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  1. Yes I did look and after asking a few respected experts I can to the point that I needed to ask smarter question. I saw one Nucs weighting 16kgs which rises the alarm. Then spent 4 hours with someone who has more than 45 years in the industry, something did not measure up and thats been confirmed here (thank you master Beekeeper). The say ignorance is bliss I say its expensive its for dummies that stop asking questions. thank you to all who gave me their 2 cents worth, it had great value.
  2. Everyones a winner if we take the lessons from it. Time to go build some more Hives.
  3. He has agreed to a refund so lets see, he claims he has been working for an Apiary for 2 years..
  4. At this point I don't feel the need to do anything let the guy save face maybe he can learn something from this as he's a younger bloke.
  5. Reason is if someone is up to no good how fare dose the "no good" go? you maybe right Phil ... all the beekeepers I have ever met are of the old school that stand for something (apart from two) and when someone makes a fool out of you you tend not to forget te lesson.
  6. Is there some where that we report questionable behaviour of beekeepers in regards health and safety ie AFB, Stolen bees?
  7. I saw this on an Iran beekeepers site about a German guy heating the hive to kill the Verroa eggs. mortality of honey bees. Chemical methods have not only not destroyed the population of mites, but have caused resistance to their progenies over time, instead of weakened and more vulnerable bee honey. One of the old methods of fighting and treating is the use of heat. This method, which is called a sauna for the Bumblebee, is possible using a cheap and simple tool. In this situation, honeybees experience a sultry heat and there is no problem, but larvae of the young and the mit
  8. You know Phil I took this on and committed to doing this over 18 months ago and got my first taste of the games played in Northland around Commercial Beekeepers over property rights. There are people in every industry every where willing to teach you a lesson with out love. But for me its about finding a better class of loser to hang without with. If I have to lose why lose the lesson it the most valuable part. 2 hives then re treat? haha Nah to easy!
  9. Just written and ask him to come collect them and refund my money.... Some one else can show me the honey.
  10. Im to green to know the difference, yes I admit it, I have a very good friend who ran 1800 hives for 30 years he showed me something that would give me honey and string me if I didn't treat it right. Some years later in my late teens I helped him build his honey house. A great mentor and friend respected by many. As for posting the Trademe id I think it best to give the guy the opportunity to do the right thing as the only thing they will dead with is their name.
  11. Thanks what I was thinking and when I opened the Nucs and saw BQNZ who is BQNZ?
  12. Yes he is a young guy say he wants to become a bee commercial Bee breeder but had no room wile working for an Apiary. No quick bucks I'm just a life style change so Im not a slave to other just to the bees, We have another businesses that uses Bee by products for health reasons.
  13. Hi all, Just brought 4 Nucs @ $200 each off trademe see ad below. The trade was for one and I was offered more so I took 4 thinking I was buying the same thing. I would like some feedback to what the members feel after viewing the images I took after checking the Nuc boxes before I . Trademe ad: This auction is for one Nuc beehive with virgin queen recently added. Pick up either from Auckland or Auckland.Each Nuc will need to be transferred to your box or for $15 I it can come with a new 5 frame corflute box. 5 full depth frames. Mix of new wooden
  14. Most are out to safe grade their market point of difference but really I think there is a lot of BS in Ozzie and Kiwi honey sure it dose something but put any honey on a wound and it will heal. Molan's experiments were not able to be repeated in the German lab.
  15. Some clever Kiwi is going to work this issue out I feel.
  16. A little more on this guy Samuel Ramsey - University of Maryland https://www.researchgate.net/publication/305805061_Identifying_the_primary_host_tissue_composing_the_diet_of_a_honey_bee_parasitic_mite_Varroa_destructor
  17. Coke makes that problem bigger, personally I do the following 1 I don't drink out of plastic (gives you man boobs) use glass. 2 water with half a lime or lemon and mint. 3 drink before you need it, by the time your thirsty your electrolytes will have already needed a top up. Our bodies are an energy system run on electrologist the acid of lime or lemon feed and ignite our system. No point being the hardest worker in the grave yard then you really would be a little dried out.
  18. Thanks YesBut I look forward to learning and growing here. As my old mate Alan Murray said always be a student.
  19. Under trademarking law there is a time period you have to wait and in this paid your mark can be challenged but in the true sprit of the crims across the digitch their really good at claiming others stuff, let them have Russell Crown he's nothing to crow about, but Honey, Its a money honey issue, they make the money off our honey name. I think you still need a criminal record to be a an Australian.
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