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  1. So what was the cardboard that you used and how thick?
  2. Pulled the honey off a yard on Sat morning that had been treated with Phil's staples over summer. Of the 7 random hives that we sampled mite numbers per 300ish bees ranged from 0 to 3. Was happy with that considering that their spring synthetic treatment came out end of Nov and they have been in an overcrowded Manuka zone ever since. Few interesting points We got a great crop and no bee deaths were observed. There didn't appear to be any signs of superseedure . We placed staples on centre of frames 3 and 8, 1 third in from one end on frame 5 and a third in from the other end on frame 6. This placement ment that there were 2 staple legs in the middle seam which seemed to cause the bees to place honey/pollin in the centre frames dividing the broodnests. The staples were edge protected and while some were a bit chewed most were largely intact. In conclusion for 2 bucks worth of staples and maybe another dollar for time and product we seemed to get pretty good mite control considering we are normally beginning to get somewat overrun with mites by now . Also while I am all for experimenting with different cardboards etc and had hoped to trial some different things myself I simply ran out of time this season. The convenience of having thousands of staples turn up ready to dunk and go is very good.
  3. I remember a case many years ago when a worker got a doctors cert for a bee sting and used it to take sick leave. The doctor wrote down "laceration" on the certificate.
  4. The problem with many beekeepers that get their info from a book is the fairytales that they dream up when reading between the lines.
  5. 3 is a bit cuddly in the cruiser
  6. If you get 40 mites from a sugar shake an alcohol wash would have likely got 50 plus witch in my opinion means an apivar treatment at this time of year is unlikely to get the mites in Check in time to save the hive. Formic is good in this situation but maybe too hot at the moment. Ox gly is probably one of your better options. Surprising that vaping didn't seam to work so well for you.
  7. Apivar is a great product but my confidence in it as an autium treatment is a lot less that it used to be. Did you treat with anything over the summer months?
  8. Few months ago I got a $250 Bill for being 30 hours late filing paye details. Wasn't late with payment just the Info. The joys of giving a young fella a job.
  9. Been trying to get on top of some paperwork today. Can anyone point me in the direction of the mpi statement regarding oxalic acid and formic acid for own use that came out late last year. Thanks Jamo
  10. I might be wrong but I understood that this type of product could lead to very high cfu counts in honey making the honey ineligible for many export markets.
  11. Definitely a wof. If it was cof it would have cost twice as much and would have a hubo hanging off it.
  12. I know that it is December but I am getting over my apiweb apiary report lighting up like a Christmas tree.
  13. 3.5 t rating so wof and no RUC. Probably weighs about 5-600 kgs but just guessing there. Not sure what the brakes are will have to look next time it comes up. So all legal as long as the extractor man doesn't overfill the drums too much.
  14. This one belongs to a mate. Tows very well but he has to plan which yards he takes it into. He sometimes has to lift it with his crane to reposition and turn around.
  15. Because muppet drivers would have no hope of making them go backwards.
  16. Most of our boxes are tan e. We haven't observed negative effects with ox staples which for us have been mostly used as a summer mid season treatment. Always used Dry. This is one of my drying racks. I understand there are other ways to get dry staples but these work for me at the moment.
  17. We have been extracting honey today. We needed to as we had run out of boxes.
  18. Orchard was sprayed 4 days prior to hives going in. Orchardist has said that what he did was same as other years and I don't remember a problem in that orchard before. Could quite easily have been an avo guy thinking that as soon as his bees were gone he was free to spray even though he may have still had 10 % flower open. I think they are still allowed to use lawsban.
  19. Thanks for the info. Bees were put into orchard 4 days after spray went on. Orchardist told me that this cocktail is same as has been used in previous years and we haven't had issues in this location before. Usually bees do really well there as there is a large gully of Bush right next door. Did not see significant amounts of dead bees outside but estimate that hive populations dropped from about 45 thousand to about 25 - 30 thousand.
  20. Does anyone know the label instructions regarding bee safe use of these sprays in kiwi fruit orchards Movento Prodigy Luna Actiguard.
  21. Nice feeder. How do you block up the holes?
  22. Hi alastair Good to see you sharing your experience with oxalic acid even if it was a negative one. We now know that hives on a flow are maybe more able to cope with excessive acid than hives on no flow. I have talked to a number of beekeepers and generally they fall into one of 3 categories. Use ox and like it. Haven't used it and maybe havent even heard of it. Have used it and are reluctant to use it again after a bad experience. The common issues where people have had a poor experience seem to be. Staples too wet. Colonies too small , less than a box. Used staples too late in the autium. Colonies moved away from poorly positioned staples. Excessive mite numbers to start with. Staples made from a material like thin card that gets chewed out too soon. Regarding staple dryness we hang ours in a rack to drain/dry for 2 or 3 days prior to use and have never observed negative effects on bees or brood.
  23. Many yrs ago when I picked up my first wax melter from norm finlay he showed me his bellow making setup which was quite impressive. I understood he was making them for ceracell.
  24. These days nosema apis is not on its own. Even if beekeepers are able to get on top of their mites a number of viruses persist for much much longer and when present along with nosema can create some very deadly combos.
  25. Spare cells available Tauranga pick up tonight or tomorrow morning
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