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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions. Yes, good ideas to add more brood when adding the queen, and testing the reaction to the queen prior to adding her to the hive. Also, would be very doable to shake the bees over a queen excluder. I've looked really hard in there for the queen - but there is still a possibility that I've missed her I guess. There is a 'roar' when I go into the hive, another hint that there is no queen. Even if she is in there, she's a useless layer... I know I probably should just let it die off at this time of year - but can't really bring myself to let it happen LOL! Partly because it puzzles me so much that they haven't raised a new queen.
  2. Thanks Trevor, what did you do with the honey in the hive? There's quite a bit... I'm actually quite keen to save the hive, but just not sure whether it would winter very well with a new queen and not that many bees, and wondering whether she would lay many between now and winter.
  3. Hi fellow beekeepers, I've had a hive which has been queenless for a while now. When I first noticed it, I added a frame of young brood from another hive, but they didn't raise a queen from that brood. So, I added another frame of brood - still no queen. Why wouldn't they raise a queen from the brood (contained lots of eggs to choose from), when they clearly don't have a queen. No sign of disease in the hive, nor large numbers of dead bees. As you'd expect, they have plenty of honey - they haven't had to raise brood for a while now. Now the bee numbers have really started to fall off (end of season, and no laying queen). Interesting that no laying workers have materialised, maybe because of the added frames of brood? It has been a lovely Auckland autumn with warm weather, but I'm wondering whether it is too late in the season to save this hive. I've just ordered a new queen, and hope to place her in the hive tomorrow.
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