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  1. Still unwinterish in Auckland. The new norm.
  2. @TaiTapHoney we use NZPost. They will next collect Monday morning, so all going well you should receive Tuesday, but if you are rural it will take a few days longer. sean
  3. @TaiTapHoneywithout being there and seeing your hive I am not confident on making that call unfortunately. I can suggest fitting the HiveGate to your weak hive and make a decision within 24hours if the bees are working effectively in controlling the wasps. If not then you need to consider the other options, but for sure that weak hive will be history, so anything you can save is just a bonus.
  4. @TaiTapHoney that is the challenge with robbing, and also the reality that few can check their hives twice a week to see if a disaster is looming. I have no experience with Vespex but for sure would recommend that a coordinated approach to your wasp problem would be to use Vespex plus HiveGates. Others may know if Vespex will work for you now in your area, but I suspect you could be in the wrong season. As you may be aware, it will only work if you can get the wasps to feed on your treated bait. I would not be waiting a day longer with the HiveGates. If you go online you can order directly. They are not expensive and will last you 10+ years as long as you don't drive over them . That way, irrespective of what is going on out there, your hives will be protected. Sounds like your weakest one may be too weak to save, but I would still install as you now have nothing to lose. Cheers Sean
  5. @Philbee lucky break, not even a HiveGate would have protected your hives there, so lucky that the higher power did
  6. Hey @Tai Tapu Beekeeping, how strong is this hive? The challenge for you now is that the wasps are still active, especially on the warmer winter days but the bees are struggling with their activity. So making the assumption that your hive is strong enough, like at least more than 2 frames of bees, then you will have enough of them to effectively defend themselves against the wasps, and again, assuming you have enough bees they will completely cover up the entrance into the hive during their largely dormant cold winter temperatures: but only if you fit the HiveGate, and that this is placed, correctly, directly under the cluster. This may not all make sense unless you have a look at our website with the installation and research videos. Have a look at www.beeiq.solutions. you are more than welcome to message or contact me directly to talk through. Sean
  7. Bit late now as one day left only. Sean from BeeIQ here. We have been hectically busy talking to bee people in the Innovation Centre about HiveGate. Being Fieldays, there are maybe 85% hobbyists and 15% commercial. Every conversation has been fascinating to our stand visitors. In 2 weeks time we will be at APINZ conference and encourage any of you to come over and meet us, we really do enjoy sharing our experiences regarding bee robbing and wasp control. Some of you have experienced this already .
  8. Good work @Philbee, looking forward to next debrief.
  9. That's exactly it . Weird how those photos seemed to join.
  10. An update on my miracle hive. Last week I started to feed them again (have really been a bit slack). Reserves were almost out, Queen still there but no sign of laying. She will be replaced in Spring as she is an oldie, but part of the testing was to stack against the odds for this little trial. Fairly warm still in Auckland so bees are relatively active. One image shows the activity outside the hive with bees going in and out, no clear sign of robbing going on, but then I looked at the ground and saw the many camouflaged, dead wasps. I circled them in the photo to make for a better image. Clearly, the HiveGate still doing its magic despite the fact that this colony is very weak/small. Sean
  11. You are the consummate researcher @Philbee. For sure that is not what we would have recommended for your first trial but always encouraging to see positive outcomes. We appreciate your efforts here. The longer we use HiveGate the more we appreciate what it does and without using chemicals and requiring ongoing oversight. Your next challenge is to test it in a bee robbing situation , afterall it is a lot more than a wasp guard. Regards Sean
  12. Appreciate the feedback @DuncanCook. I don't move my hives around either so my HiveGates are also not screwed down. The performance of HiveGate will be 100% as long as you have enough bees to be able to defend themselves and based on those photos, you have plenty for that function. Did you also not find that it was really easy to install and use? Once you have full confidence and install on more of your hives, you will gain that peace of mind that the HiveGate is working for you 24/7 Regards Sean
  13. Hey @buzzybees that nuc is doing well. If the weather improves this weekend I will take some pics. The miracle nuc had an old queen in that I need to replace in spring. The other nucs all had introduced grafted queen cells that I got from the local club. All hives have eggs in, although not a lot considering the time of year. I have fed all of them sugar water about a month ago now, I need to check this weekend on reserves. Still plenty of wasps around but they are mostly scavenging off the odd dead bee that I see on the ground. If any are getting into the hive then I am not seeing it.
  14. It is more than promising @DuncanCook. The photo shows a HD smart base. We have only recently launched the product, there are a couple of testimonials on the website, they are relatively well known people you are welcome to contact them. We are working on getting more. It will fix your problem.
  15. I agree with Matt that with this warm weather this is very likely to happen. Are you using a new or older type Hivedoc base? Up until now reducing the entrance size has been the best option to reduce robbing but comes with the consequences that entry is restricted as you see in yours. If you fit a HiveGate you will mitigate a lot of this problem and as your hive is fairly strong you could always add two. This is easier to do on the new type hive doctor base. With the HiveGate you still have a relatively large opening but the delivery of the bees to the inside is to the cluster rather than to poorly defended void spaces. Sean
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