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  1. Some very good points. Unfortunately putting the bees on hold is a bit harder than puting the hammer and skillsaw in the cupboard for a year or two.
  2. I was there along with quite a few others. Was a good presentation discussing issues with Manuka standard. Another discussing the use of oxalic and glycerine mite treatment. One interesting point was the volume of non Manuka honey being exported at a price point suggesting that it was being labeled as Manuka after export. If my understanding is correct and this is indeed what the new standard has brought about then mpi has created a very negative situation that is not good for consumers or beekeepers but very lucrative for a select few who choose to exploite this situation.
  3. I liked the bit about simply genetically engineering the mites to make them all sterile. Got the impression that it wasn't quite time for Phil to mothball his machine just yet though.
  4. Excluder stays on. It has a drone escape which becomes the entrance as I block the bottom entrance so the undefended honey doesn't get pinched. I also add a 2nd excluded on top to keep queen out of the top feeder. In the past I have tried having a single excluder with entrance on top but have had issues with bees not using the top entrance and dying trying to get out the blocked bottom entrance. all bases are mesh. As long as I reverse the boxes soon enough in the spring the system works well for me and solves a number of issues but it's not for everyone.
  5. Come April all my hives are turned around so single brood box is on top and honey box below. A bit of work but very good for keeping cluster in contact with strips / staples and warm.
  6. We must have worked in diffrent parts of Canada. Where i worked antibiotic laced sugar was fed multiple times during the eairly willow then dandelion flows accross all hives in all apiaries. Defiantly a lot of honey was being collected during treatment and a significant amount of this would have been pushed up as broodnests expanded. Really put me off eating the honey.
  7. There is probably another factor that is effecting the price we get offered for our pasture and Bush honey that is likely a much bigger factor now than it was 5 years ago. We are told that the value of our non Manuka honey is set by the world honey price. Unfortunately a large driver of the world honey price is the volume of cheep Chinese man made fake honey. Check out rotten on Netflix. What we need more than anything is a strong nz brand that elevates our genuine traceable antibiotic free honey above world honey and it's price.
  8. I just had honey on toast for lunch. I'm thinking that i might have to get accustomed to it.
  9. Really? Ten times $3.75 is probably more than mgo 250 that meats mono definition and has low c4 is roughly worth? Ps what's your mates mates phone number?😉
  10. I am with Matt on this one. Failing queen with possible half moon syndrome. The raised cell cappings are not typical of sacbrood or pms
  11. Back in the old days we assumed bees that looked this way were robber bees and had lost their hair robbing. Viruses were not often talked about back then.
  12. What have your mite levels been throughout the season?
  13. And or too many unskilled beekeepers
  14. we found that a flexible vein pump didn't produce enough pressure, they are only good for 15 - 20 psi. we now run one of peters sliding vein pumps and pipes tend to pop pipes at about 60 psi, long before the pump stops pumping. the filter normally runs about 7-15 psi but of course is affected by many things, temp, pump speed, filter speed, granulation. will try to get some photos of our setup some time soon. is your filter the type that has stationary screen that blades rotate around? ours is the opposite.
  15. We have had one for 5 years now and love it. Start up and shutdown is as simple as turning the switch on or off. Ours is the nz made model which required significant modification to get working well whereas the Chinese model works straight out of the box. We run a 100 micron filter in ours. One thing to consider is a 100 micron slot is different to a 100 micron mesh.
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