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  1. The Electric model is now available. This is a great upgrade with having powered control of the mast and makes moving and working the hives a lot faster than the full Manual model. the manual model has also had some upgrades not shown in the photo. Please inquire directly for more information..
  2. maybe this : https://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/farming-forestry/beekeeping/listing-1743145318.htm
  3. Tom. Not sure how to contact you. can you message me now through my listing on market place.
  4. No problem. Yes in 6 weeks i can offer one.
  5. Do you mean the new model i speak about with the electric lift only?
  6. https://www.nzbees.net/offers/offer/5-bee-hive-trolley-specially-designed-to-lift-and-move-your-hives/
  7. Manual Hive Trolley. Save your back..and turn a hard day’s work into a day you enjoy… This is a very well proven trolley design that's been used by many beekeepers. It’s designed to remove the back work in beekeeping where the trolley lifts/lowers and carts any hive up to 100kg. Its proven to be a key tool for using on apiary sites when either loading or unloading a ute/trailer of hives, or for when doing splits on supers where you need to split boxes and hold them while you check or work on the hives. Price shown is including GST, invoice can be supplied. Currently sold out, new stock available 20 February. Specifications: • Two strong steel grips, these are clamped against the beehive with a single grip for lifting. • The lifting system is geared for ease of use, and locks automatically when you take your hand off. this removes any risk of the hive dropping suddenly to the ground. • Can be used for polystyrene, plastic and wooden hives. • The clamps can accommodate almost any size of beehive from 38cm up to 70cm wide. • The lift comes with two forks, these lift up and down the same way as the clamps, these are removable. • Wheel size 400-8 • Fully galvanized construction • Rubber grip handles. • Maximum lifting height: 1100cm • Maximum payload: 100kg • Size: Height 165cm Width 67cm Depth 45cm • Tare weight: 30kg Coming soon...New model with fully proportional electric control for lifting and lowering of the mast. ask for further information.. What else can you use the trolley for?? It can be used for moving boxes of fire wood, concrete or stone slabs, headstones, anything that’s under 100kg and can be moved by either clamping it or lifting it with forks.
  8. Im trying to work out how to do a add on market place..but its not very clear how to do this so i have asked for help.
  9. Hello. Sorry but i have searched as to how i go about doing a add in the market place. When i go in the market place sectipn it does not offer an option to load a product..what am i doing wrong
  10. Hello To offer these to people on here..how should i go about this? so i dont break your rules.
  11. Sorry no. I have 2 left not sold out of some being built now, due to be ready in about 4 weeks. Also i never noted above but another point i had others say was.. Pushing the trolley Manually they preferred but if the lift and lower was powered this would be very usefull for when working it all day....so i am working on this now and will have this as an option down the track.
  12. Hello All.. Its been interesting seeing all the above comments. i have had the full electric lifter and the manual lifter from Kaptalift..and i have showed these around a number of beekeepers and this is the general feedback. Electric option: Great tool, down sides are: Its to heavy to lift on your own onto the back of a truck/ute. Must be charged every night if you intend to use it most of the next day. (so must remember to plug in). Price..this was the biggest issue as it was hard to justify this amount if you had not a lot of hives. as most people who had 4-5K would chose to go with a crane over a trolley. Manual Option: Great tool, very simple and easy to use, Light enough to lift on your own onto a truck/ute deck. No battery to worry about so you can work it hard or as easy as you want Being manual nothing to go wrong with electrics etc. Price was acceptable, but the design could do with a couple of changers. but over all great way to save working your back. So in short i took on the recommended changers and built up some manual trolleys, if anyone is interested in them please message me. Pic shown fort your interest.
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