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  1. I have two hives, both with full depth brood boxes which I simply cannot lift on my own I am also straining to lift a full 3/4 honey box, which makes me wonder about 'converting' my hives to all half boxes. Thoughts on this? Other than the extra time it will take to examine twice the number of brood frames, are there any disadvantages to using half boxes for brood? Cheers all, Devon
  2. Howdy, I have crafted what I think is a rather nifty looking corflute top feeder with a chimney, modelled on a wooden one I have seen. Being corflute it would sit in direct contact with all of the frames in the box below. Would this reduce the effectiveness of the feeder, as only bees in the very centre of the box below would be able to enter the feeder? Would I be better off setting the feeder on top of a frame to create a space between the feeder and all of the frames below? Interested to hear people's thoughts on my DIY efforts.... Cheers, Devon
  3. Sweet! Thanks all, makes me feel a bit better. Dee - I like your maths! Right, will stop the counting, and get on with the watching...
  4. I have just picked up my very first 2 hives :) Put them in position in the evening (after a very cautious 20 min drive home!), and un-taped the entrances after letting the bees settle for around 30 mins. Out they tumble, keen to explore! One hive looking much stronger than the next, judging by the number of bees hanging around the entrance, and by the volume of the hive hum before lifting out of the car (what a sound!!!). The next day I counted at least 16 dead bees at the entrance of the weaker hive, and around seven at the stronger. Also noticed a wasp hanging about the weaker hive, bu
  5. Wow - you guys rock! Thanks for all the advice and encouragement, there is hope after all! Gwenda - I have the next field day on the calendar, so hopefully see you there. Kevin and Daley - if I am ever in your neighbourhoods I will drop by!! John - thanks heaps for your suggestions, will be following up.
  6. Step 1. Get yourself a bee-suitable pozzie (in my case 10 acres in North Canty with a growing number of bee friendly trees and plants going in the ground day by day). Check. Step 2. **resist** all urges to race out and buy a super duper expensive beehive and bees from TradeMe (but as a super keen new-bee this was incredibly hard!!!). Check. Step 3. Think! Do a spot of learning first (read four BK books cover to cover including Practical Beekeeping in NZ - three times!), connect with the BK community (joined NZBK and read forums etc regularly), and browse online BK supply sites. Che
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