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  1. the site is new and not exposed
  2. Maybe some all the members heard or saw this news. Im just trying to help. Does anyone saw this looks a like honey boxes please help us to help them....
  3. all good im looking to hire 1
  4. Hi does anyone knows who owned the orange truck?
  5. Maybe few some many. Report to the police if hives stolen is very helpless. We understand why the police cant do much about that. But even if we have enough evidence still the theft still free and still stealing.
  6. Hi all we lost few of our sites because of this very greedy farmers.
  7. 300.i am closer to kaitaia or kerikeri
  8. Maybe 1 of 11 hatched earlier than the rest..Just thinking
  9. Is there anyone knows the honest extraction plant in northland?♤
  10. I think beekeeping now is just like politics....Some or many farmers/people count the chocks before it hatch.
  11. Hello guys it happen sometimes maybe you got 2 queens in 1 hive or check your queen excluder maybe a little part is broke, by they is anyone here knows how to clean or get rid the wax of white pkastic queen excluders?
  12. Ohhh i forgot plus honey..... $50 per hive plus honey!not contented for honey plus fresh fish.
  13. We been beekeeper for almost 12 years and this time is getting worst of some beekeepers offering big money even they know theres another beekeeper already, no respect.
  14. Yes theyre just greedy they think that we made money from the honey and they dont have an idea if its worth big money and they dont think the rest of our expenses.
  15. Hi is anyone here knows how much to pay the site per hive? Our farmer said theres other beekeeper offer him $50 per hive and not even manuka its kanuka or bush in his farm. Why some farmers are very greedy. It should be give and take we put beehives to pollinate their fruits,etc while the farm look after the bees. Please any opinion. Is there a law now how much we neef to pay per year per hive?
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