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  1. They are hardly a microcosm! I have just come back from 2 weeks in China. It is an awesome country. Considering the have nearly 1.5 billion people they do an amazing job. Admittedly they have only in th last 10-15years really cleaned up their act. They are huge producers of renewable energy and recyclers. We as humans are consumers. When you get out of NZ and see the numbers of consumers in the the world you sadly come to the realization that the world is stuffed. For all our clean green image and and honourable efforts to do the right thing there are just too many of us!
  2. If they can run away they dont need the jab!!!
  3. I have needless syringes and adrenaline ampules in my kit. Much cheaper and have a longer shelf life.
  4. Hi There Text me on 0211239500 and I'll come and have a look . Jonathan
  5. Text me on 0211239500 and I will come around in the morning if it is still available. Jonathan
  6. Speak to Kim from Auckland beekeeping ckub. I think she is on here as well. She has a couple of hves on top of the Auckland town hall. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/viva-magazine/news/article.cfm?c_id=533&objectid=11160197
  7. These boys are on the way here. They have just spent a couple of nights at one of my staff members air bnb. They have one trailer here already. 3 more on the way.
  8. All the wasps are on Rangitoto Island. Was there today showing a visiting relative around. Infested with them. Did see some vespex feeders out. I did wonder if since the beekeepers have been booted out the wasp population has gone crazy as no one could be bothered controlling them.
  9. We live out that way. There is a kiwi farm over the hill that I think high grades the fruit and leaves it to rot on the floor. When I extracted recently had the same honey. Smelt like over ripe fruit. Tasted fantastic. I think the bees are collecting from the fallen fruit.
  10. Not allowed to mow the lawns this weekend! " The bees are enjoying the clover and buttercup flowers too much "
  11. I had a visit from the council man after a complaint from a neighbour. Down the road when living in Torbay on the North Shore auckland . Car 50m down the road was getting messed on. His advice was out of sight out of mind. Was actually one of the incentives to move rural again. The other was just neighbours ☺ Now I just fight with the wasps. Keeping bees in town is much easier than in the country I find. More food less wasps. Neighbours hate wasps as well as bees and usually make a good job of keeping numbers down.
  12. 1st of April all will be revealed.
  13. Should see him today. Swelling has spread to the right now. Feeling very sorry for himself.
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