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  1. Cheers. I might just have another look tomorrow and go through with a fine tooth comb and see what I see. Just to make sure I have got my diagnosis correct.
  2. how far away is necessary? 5m, 10m or 50m? It is possible that it is also a laying worker but I am pretty sure the eggs are good. Just another new experience with bees, just when I was thinking I was getting a good grip on things!
  3. Okay, to give the background. Approx. 8 weeks ago I discovered one of my hives had no queen and a pile of supercedure cells. I thought "sweet,leave them to do their thing" I noticed 3 weeks later upon inspection that I couldn't find the queen. There was a small section of eggs and very young brood. Only 1 egg per cell. Looked normal so I thought I had a queen, not laying workers. I went back in today. It is full of drones and it is entirely drone brood. Not scattered but big, swathes of it, so I think it is a poorly mated queen. I certainly can't find her and It wasn't the warmest for mating f
  4. Excellent. I caught a swarm Oct 16 last year and put it onto undrawn foundation. there is always a niggling thought that they could be an AFB risk.
  5. Just wondering because I have seen swarms that have been caught and requeened for sale on Trademe.
  6. Do you guys ever have any problems with AFB from swarms?
  7. Original post was just me asking a question, just a general query after I had a thought (which my wife tells me can be dangerous). I wasn't thinking about any particular hive. Coincidentally, I then checked a hive today that should have a new queen and didn't see one, or eggs. I was expecting to and the follow up post was about that hive. I am not bothered. trying to avoid doing the newbie thing and panicing. Like I said, I put in a frame of brood, eggs and grub and if they need a new queen then they will make one. And I have a spare in a nuc. So I will look again in a weeks time. If the
  8. Yeah, I have a hive that in theory should have had a queen emerge a couple of weeks ago, yet I can't find any eggs. I put a frame of capped brood, grubs and eggs in today and will see if they draw anything out. I have been told it may be too soon to see eggs. I put a frame of eggs in last week and they haven't drawn any queen cells so I am assuming there may be a queen in there somewhere. I was just considering options. I have a spare queen sitting in a nuc but don't want to risk her being killed.
  9. I think I will take the answer as "Probably not a good idea!"
  10. Say I transferred a frame of brood to a weaker hive that had a queen cell a couple of days along in the process, would the recipient hive finish the off, if they were queenless? Or would they look for young larvae from their old queen? Just thinking that if I had a hive I was going to requeen, I could speed up the process a little. Not that I am going to do it, but just a thought I had.
  11. Or the cigarette lighter in the vehicle to get some embers going.
  12. I can't see any registration numbers on them, at least on the sides visible from the road. Maybe I should do just that. The message was that an AFB infected robbed out hive was discovered within 2km. It would have been destroyed, but if these ones were in the same apiary they may be ticking time bombs. Of course there could well be other hives around that are the guilty ones.
  13. Yeah, there's AFB alerts all around Timaru. I am surrounded by it. Had my hives inspected by the agency. I am within 2km of an AFB infected hive. One of my colleagues is dating a commercial Beek. He had hives 3.5km from me and had the same notification. Everytime I walk the dogs I glare at a couple of hives that are in the right spot to be the potential infected ones.
  14. If I had a strong 5 frame nuc right now and I pop in a freshly mated spring queen, or even an autumn queen, could it build up enough to get a crop off? It is still quite cold down here, even the odd frost. Maybe give it a pollen pattie and some syrup to stimulate it. For a colleague who is starting out and has plenty of drawn comb from a failed attempt 2 years ago (colony collaped due to using thymovar and hope as a varroa treatment and was robbed out).
  15. They aren't the only ones making the predictions unfortunately.
  16. Was going to pull out the winter kale crop that is going to seed, but my girls have found it and giving it a good working over so left it in place.
  17. Yeah, I wouldn't be buying anything coastal. Or low lying. http://flood.firetree.net/?ll=-27.8390,138.1640&z=13&m=7
  18. I've looked at the projections of the possible impacts of 2-3 degrees celcius and am worried. Let alone anything higher. I am also thankful for living in NZ because I think it is going to get very bad in some parts of the world. Even the NIWA climate change predictions, which are pretty mild, have some worrying aspects. I am hoping the more extreme predictions don't come true because that will be ending the overpopulation problem.
  19. Could I use a 3/4 super as a swarm trap or am I better off with a FD box?
  20. Yeah, we are still getting the odd frosts. Drone brood in decent quantity just making an appearance now at my home hives. School hives 6 km down the road are a couple of weeks ahead, but they have all the backyard flowers to raid, plus our school's extensive lavender hedging. Grass growth on the home farm just taking off now.
  21. Once the drones that can target people get developed that will cause a few issues as well.
  22. Just checked the school hives this morning. I was planning on popping some brood frames into a weaker hive that was well behind the rest. But when I checked today the capped brood that it had was pretty much all gone and couldn't find the queen or see any eggs. I have a nice little overwintered nuc that I might pop in after I have another thorough check for the failing queen. I am going to pinch her if she is in there but I think I must have accidently killed her when i was putting in the OA staples two weeks ago.
  23. It was an adventure. On the first day we fished from a boat and my mate hooked a big one riding a ray near the shore. But he had forgotten his net and his gaff was inadequate. So it got away. We spent a couple of days fishing from the shore. Very exciting. They move so fast. I hooked one from the rocks but lost it. We got access through the farms. He is living in the Boat Shed, courtesy of Kaihoka Farmstay. I am now wondering if I met you on my trips up there. I have probably seen your hives!
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