew at Asure Quality would have been scratching their heads a bit with that one!
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