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  1. Unit is up, running and owner has done a move or two with it, one problem is the curly cable down to the cradle is breaking up and the owner has asked me if it can we wired to work wi do like the later ezyloaders are from factory, has anyone done this and is it a generic remote kit or bought from Australia kev
  2. Thanks both for the replies, over here in UK we have similar system of swatches, I found the blue was New Holland blue from another beekeeper that uses a 300, his nearest match to the yellow is something called sunshine yellow. We also have British standard colours here. My logic tells me that's if they used a common Agriculture colour for the blue then similar would apply to the yellow but from what I have foundered out so far that does not apply
  3. The owner wants to run a two battery system on his truck with split charge as you say and just plug the loader in with a plug socket system system that the vehicle recovery boys use, thanks for the advice though
  4. Still working on it actually (spare time job) split the boom just to make it easier to get into place, going to paint it, the factory blue I am told is New Holland Blue, anyone any idea about the yellow, evidently it's not the old New Holland Yellow so struggling now and Ezyloader do not seem to answer e mails
  5. This is the base at jig up stage, needs to be braced back to trailer chassis when fixed. Needs modifying as it came off a vehicle similar to this
  6. These poly Nucs have virtually taken the market in the UK, just paint the feeder and the outside with smooth masonry paint and they are ready to use in UK National frame size, they are also made in Langstroths as well https://www.paynesbeefarm.co.uk/nuc-mating-hives/poly-nuc-hive/
  7. Thanks very much guys, just got to finish off the mounting this week and run the wiring
  8. I am in the middle of fitting a secondhand ezyloader 125 in a trailer and as Philbee said I have been asked to mount the unit over the axles of the trailer but in a position to minimise box loss. Question, does anyone have a wiring diagram as the unit came with all its power supply cabling removed, the power feed is obvious but the neg connection is not, obviously not to frame as the winch needs to reverse polarity to drive up and down, thanks in advance kev
  9. I have and still do winter Nucs in 12 MM ply and EPS Nucs, they both have mesh floors, the EPS Nucs come new with a solid polycarbonate sheet under the roof, the bees seal this shut all the way round with propolis, they obviously do this to maintain nest temperature, a little condensation builds up around the nest perimeter and the bees actually use this to turn stores into usable food. In short they both come through winter alive but the EPS use less food and expand faster. Mark I am not a scientist I just work with my bees for best results and healthy it's bees
  10. I have been running EPS and timber hives for 5-7 years now, not a scientist but semi commercial beekeeper so costs are important. The ESP colonies outperform their timber counterparts on same site with sister queens heading colonies, they consume less stores in winter and do seem to start and ramp up brood rearing in early spring faster than timber, important to us they continue collecting nectar and sealing of super frames of honey later in the season, as we do Heather (Late August) that is important, we can only presume that the bees continue ripening the late season crop as the hive temp stays warmer in our late season nights.
  11. I have been reading this thread with great interest and have ordered a pid controller with SSR relay and K probe, I can get brass for the Pot and the base, is there any reason why nobody else has used brass, it has good thermal properties, just wondered if there was some sort of reaction between the brass and the Oxalic that's why it has not been used
  12. Stoney I don't know if you are having the same issues as we are in the UK where we have 'Natural' Beekeepers that do not treat, the phrase Varroa Bombing has come about as failing colonies in your locality move out and bring all their mites into our sites giving impression treatments not working, just an idea UK is a small country
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