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  1. Once the drones that can target people get developed that will cause a few issues as well.
  2. Just checked the school hives this morning. I was planning on popping some brood frames into a weaker hive that was well behind the rest. But when I checked today the capped brood that it had was pretty much all gone and couldn't find the queen or see any eggs. I have a nice little overwintered nuc that I might pop in after I have another thorough check for the failing queen. I am going to pinch her if she is in there but I think I must have accidently killed her when i was putting in the OA staples two weeks ago.
  3. It was an adventure. On the first day we fished from a boat and my mate hooked a big one riding a ray near the shore. But he had forgotten his net and his gaff was inadequate. So it got away. We spent a couple of days fishing from the shore. Very exciting. They move so fast. I hooked one from the rocks but lost it. We got access through the farms. He is living in the Boat Shed, courtesy of Kaihoka Farmstay. I am now wondering if I met you on my trips up there. I have probably seen your hives!
  4. I will let you know in October when Novopay work out how to pay us. Funnily enough they docked us 1 day pay for our strike within a week, but can't work out how to give us 3% in less than 3 months.
  5. Man, I have to be careful with my wording when you are about. I went up. I was thinking about the piece of land I have just brought in Central Otago. So I will be going up for the Kingfish and he will be coming down for the trout.
  6. I have a mate living there now. Was down in the easter holidays chasing Kingfish when the tide was in.
  7. If you read my post carefully, you will see that I am perfectly well aware that a 1/2 dozen hive person like myself cannot do it. I understand the New Zealand experience is different from overseas in that varroa is a relatively recent arrival. I also don't believe it is easy. I have read Randy Olivers stuff, as well as others. It takes many years and many dead bees to accomplish. I haven't stated that it is easy so I am not sure where you are getting that from. If it was easy for a 1/2 dozen hive person like myself to do it, I would be and marketing them appropriately. But I am really not interested in an online battle so I will declare you victor and move on.
  8. Yeah, small cell is a bit of dead end I think. And as I quite clearly stated, I went foundationless so I could harvest the wax. As far as varroa resistant bees, of course the wild hives died out with a new parasite arriving. But did any check to see if some held out longer than others? I think not. So do you discount all the worldwide work that has been going on with varroa resistance? Is Randy Oliver wasting his time? Now I don't know what the study was you mentioned, but I can find a link about a possible study that Mark Goodwin wanted to start up. The link is from 2016 so clearly the study would still be going if it did get started. When I read a peer reviewed paper, detailing selection and breeding of varroa resistant bees, it is clear that it can be done. These papers are not fakes, they are legitimate studies or reviews. Here are just a fraction of the links I found. https://aristabeeresearch.org/program/ https://www.apidologie.org/articles/apido/pdf/2010/03/m09127.pdf https://www.apidologie.org/articles/apido/pdf/2010/03/m09147.pdf https://beecare.bayer.com/media-center/beenow/detail/breeding-varroa-resistant-honey-bees And here is a NZ example, http://www.beesmartbreeding.co.nz/services/queen-breeding/ I am going to quite happily use my staples to treat the varroa. Someone with more cash and resources than me will have to be the one to develop varroa resistant or varroa tolerant bees. But anyway, I shall go home to my worm resistant sheep, and wander amongst my leaf curl resistant peach trees and ponder on the possibility of one day having varroa resistant bees.
  9. I assume by the real world you mean commercial enterprises? Or just anything outside a research site? There is a stack for both. Do a search for breeding varroa resistant bees. Thats all you need to do. You will find many hours of reading. Including peer reviewed papers. Even Randy Oliver's site. Its all out there and it there is plenty of evidence that it works. Sometimes it seems to produce quite aggressive bees but there is some UK stuff that looks promising. But OA staples seem to negate the need to breed for resistance. Though come the apocalypse we might undergo rapid natural selection for varroa resistance.
  10. I decided foundationless was more a goer. I have set up a kenyan topbar and a tanzanian topbar. Both are going extremely well. I also set up some foundationless frames in my langs. I am not worried about a good harvest, but I wanted wax. Foundationless worked well. I am still interested in the whole varroa resistent bee thing. The data is there to show it works. But I don't have enough hives to do it myself. Maybe one day I will try it.
  11. I did, I also suspect that I harvested too early. There is still quite a decent flow on. But I removed the excluder after I harvested. Oh well. Another new thing learnt. At least I won't be feeding them sugar this winter.
  12. I have a labour pool ready and able to help lift heavy supers should I get old and frail.
  13. The trouble is, when you are a newbie, it is hard to find a nuc that is not FD, so it sort of forces everyone to use FD frames and supers at the start. I am trying to transition now. I am going to move a couple of hives to topbars so that will free up some frames.
  14. Had a look in my kenyan topbar today. Interesting to see where I had been hanging a staple. Clearly the queen wasn't interested in laying beneath the staple so the girls packed it with honey. But they didn't want to draw out the comb properly on the the topbar next to it. The plastic foundation is one of my starter frames (I trimmed a FD plastic frame to fit my topbar and started it off in a lang).
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