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  1. That was my other option. Just not wanting them to keep on robbing my other hives :-)
  2. Thanks both. I'm not seeing robbing any more. Checked hive that is full of nectar this morning. (my previous robbers). No new brood and some remaining unhatched brood. Saw queen so hoping they will get on and process nectar and make some space for her to lay in. Bit strange they still are making honey comb rather than brood comb. Thinking queen may be failing. Should I replace her?
  3. Sorry I wasn't very clear. The robbing happened well before I opened up any of the hives. I think initial incident was as I took too long with inspection last week. I am using plastic containers in the base of the hives for feeding - taking care not to spill any. However I have mesh floors so I think the smell would be quite strong. I hang the pollen patty inside hive from bars near the edge of the brood
  4. I will check for a queen and then decide if I can risk combining hives. Thanks I have added syrup and pollen patties when I put strips in so the others should be OK for now
  5. Hi all, I have 3 top bar hives and have been experiencing some robbing the last week or so. I live in Bay of Plenty I have closed down entrances and seemed to have controlled it. Needed to add my OA&G strips and opened up my most populous hive and found it was totally full of nectar. I quickly put strips in but didn't see any sign of brood or sight queen. My other hives are all struggling for nectar but don't see to have torn combs I'm thinking the big hive may be a) queenless and b) the robbers Is this likely? If so how do I stop
  6. @Janice - how long is a few days - I've thrown everything into a polystyrene box and are leaving them to it. I want to take out box before they fill it with new comb but don't want to disturb them too early. Do you think 7 days will be too long - I am in Bay of Plenty and weather is spectacular
  7. Thanks all. Have put broken brood comb, nectar combs at far end of hive in a dish to stop dripping and will leave for 3 days. Activity at entrance currently looks pretty orderly. Will keep my eyes peeled for pollen going in. Will probably try the toast option even tho enough nectar for a small town :-)
  8. Hi - just tried my first cut out and made a mess of the combs. Think I have the queen in hive so hoping they can start again. I have managed to collect most of the nectar and wondered how long it will keep. There is still a lot in hive for them to use initially so thought it might be worth holding the collected nectar until a bit more of a dearth What do people think - should I just give to them now or later and how should I store it? Thanks
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