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  1. Tommy. Is that how you normally talk to people or is this just your online format? To state the facts in reply to your comments: 1. both my hives, plus that of my business partner were being severely attacked by wasps last year, despite trying many commercially available products plus following all the recommended common practices, we were losing the battle. 2. when we started out we were just trying to solve our problem and had no intention of developing a commercial product, however, after a couple of months we had made significant progress and decided that this could be a commercial option. Difficult for me not to read between the lines here, but you seem to have a problem with this. Unfortunately, in our world, we do need to generate a profit so that we can put food on the table. 3. Am I lying? a good read for you: 7 habits of highly effective people. Could have a big positive impact on how people perceive you. 4. yes, we are well aware of the simple free wasp guard plans you mention. Pity they did not work for us, nor will they work for many others. 5. For you, "our product is an elaborate, and flawed version of this guard that is effectively free to make & effective", for others who are open to taking a little time in exploring what we have developed, it is something very different. With restrictions on this forum about me putting our website details on it is tricky for me to refer people to. So Tommy, we are just setting out, it is a brand new company, we will only have first product in about two weeks. Sorry that we do not live up to your high expectations, but would be nice to cut a small break in giving us just a little wriggle room in that it may take a little longer than 2 weeks to get everyone up to speed with what we are doing. I am abroad at the moment but will be back in a week. I would be more than happy to have a call with you to run through what we are up to. So far we have done 2 formal presentations, and as we learn for each we improve our messaging to make it clearer. This is not hocus pocus stuff, and we have not created an elaborate widget in an attempt to gain a marginal improvement. Todate we have gained 100% wasp control, and we are reasonably sure that this will extend beyond wasps as well. Regards Sean
  2. That was us Tommy. If you had a chance to look at the website you may have seen a video showing what is actually happening inside of the hive when under wasp attack. I am unsure if I am now allowed to post the website here because I dont really know how or at what point I violated the rules to get the post removed. I am working on the presentation which is based on the behavioural science behind what is really going on inside the behave. Our HiveGate has been developed 100% on these principle. We disagree on this one. We are a brand new start-up in terms of a company and that post had two clear objectives. Firstly to tell people that we are a new start-up and secondly to inform them of the work we are doing. Very difficult to explain all of that in a short post, hence the reason why we included the website. Yes, there is a page on the site that has a shopping page, even though you cannot actually order product on it because we don't have any to sell as of now. We have been doing research for close on a year now, 100% self-funded, and have got some really great results in terms of behavioural understand that led us to develop a product, that by the way, we had no intention initially of developing a commercial product. So yes, we are really keen to show fellow beekeepers what we have found and were hoping that this would be one of the platforms to do so. Sean
  3. Absolutely. I am working on putting my presentation into a recording format, as soon as i have done that i will share it on this forum. We again had a really fantastic reception at thd helensville club last night with both new and experienced beekeepers learning a lot! It is just by default that we started working on solving a wasp problem but what we uncovered was a much larger subject on bee behaviour and the pyschology around this. Has been fascinating. Sean PS. The first post which was similar to this one was removed because it was apparently too product focused 🤔, although any commercially available product is still a couple weeks away.
  4. That title may, or may not be important to you. Whatever your answer, controlling wasps in your hives is of importance to you, if you have wasps in the vicinity of your hives. We have been doing field research for close on a year now and have made some fascinating discoveries regarding bee behaviour and how they defend their hives from intruders. So although we set out to solve the wasp problem, it is the learnings that we got during this process that is the real key. If anyone is interested then I would be happy to show you our findings. We presented these a week ago to the Warkworth Bee Club and will be doing again tonight at the Helensville Bee Club. If you have bees, are a hobbyist or commercial, belong to or manage a club, then I am sure that what we have to present will be massively enlightening and thought provoking. Many of the beekeepers we have presented to are already starting to rethink how they are managing their hives. Regards Sean
  5. If you are interested, i can offer you an alternative solution to 100% protect your hives that is chemical free. Www.beeiq.solutions A new company and product, available mid March, regards Sean
  6. Staying away from robber screens, a friend of mine lost a number of hives because of these, and they are experienced beekeepers. In Autumn when I lost some hives, the wasps overran the bees simply due to the numbers. If the wasp population is small and or the hive is strong then it is OK, but weaker hives, new nucs etc is the danger time. Working on another control method, over time we will know if this works.
  7. Hi @SeanMonica it looks like you’re new to the forum. Welcome seems some are having a troublesome time with wasps check out another new thread Spring wasps I’ve taken the libert to quote this post Thanks for your reply, I have not seen those earlier posts
  8. If I do actually find the nests then I am confident that I can kill them. The mechanism will depend on where they are, but most likely will do so at night when they are quieter and all back in the nest.
  9. I lost some of my weaker hives in Autumn, over winter the wasps disappeared but they seem to be quickly building up again in Spring. Have done all the recommended prevention methods, besides tracking the nests (I suck at that!). So wondering if I am alone with this problem: 1. How many of you are having or had wasp problems with your hives 2. Any new magic control ideas? PS, have not tried the Vespex as trying to avoid chemicals but have tried various lures, most work ineffectively. Sean
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