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  1. JasonK

    Pollen processing

    @Stoney I’d be pretty confident that there’s no afb spores as there aren’t many other hives in my area and I’ve inspected mine recently. But I see your point. For human consumption yeah well I’m pretty sure dehydrating will increase shelf life and mean I can sell ‘off the shelf’? I imagine it’ll involve spilling out small amounts onto a screen, sieving, then going through with a tweezers and good lighting?
  2. JasonK

    Pollen Colour Chart

    I wish I had a chart to help me identify some of this stuff I harvested today
  3. JasonK

    Pollen processing

    @Stoney cheers. Have just popped the pale into the deep freeze. I guess I’ll just keep loading up the pale one or two days per week until it’s full then try process and dehydrate it somehow. I might try keep a pale for mixing up and making spring time patties also.
  4. JasonK

    Pollen processing

    Hey guys, I harvested a couple kilos of pollen today. My questions are: •what the hell do I do with it? •do I need to keep in the fridge tonight or will it be ok in a pale until the morning when I buy a dehydrator. •any thoughts on the source of all the brown stuff? 80% of it is brown pollen.
  5. JasonK

    Drop in bee prices

    @yesbut got a list of them by any chance?
  6. JasonK

    Drop in bee prices

    @yesbut sounds good! Maybe they would be keen? I guess I won’t count my chickens though!
  7. JasonK

    Drop in bee prices

    How can an average person make money selling bees to overseas
  8. JasonK

    Drop in bee prices

    So basically there isnt much scope for making money. i wish I wasnt so addicted to beekeeping. Then maybe there would still be some money in my bank account ?
  9. JasonK

    Drop in bee prices

    There seems to be a huge reduction in the demand / price of hives and nucs this year. Upto 50% from last year, based on what I’m seeing on trademe. Most being re-listed too. So much for making money selling bees?
  10. JasonK

    How to ripen honey boxes quicker

    @Jay cool, I’ll give it a shot. How much should it cost for the certification
  11. JasonK

    How to ripen honey boxes quicker

    @Jay ok, I’ll look at lining that up somewhere locally. Once I get that I just contact mpi or something to get the ball rolling?
  12. JasonK

    How to ripen honey boxes quicker

    @Jay nice. I’d like to do the same, but I need to get my license sorted. Dunno where to start. Though I do have access to a licensed kitchen.
  13. JasonK

    How to ripen honey boxes quicker

    @Jay yeah kamahi flow has just really come on in the past week or so here but Rewa Rewa was prolific before that. Tastes like toffee
  14. JasonK

    How to ripen honey boxes quicker

    Sounds like capped honey is no longer a sure thing