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  1. Christi An

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

    theres a saying: dogs which have been hit bark the loudest. Varroa tolerance is a very complex topic and you do not have the necessary knowledge to even understand part of it. nor are you open enough to even want to understand it. continue advertising your socks...
  2. Christi An

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

    Dont forget that certain people will have other interests than the wide spread of varroa tolerant bees. Selling Varroa treatments has become a big branch of the industry in most regions of the world.
  3. Christi An

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

    See the link i posted before. As far as i know they just recently opened a mating station to breed resistant queens. It is too early to do any judgement and I dont think this is relevant for NZ anyway. believe it or not i am actually quite happy for you to copy that oa staple idea. Thats why i am struggling to understand why you have to back it with claims which have proven to be wrong and completely lack any understanding of the varroa mites biology. Your buisness would and will surely do fine without doing this over exaggeration. anyway. good luck.
  4. Christi An

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

    Hi Commercial rag seller from Taupo. Europe and the US did "invent" a lot of things you never even heard of. By the way the first to combat the varroa mite with oxalic acid were the soviets. Oa Staples have been around for a long time too. Id generally suggest you do some more research on the varroa treatments availavle in different regions until you make such exaggerated calls. In your stead i would try to be more humble until your claims have been scientifically proven. Until then you should be just happy that people buy your staples. Probably (i hope so) we will end up with an additional working treatment against the mite. Some of your completely ridiculous and over exaggerated claims just show that you still have a lot to learn about the biology of the varroa mite and likely also of the honeybee. When you have done beekeeping for longer than a few years and done "combat with mites" (it is no combat and never was) for longer than 3 decades or at least have had the decency not to ignore 40 years of research on that topic than we can continue this conversation. until then i have to assume all you are claiming is just bad marketing.
  5. Christi An

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

    damnit sorry thought it was the english version (could not see the actual slides on my phone) basically he showed some preliminary results for real varroa resistant breeding, utilizing single drone insemnation (as Sailabee has mentioned).
  6. Christi An

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

  7. Christi An

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

    it never has been a possibility, otherwise europe and USA would already have eradicated it. all it needs is 1 Mite reaching a brood cell and the cycle repeats itself... The only sustainable way would be the breeding of truly varroa resistant bees, which by the way some european breeders have just managed to achieve last year. I would not count on any of those strains making it to nz in the near future though. high mite counts in autumn despite summer treatments can either be due to a bad efficiency of the treatment and/or reinvasion. the only way to deal with this is to regylarly check mite levels and act accordingly. Infestation levels will even be different amongst various hives in the same apiary.
  8. Christi An

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

    here you go http://scientificbeekeeping.com/the-varroa-problem-part-16a/ http://scientificbeekeeping.com/the-varroa-problem-part-16b/
  9. good plan. i would rather remove everything at the nucs position including the pallet (and do the combining in the evening) any stray foragers coming back there will start looking around and enter any hive in the vicinity 10 m is not too far. theyll find it eventually (or any other hive)
  10. Christi An

    Swarm cells no eggs

    Swarms can usually go after the first swarmcell has been capped. provided they are swarmcells I bet shes already gone. after the virgins emerge more swarms might go underway.
  11. Christi An

    Venom pro vapouriser

    There are plenty of Commercials in Europe using OA Vaporization. But on that scale i totally aggree that safety equipment (eg an overall and a decent mask) would absolutely be necessary. There has beed quite some research on the health hazards. The Time you need to treat depends on the device you use. Every treatment has its strengths and weaknesses
  12. Christi An

    Varroa resistance to Oxalic

    Exactly. Nobody ever paid the money (the whole process of approving a treatment is VERY costly) to have the whole thing approved... The whole situation there regarding this matter is completely ridiculous.
  13. Christi An

    New One Piece 12L Top Feeder

    finally! a decent feeder!
  14. Christi An

    Venom pro vapouriser

  15. Christi An

    Venom pro vapouriser

    OA vapour is highly irritating to the mucous membranes. It may sound terrible but as a matter of fact it makes the whole thing "safer". You will immediateley realize if you inhaled something. Thats why it is nearly impossible to get big amounts of that stuff into your lungs... as soon as you get the tiniest amount into your respiratory system you start coughing terribly. Those tiny amounts which MIGHT get into your lungs will be absorbed fairly quickly (keep in mind one treatment will have about as much OA in it as 200g of spinach). Of course that does not mean protection should be dropped. If you do it regularly a good mask is a very good idea. I myself have found out that a fairly simple one which just protects against dusts was enough to not feel any irritating effect at all, despite standing in the middle of a dust cloud however.