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  1. Came across this hive the other day. Had a few cups of dead bees out the front but otherwise healthy with a box and a half of bees and some nice brood.
  2. We had a hive that had slipped through the cracks and was mite riddled back in mid August. Would have still been about 4 fms of bees. We added 4 frames of brood and treatment then and added another 4 fms of brood start of Sep. Went back to that yard today and that hive still had issues, was worse than hives made up from scratch with 6 fms brood so added more brood. Seams that starting with the original 4 fms of bees and sick brood was much worse than starting with nothing. Rest of yard going great.
  3. Fair enough. We did washes on about 20 % of our hives and all the hives with high visual mites when we pulled the honey and put in apivar. We found 5 hives above 35 and they all fell over during the treatment period so perhaps my theory regarding high mite counts being a death sentence needs to be specific to when treating in autumn with apivar.
  4. I totally agree that bees getting what they need themselves is the best situation and for the first 20 years of my beekeeping that worked fine and beekeeping was easy. in the last 5 years however things have changed for me. Maybe more bees / less resources, maybe mites and their effects on the bees fat bodies, could even be increased co2 levels reducing the pollen quantity? What I know for sure is I can't always get away with doing what I used to and expecting the bees to be fine.
  5. First rule in the battle with varroa is never take you eye off the enemy. Their is no doubt that the mites have now brought their a game to the battle field. In late summer if your mite washes are above 30 - 40 I really don't think it matters what you do the mites have already won.
  6. Seams to work when dissolved in sugar syrup. Without the sugar uptake might not be so good. Danser proved the basic concoction before me.
  7. I wasn't feeling very expert about this yard back in may
  8. While there is no substitute for good beekeeping at the right time I have to say that I was quite surprised what my unproven concoction did for my site of duds that have turned into a box + of bees. Start of may. Mid aug
  9. Seeing that we are talking about pumpkins and the other day the pink cat was trying to improve on his oxalic delivery system by modifying toilet rolls it's probably time I shared what my old man has been up to with pumpkins and toilet rolls. He plants his pumpkin seeds in toilet rolls which he has in the glass house then when they are ready transfers them roll and all into the ground and they don't look back.
  10. Another few points to consider are 2.5 litres of 2:1 Sugar = about a frame of stores. Invert sugar converts to slightly more stores than normal sugar. I have a rule that I never feed more than a litre of syrup per frame of bees at any one time.
  11. I found two queens in a hive today, mother and vgn daughter both dead on the floor. Only the one cell so the bees didn't think things through to well. Pity as the mother queen was doing a very good job.
  12. Regarding the c4 if the screen test is used rather than the full test results can vary by quite a bit. Moisture testing needs to be done on completely liquid honey to get true values. Also honey and retract needs to be at the correct temp for the celebration of the unit. Not uncommon to get moisture readings 1-1.5 % different . Finally crystallization can be affected by pasteurization if it has not been reseeded.
  13. How long have the staples been in?
  14. 20 yrs ago we sold Manuka for $4.70. Bush honey at the time was about $2.80.
  15. While we are on the subject of the corrosiveness of oxalic acid does anyone have any suggestions as to what grade of stainless steel I should use for my new solution making staple bath that I am about to build. Was thinking 316 but am open to any suggestions.
  16. No skipping lunch either. Of course management found a few other last minute things that had to be done right now during my lunchbreak.
  17. Been out beekeeping with senior management looking over my shoulder all day. Was reasonably happy with what I was seeing. Bee mostly looking quite good for this time of year
  18. I had heard 6 mths and even then don't eat any organ meat.
  19. Most extracting equipment is made with single ph motors as equipment manufacturers know that many beekeepers live in the boondocks where 3 ph may not be available. Some gear is 3 ph but usually 230 volt 3 ph so can still be run through vsd from single ph supply. Most extraction gear uses motors 1.5 kw or less. Of course with a few things going total power usage can add up but is usually able to be run from a typical domestic supply.
  20. Was out and about the other day and came across a hive in need of requeening.
  21. How does someone manage to spend 18 k on a Ute deck???
  22. I am not really a fan of more rules but the only way that I could see it being somewhat fair is if landowners had to justify hive numbers based on area of Manuka cover on their property with a hive limit per ha of Manuka coverage. Limiting hive numbers in areas is not something that hasn't been done, in N Dacota USA there is some sort of restriction system. Some councils have a lot to gain form Manuka plantations regarding erosion control and water quality. A can of worms? yes, but justified in a maturing industry? Maybe?
  23. Really enjoyed the conference and catching up with people. For me the stand out presentation was Sammy's talk about varroas feeding methods. Really emphasised the need to keep mite levels low. Also some good info about the effects of miticide residues on queen and drone reproductive abilities. Overall a somewhat flat atmosphere and there was nothing to suggest much improvement any time soon.
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