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  1. Some people must have very little sticking power. We've passed 25 years - long enough to be coppicing the trees we planted for firewood when we started out.
  2. But it probably wouldn't be on the family home.
  3. We have 15 acres, mostly bush with a few paddocks near the house. We have rain and spring water. We have power and neighbours, but the hill up behind us is ours and nobody can build where they can see us. So one side of the house has a good view but not much privacy. The other side has bush, paddock and total privacy. And all just 15 minutes from the middle of town. The possums and kereru eat the orchard to shreds though.
  4. Here's a story from today's ODT about this A University of Otago graduate is tasting sweet success with a documentary on using dogs to sniff out early signs of the devastating bee-killing disease American foulbrood (AFB). Otago science communication graduate Sarah Hight's short film has reached the finals of the Jackson Hole 2018 Science Media Awards. https://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/dog-training-movie-chosen-us-finalist
  5. I'm quite old but not very grey so I don't know where I fit. I would happily pay a levy for research but don't want a bar of Apinz.
  6. You are right. I will sit in the naughty corner and be quiet.
  7. We kind of encouraged it because it's not as prickly in the sheep's wool, it's good shelter and good firewood.
  8. The other trees come in and overtake the manuka here.
  9. Judging by our paddocks manuka eventually wins. We did help a bit with some judicious scrub cutting thiugh.
  10. Go through the taller hive and reduce it to two boxes somehow - take off honey frames and empty frames and get all the brood together in two boxes. Then you won't break your back getting the hive up the hill. You can move a strapped-up two-box hive on a sack barrow.
  11. Yes, first they say they don't have the money to do anything, then they point out how many more hives there are - so if hive numbers have for argument's sake doubled, surely their income has doubled as well? I wish mine had. I don't mind paying a bit more but for one or two hives $90 seems fairly steep.
  12. That cardboard is great for starting the fire
  13. Well my bees were flying on Sunday. I don't usually see them at midwinter so that was a nice surprise.
  14. I'd like to know the cost before I fill in any registration forms. Is it so dear it would put us off if you told us?
  15. It's a burger, I believe, although I've not had the pleasure. The place is called Fergburger.
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