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  1. Hi Josh, Our boxes are not manufactured from PVC as in spouting or down pipes, its a completely different composite material that is as eco-friendly as it can be and is 100% lead/metal free. I don't know what polystyrene is actually manufactured from but i imagine that doesn't burn well either. Our Ceraform boarding burns well and doesn't release any nasty toxins as it doesn't contain any. And Parrafin wax is a Petroleum based product so what comes off a wooden box that's Parrafin dipped and painted when its burnt.? I've seen plumes of smoke coming off burning wooden boxes. But i fully understand what you are saying and i understand why you might choose to use wooden boxes, we all like wood in its different forms. But we also cut down many trees in this country which impacts the environment so that also needs to be considered. Thanks Hayden
  2. Thanks for your comment Trevor. And yes as our Ceraform boarding is 100% waterproof right through to the core these can easily be cut down and the benefits of these boxes still remain. And yes we have been manufacturing bathroom vanities from this same material for over 15 years, and these have always been a semi-gloss paint finish. the boarding is a very smooth extruded finish so it needs a quick scuff up before painting. Thanks Hayden
  3. Hi Deon, I hope you don't mind me commenting on your post. But i am Hayden Gleeson from Ceraform Bee Boxes and just found your post relating to our boxes. I realize this was in Nov last year but if you are keen to have a look at one of our boxes i will happily courier you one as a trial box. Our boxes are made from a 100% lead/metal free eco composite U-PVC boarding, our boarding is the only PVC boarding that is guaranteed to be metal free and we have the verified reports to prove this. Most PVC made around the world is very weak low density signage board that claims to be lead free but the test reports are fake on the cheaper rip-off boarding. Our boxes are also 2-3 degrees warmer than a painted and dipped wooden box, and they fit the Hive Doctor bases perfectly. The boarding has been used all over the world for the last 30 years as a external trim or cladding material, it is HIGHLY UV stable and will never get brittle, warp, buckle or ever move from extreme cold or hot climates. Trevor Gillbanks recently tested these and was happy enough to write me a quick report on his findings, ill attach it for your reference along with our brochure Cheers Hayden, and if you want a free trial box please message me from our FB page @ Ceraform 100% Waterproof Bee Box NZ or email me at sales@ceraform.nz Trevs Bees.docx Bee Boxes Brochure 2019 WEB.pdf
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