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  1. There has been some good feedback here..the key things to consider when looking at a crane are: -Based on fitting to a ute: A-Is the crane capacity ‘reach and lift’ more important than the pay load that ute has left after the cranes fitted? The bigger the crane the less payload the ute is left with. B-Do you have a preference of front mounting or rear mounting. -Front mount: advantage is better stability. Better handling and comfort of the ute. Limited ability to lift the cranes max capacity -Rear mount: A lot better position for lifting loads, less
  2. maybe this : https://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/farming-forestry/beekeeping/listing-1743145318.htm
  3. Tom. Not sure how to contact you. can you message me now through my listing on market place.
  4. No problem. Yes in 6 weeks i can offer one.
  5. Do you mean the new model i speak about with the electric lift only?
  6. https://www.nzbees.net/offers/offer/5-bee-hive-trolley-specially-designed-to-lift-and-move-your-hives/
  7. Im trying to work out how to do a add on market place..but its not very clear how to do this so i have asked for help.
  8. Hello. Sorry but i have searched as to how i go about doing a add in the market place. When i go in the market place sectipn it does not offer an option to load a product..what am i doing wrong
  9. Hello To offer these to people on here..how should i go about this? so i dont break your rules.
  10. Sorry no. I have 2 left not sold out of some being built now, due to be ready in about 4 weeks. Also i never noted above but another point i had others say was.. Pushing the trolley Manually they preferred but if the lift and lower was powered this would be very usefull for when working it all day....so i am working on this now and will have this as an option down the track.
  11. Hello All.. Its been interesting seeing all the above comments. i have had the full electric lifter and the manual lifter from Kaptalift..and i have showed these around a number of beekeepers and this is the general feedback. Electric option: Great tool, down sides are: Its to heavy to lift on your own onto the back of a truck/ute. Must be charged every night if you intend to use it most of the next day. (so must remember to plug in). Price..this was the biggest issue as it was hard to justify this amount if you had not a lot of hives. as most people w
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