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  1. @Janice - how long is a few days - I've thrown everything into a polystyrene box and are leaving them to it. I want to take out box before they fill it with new comb but don't want to disturb them too early. Do you think 7 days will be too long - I am in Bay of Plenty and weather is spectacular
  2. Thanks all. Have put broken brood comb, nectar combs at far end of hive in a dish to stop dripping and will leave for 3 days. Activity at entrance currently looks pretty orderly. Will keep my eyes peeled for pollen going in. Will probably try the toast option even tho enough nectar for a small town :-)
  3. Hi - just tried my first cut out and made a mess of the combs. Think I have the queen in hive so hoping they can start again. I have managed to collect most of the nectar and wondered how long it will keep. There is still a lot in hive for them to use initially so thought it might be worth holding the collected nectar until a bit more of a dearth What do people think - should I just give to them now or later and how should I store it? Thanks
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