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  1. In all the years I have been on various forums, I obviously have still not learnt to stop making flippant comments that can be misinterpreted. My apologies. Rest assured I am doing my best to research topbar hives.
  2. I suppose too that if I stuff up, I will risk cross combs. I can live with that. The bees probably won't mind. Since there seems to be quite a range of opinions, I might just stick with whatever is convenient. As a thought, trellis battens are 32mm ( for the large trellis frames). Bunnings sell spares. I suppose it would be unsuitable because it is H3.2 treated. I assume we want untreated timber only in a hive, especially near honey.
  3. Why would they feel the need to jump in on this conversation? Surely it doesn't matter what others do? The Wyatt Mangum hives appear to be 35mm top bars. So there seems to be a consensus. 32-38mm works.
  4. Ah yes. The benefits of forum membership come apparent again
  5. Phil Chandler from Biobees recommends 38mm, saying some people use 32-36mm for brood and add 6-8mm shims for honey.
  6. Yeah I get it. Mini top bars to spread out the 32mm bars if it is not brood. BackYardHive.com - Using Spacers in the Top Bar Hive
  7. Just found a reference saying 8-10 brood bars. Its all very exciting. Started cutting up my 150x25mm boards to construct it with.
  8. Righty. So how many bars of each would you recommend. 50:50?
  9. Thanks for that. Just wondering what I could get away with. Will hunt for some bits and pieces. How big would the brood area be?
  10. Hi I see Mitre 10 have handy lengths of radiata moulding, 40mm x19mm. thinking about these for the top bars. Is 40 too wide or should I look to getting the 70x19 and cut down the middle? That should give me around 33-34mm. I am sure I can sweet talk the guys in the tech department to cut them up. What widths are people using? Does it matter? Thanks
  11. Nah. She really doesn't care one way or the other. Its more my hobby and I want a top bar. So that's the plan.
  12. I have to say that I am amazed how many people I work with have a hive or two, as I have learned this week. Before Agribusiness went under, a lot seemed to have done their course. Nobody seems to be at the stage of creating nucs but a lot of keen amateurs. All telling me that we need one on our school farm! Also stunned how many beekeeping websites there are. Found a handy little guide to installing Langstroth nucs into a topbar which made my day.
  13. She's a short (bad word removed). Good for lifting nothing to any height whatsoever.
  14. Yes but I am also a fisherman, so much prefer to talk about a 4 1/2 pounder than a 2 kg fish. Imperial helps bragging! I am aware of the problems, hence why I had considered the longbox type that I could pop the nucs in without hacking them up.
  15. I know its personal preference, and I do know it can be a contentious issue, but I have thought about it. I am keen on topbars. I think I will follow the lead of others who I have corresponded with and not try to reinvent the wheel, but build a conventional, angled sided top bar. I am in no rush, and am currently trying to digest hundreds of hours of youtube and webpages. I may not even buy a nuc and solely try to catch a swarm. Wifey has said she might buy a nuc for xmas if I am unsuccessful, but I don't even know if they will be for sale by then. I have all the time in the world. We pur
  16. Yeah but the thing is wifey not keen on boxes. She wants a source of wax for stuff. Topbars and their variants are becoming more common. I don't intend to spend a lot of money. May even try to catch a swarm rather than buy a nuc. My mate has 6 hives so will give me guidance on bee handling, so I am not exactly going in cold. If a top bar doesn't work then I may try something else. I am no rush.
  17. Live in the country, surrounded by commercial farms and lifestyle blocks. 5.8 km from work. 8km from town centre. So 2 hours to CHCH is a big drive actually.
  18. Hi My wife and I moved to a small lifestyle block in Timaru a couple of years ago. I am keen to try beekeeping. I have a large quantity of tree lucerne on the block I planted as drought food for stock, and we back onto a dairy farm, which has gorse fencing, so plenty of food. I am keen on the top bar design because wifey thinks it is more natural so I get little choice. I am thinking of the tanzanian type, that will fit conventional nucs if we can't get a swarm and have to buy a nuc (the wife is keen on trying to trap a swarm, or rather , send me out to do it!). What materials can be used?
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