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  1. Interesting to hear about your miracle nuc. but, you didn't tell us how the other three went. Did you have queen cells in all when divided into 4?(maybe original queen in one) or did they bring on larvae to produce queens?
  2. Interesting comments and as a beekeeper for 20 years I would agree best to join an apiary get to grips with beekeeping (although all of us know it is a life long learning process)and other beekeepers and above all good hive management. However, as someone who was intending to give up beekeeping which I now do on my own and finding the lifting of supers heavy, all the extracting etc. My son and daughter in law run an organic vegetable farm and asked me to put in a hive so, I was so excited to see the Flow Hive and whilst I will continue to go through brood box etc as normal this potentially enables me to continue without the heavy lifting. I wouldn't dream of not using a queen excluder (don't know where that came from). So this will be my first season and will be interesting to see what comes up. The first challenge is the recommendation not to put foundation in the brood box but let the bees draw it out themselves. - we shall see. I will let you know how it goes.
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