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  1. There were swarm cells. What’s my next step? Split? I’m not too interested to have another hive to look after.
  2. Hey guys. I have a bunch of bees gathering at the front of the hive. About 2 cups worth. They have been for a week or so, but there are a lot more today. Any advice on what is happening here?
  3. Update: I went in today and removed two queen cells from the bottom brood box, level the best looking one. I also decided to double check the top brood box just to be safe (as I didn’t recall seeing any queen cells in that box last weekend). I’m glad I did. I found a frame with at least 6 queen cells on it! So so I dealt to those as well. I’m a little nervous now. Should I be? Also, there is A LOT of drones hanging around and huge amounts of drone cells. I I’m assuming that’s due to the new queens? Is there anything I should do with those drone cells, or jus
  4. Hi Ali. Good question. I treated my original hive for varroa in late September until end of Oct. so as the swarm was from that hive it should be fine. But I will treat the hive I have just caught. Am I right I’m assuming that I should collect honey that was produced while a hive is being treated? My current treatment is Bayvarol. And the treatment is generally for 4-6 weeks correct? Or longer?
  5. I had another thought. I have just caught another swarm from a mates house. To be exact, they had started making comb in his compost bin so that would make it technically a hive (although, only a few days old). My wonderings were, would it be best to a. Hive them as hope the queen is good? b. Buy a new, mated, Queen? c. Put one of the Queen cells from this hive (the one mentioned in the previous comments), into my new one? If so, how would I go about that?
  6. Thanks guys. This is so helpful! You guys are legends. I will head back in tomorrow (got days for wearing a full bee suit but it’s got to be done).
  7. Hey guys. I inspected my hive today (the same one which I put a second box on top of). A week and a half after I put the second box on, it was entirely full with lots of brood. I put a honey box on top, and a few days later it swarmed. I have now housed that swarm. I did did an inspection today on the hive today (4 days after it swarmed) and I noticed that there are at least 3 capped queen cells. Does that mean that it is about to swarm again? Dave
  8. Great. So the bees will just stick around? And I shake whatever is left into the box? I’m also assuming I leave it there, at least over night to collect whatever bees I don’t catch?
  9. Hey guys. So I didn’t follow much of that conversation but I’m glad I created the opportunity for some good banter ? i have another swarm related question. A friend called me saying he has a swarm that has found a home in a compost bin. I will collect it tomorrow but I am needing advice. Im assuming they have started making comb, which will be hanging from the lid. How do I collect it? Is it a matter of cutting the comb, strapping it to frames, and hoping I have the Queen? Do I need a vac? Do I need a queen cage to catch her in? What should be my technique and approach?
  10. Thanks guys. Unfortunately the foundation that was in the frames was old and when I checked the nuc, 3 of the 4 had fallen off, so I needed to replace those. I took the opportunity to rehouse them. Fingers crossed it all works well. Out of interest, is in the new or old queen that is likely to have been in the swarm? Would you recommend replacing the new queen with a new mated queen? Or will she mate reasonably quickly and be ready to go? (The old queen is only 1 year old so she is still all good).
  11. I put 4 frames in the box. So leave them on those in that nuc for a week then move them into a permanent home? They have only been in for an hour and a half.
  12. its In a nuc box. I was thinking of housing it tonight around 6.30. Is there an ideal time to house a swarm?
  13. Hi there. Unfortunately, despite my efforts by bees swarmed this afternoon. Luckily, onto a tree on my property. I am considering housing them beside my current hive. Are there rules regarding how close you can place a new hive beside their previous hive? My preference is right beside it (as I don't have much room for an alternative spot).
  14. This is one of the reasons I prefer plastic frames... Hi Craig Nice to hear from you again! Thanks for that advice. I am stoked that they are so healthy but I feel a sense of anxiety that I need to act on fast! Hope you're doing well.
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