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  1. Hi Jeroen, Thanks for the reply - it is a very nice city I think so I am glad you liked it. I'm also glad that your diary is full of Bees and Beekeepers. The ladies in the photo are unknown to me but I found the image online when I was researching for a novel I am writing set in the late 30's. The one closest to the camera is a muse of sorts for one of my characters in particular but all of them are muses really. I like to imagine they are Beekepers for sure but who knows since I don't even know their names. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Christie
  2. Hi There, if you are in Dunedin you are welcome to visit my husband and my hive. I am not sure the best way to arrange it but perhaps you could private message me somewhere on here? We are new to Beekeeping too but are attempting to learn fast.
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