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  1. Part of the reason I posted this was there asking for money to help fund the cast with out saying who is behind it. Who has the most gain in all this? Follow the money find the reason.
  2. You should look at the research being done by Paul Stamels at Washington State Uni with Fungi and non chemical treatment of Varroa and other illnesses.
  3. As long as the Queens are good laying what dose it matter what colour they are, It would seem to me some are hang up on skin colour ... Pack of racists lol
  4. Manuka definition http://mailchi.mp/e1835c19935a/apinz-member-update-manuka-1325813?e=bbae088400 Breaking news!!!!! Here’s an executive summary outlining the key points pertaining to the concerns around the Manuka definition put forward by MPI. “Meeting held to discuss MPI mānuka honey definition” From the CE – Karin Kos On Friday, 12 January, a meeting was held in Wellington and facilitated by the Federation of Māori Authorities (FOMA) to discuss MPI’s definition on mānuka honey in Wellington. The meeting was co-hosted by key industry associations including Apicul
  5. There maybe another weapon for the war on Verroa it repels every day bugs and can kill any supers bug. Its been tested on Cows with Mastitis, its in a 10% alcohol mix and you should be able to spray the bees with it. NZ govt has invested 4m NZD and a $20m processing plant. I will let you know once we try it on Bees. Im looking for a hive around Auckland full of Verroa if anyone want to watch and take part?
  6. You still need a criminal record to be a true Ozzie unless your Crowed House or Joh Bjelke-Petersen who was a crook NZ chucked out lol
  7. Werda can we have a chat please off this site?
  8. Phil how do I contact you ? Im allanjohnston co nz I have something for you
  9. You can buy trackers for as little as 14$ NZD and field cameras try Cabellas in Nebraska they have good deals in game cams in a camo colours.
  10. @CraBeeIm not saying I will not name him I need to let trademe do their thing first. His bees are still at my place . For the most part I agree with you but "copout" no! I have a history catching people on film doing things they should not have.
  11. Must bee the 700$ lesson I've had. After the games play with guy this morning I have claimed down.
  12. Bee Venom is good for something people with liver issues for one and I hear some cancers, there are lots of white papers written on the subject. From a natural medicine stance have a look at http://search.mercola.com/results.aspx?q=BeeVenom
  13. "Fair Go" and rising above the small thinkers and questionable traders. I was always tort to put myself in other people shoes before I acted. There has been a report to Trademe and had I not been informed by another new beekeeper here I may not have reposted it. As for TM I do not have faith in TM after my stolen professional camera equipment was sold there and over 150k in stolen car, damage to a building and equipment had happened . Im not standing by Im watching But Grant what if this was a first sign of Verroa its a fact most people will turn the other cheek, say not
  14. Thanks for the info your rights the game now being played.
  15. OK now the Guy is playing funny bug r Im thinking affirmative action maybe needed after all.
  16. Maybe your right however I put myself in his shoes and let him show or learn what integrity is you never know he maybe someone to watch for later (hoping but not holding my breath).
  17. I knew plenty of young guys trying to get a head and I don't have an issue as we all come a long at our own speed however when you have 2 beekeeper with combined experience of almost a 100 years saying things them lessons need to be delivered.
  18. Off topic I know. Have a look at that one Phil https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1512816617
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