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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've just done the split. Not that many eggs in the good hive (mainly honey and some pollen) but transferred two frames with some eggs across to the LW hive and put this LW hive in the new location. It was all pretty chaotic with bees everywhere. I covered the hive with a towell when tending to the other one. I got three stings through my suit all in same spot! I guess that's normal with the released alarm pheromones? Time shall tell I guess. Happy to update all on progress. Thanks for the advice. Cheers, Andrew
  2. Hi Alastair, (and others on this forum), Thanks for that. So it has now been 3 weeks since we united my hives and am ready for an inspection I guess. Just to summarize for others on this forum: I had two hives: Hive#1 made up of two brood boxes and one honey super. This was Queenless and had laying workers. Hive#2 also 2 x broods and 1 x honey super and was fine with a laying Queen. We united the hives with hive#2 on the bottom (2xbroods), newspaper + QE and the 2 x broods of LW (hive#1) then another QE with 2 x honey supers on top. 6 boxes high! (see image below) So it's now been 3 weeks. I'd like to try a split but haven't looked at buying a new Queen yet. I remember last year I found it nearly impossible to buy two for re-queening! In my notes after we did the unite 3 weeks ago I "think" you said that to do the split, I should move the boxes of hive#2 (with the good Queen) to a different location and leave the LW brood boxes where they are. Is this correct? I'm asking for advice from Alastair and others on some simple steps on how to do this split and initial inspection assuming the following: - that 2 hives were united due to laying workers 3 weeks ago, - Can I do this without buying a new queen? I don't have a new queen or queen cell for the soon-to-be split, (are these difficult to get mid Jan?) - I want the split about a meter from the original hive as per 3 weeks ago, - I'm fairly new to BK but keen to try out a split, - I have the 'Practical BK Book' and watched loads of BK vids on Youtube on doing splits etc. Thanks in advance for any good advice I get ? Andrew
  3. Hi Alastair, Thanks, You just did exactly what you explained a page back to my hives on the garden bank at Castor Bay on Friday (merged a LW hive to my good hive) during the AFB check. I notice lots of bees hanging around the entrance (several hundred 'bearding') - even at night time in the rain! They were soaked and wouldn't go into the hives. Qu: Just out of interest; Would these be the laying workers from the upper hives that were out wandering when the hives were merged and have since returned home but are not being allowed inside the hive due to guard bees from the 'good' hive? Cheers, Andrew
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