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  1. Fossils honeycomb dating back 25 million years. Everything around us is water. Freeze anything. When you defrost it how it looks after. All good things have gone with the water. It's like the corpse of the original appearance. Drying dehydrate everything is good. Water is a basic connective tissue all around us. Without water there is no life. Somebody likes this, someone does not like. About taste is not worth discussing. My goals were the only guiding principle in life. I meant to send a message beekeepers. My desire is to advance global beekeeping.
  2. Goal 1 : Create and patent “Varroe Removal” device. This device uses no chemicals and does not have a negative effect on the hive, it is the result of many years of research and experimenting. It works by changing the physical conditions of the beehive. Goal 2 : Create and patent automitised bee hive that would enable everyone to have their own natural labaratory. Get any bee product at any time just by using your smartphone, no stings, no fear just a click! Goal 3 : Form an educational camp dedicated to educating future production instructors, set in natural environment th
  3. I have launched a campaign on Indie Go Go. I wonder whether there is a possibility for support here. Mutual benefit is when you give bees fruit cocktail.
  4. Based on research results from 60’s I made more caloric and tasty honey. It is made by mixing juices of veggies and/or juices of fruits with honey. The mixture created is given to the bees so they could ferment it, and the results were extraordinary! We got honey in various aromas and tastes, and bees started reproducing faster and swarms became more frequent than ever before! I am trying to use this honey as a way to achieve greater goals; It is to be used in order to fund various researches aimed at increasing the number of bees on our planet, and better understanding them, bellow
  5. Single device capable of applying drugs and other support substances used to combat varroe. The footage shows two versions of the device, there are many more and only diffrence among them is their looks, they work in the same manner and have the same use. # Device is capable of applying: 1. Oxal Acid both in its crystalic solid state and its acidic liquid state, 2 miligrams of volume = 2 grams (Reccomended dose). Mixing 1 gram of Oxal Acid with 1 ml of drinking water creates a liquid Oxal Acid with 1,4 miligrams of volume. APPLIANCE ONLY WHEN THERE IS NO BROOD PRESENT! 2. When applyin
  6. Do you really believe what you wrote? This is what I wrote is true. What you write is covering up the truth. Many of my friends around the world, using amitraz as I wrote. But it recognized only through skype. NZ as well as others. ACIDS leave traces in HONEY
  7. use two in one year? YES, 1.before installing extensions for honey, 2.after removing the extensions with honey, but 3.once more before hibernation. It has three use. Every time at 3 to 4 doses at intervals 5 days(15-20 days), so it is with amitraz in Serbia. No problem with honey. only with wax. Waxes must be sterilized. per year (half) frames from basic hive are changing
  8. The problem is, that they have knowledge.
  9. CCD evidence neonikotin not guilty. My experiments on bees are interesting. In my environment (Serbia) no CCD, ... Why? I have developed a theory and I made a CCD. I'm not sure who the real CCD in America but I'm sure it's certain industry groups. I have a great desire to prove it. But I do not have the funds for such an undertaking. No it does not want to pay me to do. If you are interested to justify and to prove that your company is not to blame for CCD, CONTACT ME. Spomenko Todorovic This is what I sent to the address of the BAYER company and waiting for
  10. @@Sirius OK, MiteZapper is the best in the world. I tried the drones. But only when I put in the middle of litter had closed varroa mites in drone cells. I tried with several frames and the number of varroa mites that is caught is negligible. @@Erin, if you cool off drone brood larva is dead but the food is usable. If you will be warmer than 41 degrees Celsius food is disastrous. three questions How many days it takes a queen set eggs? How many days it takes to get filled and closed litter? How many worker bees need to get it all done? (Feeding, closing, opening, cleaning)
  11. Heating is not a problem. The problem is the energy consumption of pollen by bees. Experiments that I conducted with a drone frame and remove varroa mites have given the poor state of hives. Perhaps one treatment per year is not good but a few. The larger effect is if MiteZapper put in the middle rather than the sides. Bee colonies treated with removal of the male brood is not capable of any quality for anything else (reduced power bee) I personally use and examine the many ways and fighting varoa.4, 9 mm cell is in charge. In Serbia and many places in Europe to use a
  12. The problem is energy off bees , and these foods are not recycled because heating is destroyed , everything I tried long time ago . The same effect as removing an ordinary frame without heater and soak it in water that cold . Just about 2 minutes in the water and it was destroyed a cold . Food remains ok and nowhere is no trace of any odor after paying off the frame in the hive After return to the hive and increases the moisture in it ( the process with cold water ) If there are any similarities . In the video , which presented MiteZapper nowhere footage where the larvae were ex
  13. How much energy is needed? How much food will be spent? What consequences do the hive and the bees in it? All the hard work for nothing. This is the same as the story of a lion. I taught him to eat only apples, when it went dead from starvation.
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