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  1. Grey Bees

    On the grey bee train?
  2. Big wednesday

    I agree too. I just wish I could do it by ticking, not typing a reply.
  3. In a health food shop in London today I found Active Rainforest Honey from Chile, rated at 10+. Apparently the activity rating relates to the hydrogen peroxide activity. No wonder consumers are confused.
  4. Hives sabotaged

    I am at work right now and have just had a ring to say two of my hives have been pushed over. My husband says the bees are gone. These hives are in our front paddock less than 20m from the house and it has happened since I left for work at 1.30pm. The bees had started behaving oddly this afternoon just before I left, flying everywhere as they do if they start robbing but not actually robbing. There were bees outside on every hive and stack of boxes and now I wonder if someone had put something in the hives earlier, then come back to finish the job. I will ring the police tomorrow. Tonight I have to try to get the paper out but I am shaking and very upset.
  5. This is a story about the birds and the bees, farmers - and miserable January weather. Taieri-based Rentahive co-founder, beekeeper and bee breeder Murray Rixon said it had probably been the worst summer for beekeepers in living memory. Some in coastal parts of Otago had collected less than half the usual amount of honey. Bees want rainy weather to buzz off
  6. An out-of-town beekeeper who parked up in Westport to eat his lunch yesterday afternoon left a trail of angry bees behind him. Bad-tempered bees buzz bookworms
  7. Like bees to honey, hobby apiarists around the country are swarming to a new beehive manufacturer in Dunedin. Kaikorai Valley College pupils Nadia Paine, Bella Richmond-Grant, Kes Johnstone and Ashley Arthur have established Kaika BeeCo - a Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme which manufactures beehives called Honey Huts. Pupils' 'Honey Huts' creating buzz nationwide
  8. New Zealand manuka honey products maker Comvita is linking up with Blenheim-based apiary operator Putake Group to form a South Island-based honey business to meet global demand for manuka honey. Comvita to beef up honey supply in new joint venture | Scoop News
  9. Honeybees suffer severe learning and memory deficits after ingesting very small doses of the pesticide chlorpyrifos, potentially threatening their success and survival, new research from New Zealand's University of Otago research suggests. Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-03-bees-dumb-ingesting-tiny-doses.html#jCp
  10. Bee truck accident

    Two injured when bee ute rolls near Dunedin. Delays after crashes north of Dunedin | Otago Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island, New Zealand & International News
  11. On a Dunedin news group I belong to, people are reporting a lot of dead bees - honey bees and bumbles - as well as wasps. Some say they are falling out of trees, others just say there are 'heaps' of them. Reports are coming from all around town. One report is from near me so I am going to try to check it out. The weather is cool but my bees are flying and so are lots of bumbles. My hives seem fine. Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. Royal bee

    It was a bumble bee, not a honey bee but Charles had a close encounter today [MEDIA=facebook]10153679938844691[/MEDIA]
  13. Topic split from DIY extractor Most bee clubs have extractors for members to borrow or hire.
  14. I presume everyone has this Apiculture NZ Consultation The Interim Apiculture Industry Governance Board (IAIGB) is now calling for feedback on the Draft Constitution, Strategic Intent and Membership Structure for Apiculture NZ. The IAIGB will only accept feedback submitted on the form which is available to download below.
  15. Here's a photo taken by ODT photographer Stephen Jaquiery today while covering the big fire at Saddle Hill, in Dunedin. He said sparks were flying everywhere and things were just bursting into flame, including this beehive. There are a lot of beekeepers around those parts. try this one