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  1. Thank you! That’s awesome advice, hopefully it all works out 🤞
  2. My bees swarmed today and I was lucky enough to be home to catch them. I’m unsure what to do next though! Few questions below: 1. Should I add some full brood frames from the last hive? If so, when should I do this? 2. The queen is already a few years old, how long would you wait to replace her? 3.can I place the swarm hive next to the old hive or is this confusing for the bees? 4. When’s a good time frame to expect the new queen to start laying? thanks in advance for the advice
  3. Thanks for all the advice!! Very reassuring. It’s my first winter with a hive so still trying to figure out the norms. I’m still feeding them and they seem to have a lot of honey in the hive. Off on holiday now! Thanks!!
  4. Hi all I have a queen that’s not laying. I’m almost completely out of capped brood. I haven’t seen any eggs since March. Should I be removing her and replacing her or waiting for her to start laying again? Is this ever normal? thanks!
  5. Thanks Trevor for your reply. Going forward should I check them in another two weeks and if they're not full, start feeding them? What would you recommend?
  6. I went through my hive yesterday and it seemed that my honey stocks were really low. I'd say I saw only two half frames of capped honey and they rest were all partially full. How much should you be expecting to see at this time of year? I haven't harvested anything as this is a new hive. What are thoughts on feeding them at this time of year? last time I checked there were at least 3 full frames of honey and that's when I added my second box to give them more space. There's plenty of brood as different stages.
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm using 3/4 depth boxes, wood and wax frames but the four frames of bees that I started with came on wood and plastic. Does this make a difference? i went back into the hive after reading the replies and removed the queen excluder (which was already getting covered in wax!). Ive moved the empty frame in the bottom box a bit closer to the middle and I moved two frames up into the top box. I put the feeding frame back in the top box empty The top box was already covered in bees working away. When would you start feeding again? Im really not sure about the honey flow in masterton. I think we've had really settled hot weather and lots of bees are coming and going? When do you usually expect the honey flow to be over? thanks again for the replies
  8. Hi all I'm a new bee to this! As you will find out after reading this post! I'm sure there's much I can improve on... I checked my hive today which I got in November. Started off with just 4 frames of bees and it seemed when I checked on them today after three weeks of leaving them alone they've really filled out the box and frames. Theres two full frames of honey and a couple of partial ones. The hive seems really cramped and over loaded with bees. A whole bunch were even hanging out in the feeder. I took out the feeder and replaced it with another frame. I put this frame on the end and now I'm thinking I should have put it nearer the center? I've added a second box now and a queen excluder between them. But will my queen have enough room to lay in only the bottom box? Seen as there's already a couple of frames of honey in there? Any advice would be really appreciated !
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