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  1. This must be the marketing bloke. The link was sent to me from one of the Watson crew last night - written recently and uses the same pic https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/amazing-manuka-journey-time-move-adam-boot/
  2. Yes - Hate to say it really but it is great marketing. Clever.
  3. Weird advert but I'm just a simple beek. They seem to sell a lot though. That stuff seems to be in every shop you walk into. Even the local pharmacy has a big display.
  4. I have heard similar stories. I know some of the guys that did the hive count before Ngai Tahu took over and they say thousands were missing. It is hard to tell truth from fiction with the Watsons crew. It all seems like one big scam. Crazy thing is I know guys working in the team that build the Watsons hives and up until recently they have been making thousands of boxes each week. Where did they all go? There has to be some grand plan going on there that is beyond us simple folks. The new CEO is telling anyone that will listen that they have had another terrible season, lost thousands more hives and only got 9kg honey per hive. People in the thick of it reckon they have done much better than that and have lost virtually no hives. What is the agenda? Who is right? Why say you are doing worse than you really are? Who gains from the mess? The world of Watsons is very strange.
  5. Ngai Tahu probably did not know what they were really buying and have been caught out big time. Due diligence would have been hard but it looks like they were taken for fools. The Watson minions say there is a restructure going on now and there are a lot of job cuts. It looks like a big down sizing excessive is going on. It will be a fire sale next!
  6. It is no game - it is a mess and it does no good for any of us. A Comvita guy in land management told me that the Watsons crew would go to land owners contracted to Comvita and tell them their deal was crap and they could have got double from them or others. They would then vanish. It was all bull just to cause trouble. It gives the industry a bad name and raises false expectation.
  7. The Denis bit was a joke of coarse. I think you are right. If your harvest is low on volume and on grade it is going to hurt no matter how big you are. If you keep losing the people with knowledge it just makes it harder for the newbies
  8. Agree we know a lot of the Watsons boys and girls down here. Talk is that they got less than 10kg per hive this year and all low very low UMF. No wonder the sales director quit. We just get one crazy story after another coming out of that place. they got this CEO from the apple and pear business and she thinks beekeeping is similar! Such a mess ... will we hear bring back Denis?
  9. Definitely from the Ngai Tahu side of Watsons
  10. Just heard some more news in lovely Masterton from the Watson ranks. Apparently Watsons Sales director finally through his toys out in a big way last week and quit. A few more about to walk I am told very soon. lots of new consultants and accountants joining Watsons though. Must be how beekeeping with the big boys is done?
  11. The list is of those adversely effected is very long and I also feel for all the employees caught in the middle of this mess. This gentleman will never spare a second thought for those left in his wake. That is not the man he is. He will move on to the next project......Beware
  12. Watson and Son definitely have over 40,000 hives. May be 45,000. I know a few of the team at W&S and this is what I here. Denis will be lucky if he lasts a year without Ngai Tahu unless he finds another sucker to back him. I wouldn't worry about the legal action over the NN's. He would have to sell the 3 Aston's, Farrari and the 2 range rovers Dan
  13. All the big players have contributed to and benefited from the Manuka boom. They have helped create a market. Unfortunately some of them have made more enemies than friends along the journey. You do not have to be an ignorant bully to succeed. Watsons have been around for about 15 years. Before that Denis Watson was a school science teacher. A lot of ups and downs in a short time - but at what cost?
  14. John You are so right. People reep what they sow. It is talk of the town down here. Lots of quiet smiles and chuckles. Mr Watson, honesty and integrity all in the same sentence. Has to be worth a smile. Having read the article a bit more closely, it does sound as if it could have been written for Ngai Tahu - Distancing themselves I think!
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