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  1. I hope you noticed i was not recommending, just letting you know what some use over here. I'll shut up and not post again. Eb
  2. Ox acid can be used during brood less times so UK do it in winter and when swarm is hived or artificial swarm is made. Works pretty darn well for us. C
  3. Fallacy to think that bumbles won't fly in darkness. We tried moving one under cover of darkness - all that happened was we couldn't see what we were doing. We did it just about twilight and bumbles were not happy - a bumble sting is MUCH worst than a honey bee sting!
  4. Hi Grant Can't access the attachment (paper on laying workers). Anything you can do to help? Caroline
  5. Unfortunately not me, but I know of lots of people who have visited NZ for a holiday/see relatives and combine it with a looksee at how beekeeping is done over there. One guy spent a season helping a commercial and learned SO much he has now set up as a bee farmer over here. Last friends to visit (been in NZ for past 7 weeks) came back advising me and Bill to sell up and emigrate - she rated you guys that high. Room for two more? Caroline
  6. John Pretty much all we have over here are hobby beekeepers! Why not contact our BBKA (uk) and see if one of them is over your way at the right time? A lot of the basics of reading the hive must be similar and experiences could be shared. Caroline
  7. It's true that different races of bees have different traits such as use of propolis, or gumming everything together with brace comb, some leave a space before capping honey, some don't, making the cappings all look different. It's a time consuming business but you can note different traits of different queens and try to breed out/in the traits you want.
  8. Got stung on top of my foot once wearing sandals - hurt even more when I put proper shoes on. Caroline
  9. In UK ivy honey is pretty much our bees last chance to gather nectar and more importantly pollen before they stop flying for winter. Ivy honey is not harmful to humans or bees but it has an 'acquired' taste, shall we say. Some say tastes similar to ragwort - strong and a bit bitter. Some like it some don't. But we usually always leave it for the bees rather than harvest it. Caroline
  10. UK bee inspectors struggle with sterilisation issues too. They have to observe procedures. Easy to watch a fire burn but not so easy to watch bleach or virkon disinfection. There's talk of owner paying for irradiation to beehaus instead. Eb
  11. The beehaus has an entrance at each short end - just at groin height - a little disconcerting during inspections so you have to sorta bend over and twist from behind with a heavy 12x14 frame. Not my idea of a good time! Eb
  12. OMG that's beautiful! What a fantastic swarm. I'm so jealous. Eb
  13. I tried lemongrass to attract swarms but had no luck. Got a friend who only uses wintergreen against varroa and his girls are doing very well on it. I heard of stuff called Hive Clean which is a mixture of lots of essential oils sposed to change the smell of the bees so varroa doesn't recognise them. Anyone any experience? Eb
  14. 9 years for me. Learning and loving every minute. Eb
  15. The beehaus - no no no. Not unless you are 6' tall, arms like Popeye, and walk like a crab! IMO its a fad, not for serious beekeepers. Just don't! Eb
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