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  1. Wintering down and some progress checks and found 2 hives with capped Queens. No drones about so tired speak of so either they know something I don't or a tad confused. Have been caught out a bit and lost a couple to robbing. Had entrances about quarter open as they were finding a bit of nectar somewhere, cold snap hits and bang. Varroa counts were good so don't suspect that so won't do that again. All down to a small gap now
  2. Well bit of a disappointing result from asure quality. First email was of picture and number and location. Reply was it's probably a super dump and can you supply number so he can contact and see if a registered site. I resent number on boxes and shared my concerns about robbing and what was the policy. Reply was looks like empty supers. Resent blow Cleary showing exposed frames and restated strong smell of honey and cloud of bees. So will wait and see. But if this is what is expected when someone raises concerns then it's no wonder we have an issue
  3. In a pretty sad state. Would have to be a bit desperate to pinch them
  4. Yep sorry kind of hijacked the March diary. But interesting as I would of put mine back on but reading this I like the idea of a quick boost for them in spring. When are people changing older Queens? Before winter or in the spring
  5. Message said Marco no longer works for a sure and to contact Tony roper
  6. Have sent Marco an email of roughly where just can't do picture for him yet. Looks like 250plus 3/4 boxes. Turns out Marco no longer on the job
  7. Turns out my phone has a paint function to blur it out. Just having issues with android to share it Any advice
  8. Moderators?? Il report it when I get back to my laptop
  9. Could go old school and print it off and cut a piece of paper to blank it
  10. I'm a simple man and technology evades me james
  11. What realistically can you report that for unless you know matter of fact that disease is present
  12. I got detoured down a back road 2 days a and saw a site the gave me the chills. A mountain of supers sitting on the side of the road with clouds of bees surrounding it. Some boxes had a side broken off and wide open I could smell the honey from in my car. Got a picture but it will show beekeepers number so moderators may not be impressed???
  13. I have always found cracking at least on corner. Putting a knee into to lower of the 2 and pulling the top box towards you. It will be tight then once it moves about 3-4 cm it will release and lower frames will come away from top frames. I see you said you retreated the hive. We you need to be careful what you are using if you intend to use the honey due to residue
  14. Bees going to town on totora up here. Trees are full of berries so would of thought nectar long gone but busy busy
  15. need to change my profile from hobby to semi sorry, been doing it for a bit now just curious to see how other ops are running it
  16. I had similar numbers but I guessed about 55000 cells in 10 fd, and 2500 per day so about bang on for 21 day cycle. Some today were getting tight with capped brood filling most of it so in the case I figure she is getting slowed down so dropped another on, only have fd, worse case they fill with honey and I can juggle them around come extraction time, I like the concept of Phill to combine two in autumn. Bit of trial and error this season until I cycle through older queens as has been guess work on their age
  17. I had a discussion with a commercial beek the other day about pro and cons of 2 vs 1. He tried to say that if given the room a queen can lay 10000 eggs a day which is a number I have never heard. If they are getting to 8-9 frames I will go to 2 boxes. My argument was 2 singles will produce equal or more than a double due to efficiency of things like heat retention etc. While halving you risk of disease or death. Apart from a few extra base and lids etc you would use the same amount of boxes, what is everyone else's opinion?
  18. Still doing swarm check but they are slowing down some. Today will be the first time for some for 12 days so might be the odd surprise or virgin.
  19. Still got bees trying to swarm here, so checking weekly. Nearly got caught with one hive that I pulled 2 frames into the super, found a queen in the process of hatching, scraped another cell off and sat on lid, turned around 5 minutes later and she crawled out the back of cell, then found another virgin on another frame. Flow starting here but not full on just nicely easing into it
  20. I'm sure someone will correct me but doesn't the stomach eliminate all the beneficial enzymes,bacteria etc that come with Manuka. My understanding was topically excellent, internally and no different to other honey
  21. So if I have this right, you have a full depth then 2 3/4 on top, that's a lot of space to fill. If you want to go to 3/4, put queen in 3/4s then excludes then old full box on top, if queen is getting on you will see drone in middle of brood, if holey could be poorly mated and workers removing inbred eggs, or could just been a cold snap
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