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  1. Hi New technology LoRa Long rage radio frequency .. a bit like super bluetooth. We have it working over 10 k so a sensor on a hive could alert you 10 k away. We also have a device called the Cube that runs on aa batteries and GSM that will report to you within 40 secods if a hive moved. Its called the Cube .. www.uWatch.co.uk. Probably wont work for you yet but we are still working on it. its part of www.bee.watch
  2. This is the other side of the argument applyig Donald Trump’s philosophy A) In the UK Beekeepers don't have to be registered so you have a free for all because bee keepers have no single voice, (how the pestcide idustry wants it) 1) The Centre of Ecology and Hydrology used to test for pesticides in honey, they got bought by the pesticide industry last year, now they don’t 2) Reading University have the equipment to test but don’t have the staff to do it, but is being funded millions for a “posh bee” research program by the pesticide industry promoted by the British
  3. Do you have a Cell phone signal in both places?
  4. Hi How far do you live from your hives?
  5. 1) Stop using a hive with a large bottom entrance that makes it easy for them and wasps and mice to get in. All bees need unless there is a major flow on, is a small entrance or two about 25 mm which they can easily defend. In major honey producing countries like Russia and Ukraine they use hives with small entrances in both brood and supers. They don''t use the floodgates that are the modern bottom entrance . Think about it, why do we insist that bees walk in at the ground floor and up thought he hive like we do in our houses. They have wings. 2) If you use hives with ventillat
  6. Quite often the simplest of things are the problem. Its easy to blame the bees, and once you have checked out the obvious then sure try re-queening if you believe that is the problem. There are no rules in beekeeping except those supported by our own observations. We mentor several beekeepers in our village and Toby's bees will chase him round the garden but my buddy checks the same bees with just a veil. The point about the Intrance is that we have forced on the bees a house we would live in. Walking in on the ground floor. Is that really what they want? as no where have i seen a pictur
  7. Hi Here in the UK this is becoming a serious topic. It appears certain funguses are beneficial and in our own research in a cereal growing area where we have our apiary, its combinations of herbicides and fungicides that are killing our bees. I have not seen a field mushroom for 15 years .. we live in the chemical countryside. checkout www.bee.watch which we use with local farmers, golf courses and pest control companies telling bee keepers when and what they are spraying.
  8. Hi If you want agressive bees then go to Africa. Make sure its the bees that are agressive not some smell you are carrying with you. Not been eating bananas or useing some aftershave, have you? washed your bee suite in a fancy smelling washing powder? Anyway if you are using the Langstroth patented open fronted bottom entrance then the guard bees will be at the front of the entrance. Try the "Upstairs Downstairs" hive entrance where the guard bees are inside the hive, in the "intrance" and less of them, and they don't need to come out. check out www.BeeSpace.xyz. It
  9. What nonsense the bottom entrance for bee hives is. Why do humans force other animals to live like we do? If I had wings Ii would not walk into the ground floor front door to get to the bedroom upstairs. Nowhere in the natural world of the honey bee do bottom entrances exist. Why suck cold air straight into the middle of the brood, why have the forage travel through the brood to get to the supers? yes the queen need stimulating but give the bees both options and they will manage it. https://twitter.com/BeespaceX/status/1181994151539281920 Check this out, at last some
  10. Hi From the UK, The Swarm season finished and we are up to 47 colonies from 17. We are addicted amateurs and we got 1200lb of honey against 260lb last year, when neonics were still legal. Only one major wipe out of bees due to pesticides at the beginning of the year. We have set up a group in S Oxfordshire using the Swarm coordinators app called Bee.Watch (www.bee.watch) where anyone can report a swarm without having to make phone calls. There is an app and api to go on any web page for those that don’t have the app. Collectors are notified in seconds and it sends a picture, gps
  11. INFO: never wash your bee kit with your normal washing. Any bee venom very dilute gets on the other clothes and your body then gets sensitive to it at low levels., then reacts extremely when you get the real thing. Especially important for kids clothes.
  12. The threat of Pesticides: Be warned, NZ needs to get control of the pesticide industry like Denmark did and tax pesticides at source so government can fund research with the proceeds. In the UK Tony Blair did a deal with the pesticide industry to voluntarily regulate itself. He got elected and now university research is funded by, and delivers, the results the pesticide manufacturers want to hear. We are running a scheme in South Oxfordshire UK where local farmers, golf courses, pest control companies are using smart phone apps to record pesticide applications as part of their existin
  13. Getting rid of Varroa is not a one hive solution. you need all your local apiaries working together to reduce the population. The problem you have is not you, its your neighbour. They have a weak varroa infested colony and your bees will rob it and bring home the "bacon"!
  14. Hi .. Get hold of a steam paper stripper, an eak and two hive boxes and the metal off a hive roof. Sit the eak in the up turned metal and drill a hole in the side the size of the pipe from your paper stripper. Stack the boxes with frames in on the eak and put an unvented roof on top Fill the steamer and leave it run. later you will have wax, sterilized boxes and frames. Put a mesh floor above the eak to prevent stuff dropping into your wax and make an insulated cover/roof to quicken up the process. Great way to kill of wax moth in infected hives, throw th
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