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  1. we found that a flexible vein pump didn't produce enough pressure, they are only good for 15 - 20 psi. we now run one of peters sliding vein pumps and pipes tend to pop pipes at about 60 psi, long before the pump stops pumping. the filter normally runs about 7-15 psi but of course is affected by many things, temp, pump speed, filter speed, granulation. will try to get some photos of our setup some time soon. is your filter the type that has stationary screen that blades rotate around? ours is the opposite.
  2. We have had one for 5 years now and love it. Start up and shutdown is as simple as turning the switch on or off. Ours is the nz made model which required significant modification to get working well whereas the Chinese model works straight out of the box. We run a 100 micron filter in ours. One thing to consider is a 100 micron slot is different to a 100 micron mesh.
  3. In the next few years there is going to be lots of near new boxes going very cheep. If beekeepers have access to a reliable wax dipper and can buy good boxes at the right price then why not take the opportunity? Years ago my old boss bought truckloads of boxes from a closing down sale for 50 cent each and dipped the lot. Remember though that it is illegal to sell afb infected equipment.
  4. Don't worry, pink cats are not high on the trophy list of most hunters, you should be safe.
  5. To keep the pen pushers employed
  6. If you add the value of the paid and unpaid pollination that they do along the way the diesel bill becomes quite insignificant.
  7. Ps I believe that there were other more significant factors behind their afb problem but am sure that robbing out the wets didn't help them or anyone else in the area. Again it was a long time ago, pre varroa
  8. Of the 5 beekeeping operations that I worked for back when I was a young fella only 1 robed out their wets. It was also the only one that had a serious afb problem. That was many years ago and they have since sorted their afb problem. Interestingly they no longer Rob out their wets
  9. Mine are in an ice cream container in the change room that has the pipes supplying my hotroom underfloor heating running under it so stays about 20 degrees which is ideal. When I go away pulling honey I leave the queens in the truck with a shirt and heavy jacket over them over night and they are ok even on the chilly nights. Heat can be more of a problem, don't leave them in the sun.
  10. You will just have to cancel the hunting trip😂. If that is not an option Tue should be fine. We sometimes keep queens for weeks by reescorting and refilling candy every week and giving them a drop of water every 2 days. Always best to use them within a week if possible.
  11. That's similar to what we have been finding which makes me quietly confident for the most part however have found 3 hives over 50 which makes me feel like little red hen with the ferret close by.
  12. So what have your counts generally been lately and how many qualifies as a mite bomb?
  13. Better watch out for those mite bombs hiding in the shadows. They can get ya just like the trap gets the ferret.
  14. Maybe but we will never know. Beekeepers have always had deep pockets and short fingers.
  15. Got to say it is quite exciting watching the product development going on with these staples.
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