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  1. Great, I would be interested in one. Will keep an eye out for updates, cheers
  2. Do you have an eta and idea of price on the electric one?
  3. Did have a wee look at this and their 800kg one, could be great for lifting hives. Did wonder about the boom length though and also liked the idea of a hive lifter for putting in escape boards and harvesting. Do you know of an easy way to adapt a crane to lift supers but not the whole hive?
  4. Do you have any more info on the German one?
  5. Hi Ron, the website says lithium battery has 4 hour use time and 6 hour recharge. It is the latest version they have out. I’m going to have a look and a test drive of one in June so will have a better idea if it might work for me after that, will post something around then and take things from there Cheers
  6. Good to know, cheers for that. It sounds like they have widened the latest version, and here in central Otago wet is not normally to much of a problem! Not sure if they have changed the wheels though. Is there anyone else out there who has used one or used something similar? Would love to hear any feedback, good or bad I would struggle to justify the cost of a crane for my few hives so figure something like this could be a good solution for me. we are visiting family over in Europe in June so I might hold off until then and have a good look a
  7. Yea, they do have a manual option. I was after an electric so only discussed that one with them. If there was interest in the manual I could definitely look into that also. Cheers
  8. Is anyone interested in buying a kaptarlift electric hive lifter? My back is not as young as it used to be! After a bit of research looking at the best way for moving and working my hives I found the kaptarlift from Europe and thought this would be the best option for me. Luckily my brother now lives over in that part of the world and he was able to get a bit of a deal direct from the factory. If I can get a couple more ordered then they can will be $4,245+ gst(if any) including shipping to nz. There is a fair bit of information about kaptarlift
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