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  1. Too flammmin' tired to respond! If I got into a 'Sword Fight' over making a simple , basic statement on Inheritance, what could happen if I responded to Chris's Post?
  2. OMG, Read my posts on this subject again, I stated a simple fact, you said it was wrong, and because it was basic genetics, not personal opinion, I didn't let it go, and tried to correct you- I wasn't trying to twist anything you said. I think we should both just let it go now.
  3. Hi Alastair, I am not in error, your are clouding the issue, which is simple. You said that a Queen can have more than 2 alleles of the same gene. That is wrong. She can only carry 2 alleles of the same gene. Sure every egg a Queen produces is unique because of crossing over during meiosis, that gives different unique combinations of genes, but the genes are discreet, they don't change during the crossing over. The Queen carried 2 copies going into meiosis, and the egg coming out at the end of meiosis carries only one of those 2 copies. Nothing I have said is wrong, it is just basic genetics. As well, body colour is probably determined by several genes, but if you have a true F1 Hybrid where the Queen which was reared from let's say a purebred Italian Queen that was inseminated purebred carnica drones, the drones will be half Italian type and half will be carnica type.
  4. I am afraid you are wrong. While there can be many different alleles for any one gene, the Queen can only carry 2 alleles for any particular gene. One allele from her mother, and the other allele from the spermatozoa that fertilised the egg from which she developed.
  5. Queens and workers don't have proper dads, and Drones have no dad at all. Queens and workers are diploid, they develop from fertilised eggs, like you and I, and almost all other animals. They/we get half of our genteics from our Mother's egg, and half from the spermatozoa that fertilised it. Body colour, like every other trait, is determined equally by both parents. Back to Drones not being proper Dads, being haploid, they are really just flying germ cells, which have replicated themselves 10 million times over in the spermatozoa that they produce. Heaps of sperm, very little genetic variation.
  6. Obviously all the bees around you are not all yellow! But, there could be another explanation, in the past I have seen Yellow Queens that can produce jet black drones(no body colour), it is a mutation and it was in our yellow commercial stock- these drones are not dark like carnica or mellifera, they are, as I said, jet black. More likely though you are seeing drifting carnica or mellifera drones. Remember the uniqueness of Drones, they are haploid, having developed from an unfertilised egg, so all their genetics comes from the Queen only(nothing to do with drones she mates with), so the drones inherit only one of the 2 possible variations(alleles) of each of the Queens genes. We produce a lot of Hybrid Queens, crossing pretty straight carnica with pretty straight ligustica. The resulting F1 Queens still look pretty yellow, probably because of some dominance of the genes responsible for body colour, but they will produce drones that either yellow or dark in the 1:1 ratio that you would expect. When you go beyond F1, the drones are more mongrel with all sorts of variation from yellow to dark.
  7. Hi Maggie, you can find it here- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4592583/ , hopefully this link will not take you some place you do not want to go!
  8. Virgins take on average 2 mating Flights. In one study using Read Only Tags on the Virgins, the the average number of Mating flights was just over 2, the maximum was 6! Flights of less than 5 minutes were considered Orientation flights. Average Mating Flight time was between 10 and 30 minutes. Latest research also shows that Virgins are mating with far more drones than previously thought. It has shown that Virgins often mate with 30 or more Drones, up to 50 sub-families have been found in a single colony- all this new fangled DNA technology is turning a lot of what we use to believe on its' head.
  9. Pollen Counts are useless when it comes to defining a Honey as Manuka or not. If you get a 70% 'Manuka' Pollen count, probably 90% of that 70% is Kanuka Pollen. Kanuka produces huge amounts of Pollen, Manuka very little. When you pay for a Pollen count they are not distinguishing between Kanuka and Manuka Pollen. Up in the Far North the Manuka and Kanuka flower totally separately- when we get straight Manuka, there is buggar all Manuka Pollen in it, and when the Kanuka comes in it is full of Manuka/Kanuka Pollen, even though there is no Manuka flowering. Our Manuka is a lightish, fine, almost delicate honey that I rate highly, while Kanuka is dark, heavy, almost caramel like, but worse tasting than caramel, and I don't rate it at all, and because it has such massively high 3-PLA it encourages blenders to use it to adulterate Manuka, and make their Manuka go further!
  10. Global Warming is causing our Climate to Change, it is that simple. How can you you see a conspiracy in that? You have got to change your news sources. You can rant with half truths about Greta and Climate Activists going to conferences, but try to stick to the facts- the science is is undeniable, Human Activity is causing the earth to warm dramatically, which is causing our Climate to change dangerously.
  11. "Science was then considered dehumanizing in English public schools, and for dabbling in chemistry Darwin was condemned by his headmaster", a quote from a biography on Darwin. If Darwin were alive today, he would hold Human Induced Climate Change Deniers in the same contempt that he held the Religious Establishment at the time. Crazy that you would use Darwin to support your argument. I hope you don't base all your decisions in life on backing the 3%, over the 97%- it isn't a winning formula!
  12. I am pretty sure John is right. The U.S. doesn't even allow bees on comb to cross over the border from Canada, and certainly nothing can go the other way. Australian's have sent Package Bees into the U.S., but never Hives. I am not sure of the status right now, but I don't think the Aussies can send Packages at the moment to the U.S., and I am not sure if we have a current Export Health Certificate for Packages and Queens to the U.S., but we obviously can send to Canada.
  13. Totally agree, change will not happen without the will to change. There are heaps of things we can do, both big and small to make a difference. We don't have to totally give up flying, driving, or go back to wearing a horsehair shirt. At a personal level we need to fly less- stop flying off to Europe every winter just because we can(every long haul flight increases your carbon footprint by as much as driving your vehicle for a whole year), drive less, change over to an electric vehicle if you can. The internal combustion engine has to go, and fuel cells and electric have to be our future. We need to consume less, live with less, live more simply. Simply put we need to de-carbonise. Ancient carbon needs to stay in the ground where Mother Nature had safely locked it away. Carbon emitters have to either offset their carbon emmissions, or be penalised. Low carbon alternatives have to be incentivised. At government level, we the voters have to change so that those seeking election don't see it as suicidal to propose policies that will make a difference. Dinasaurs like Trump, and Morrison across the ditch have to go. Why does Australia produce 73% percent of their electricity from coal, and export much more, the Adani monstrous coal mine has been given the go ahead, meanwhile their country burns and turns to desert- they have the potential to produce vast amounts of efficient solar power, or wind. There is so much more we could do
  14. Populist Rhetoric= Hitler's Germany in the 1930's, or Trump's America now
  15. Stupid statement, 2019 was the 4th warmest year in 111 years of record keeping. 2019 has been the Earth's hottest year since records began. 3 out of the last 4 years have been in the top 5 of the hottest years in NZ in the 111 years of record keeping. The evidence is clear, the Earth's Climate is warming at an ever increasing, extremely dangerous rate. The science is absolutely clear, human activity is the main cause of this warming. Why do Climate Change Deniers have such a hard time accepting the facts, and science behind Climate Change, and prefer to cling to 'alternate facts' pumped out by those with vested interests in maintaining the status quo. Denying science is dangerous, it leaves you open to be swept up by populist rhetoric, and it makes it impossible to make rational decisions on the best way forward.
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