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  1. A little article about those 3% of deniers. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2015/aug/25/heres-what-happens-when-you-try-to-replicate-climate-contrarian-papers?fbclid=IwAR3dxfPKX__hRjjfhJDUDgj8791x-VRaijhRe0Beh9W0Zds9SX94u1qR35g For those who don't want to read it. Here is a good quote. There is a 97% expert consensus on a cohesive theory that’s overwhelmingly supported by the scientific evidence, but the 2–3% of papers that reject that consensus are all over the map, even contradicting each other. The one thing they seem to have in common is methodological flaws like cherry picking, curve fitting, ignoring inconvenient data, and disregarding known physics. and here is the link to the paper the article is based on. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00704-015-1597-5
  2. I agree totally. But they are linked.
  3. And that's the thing. The earth has been much hotter AND much colder in the past. But also in the past, transitioning to those stages took places over many thousands of years. Not in mere decades. Things are going to change so fast that we will struggle to adapt. The Permian-Triassic extinction event, aka "The Great Dying" had temperatures 8 degrees higher than now. And we lost a huge amount of life forms. Over 90% of marine species becoming extinct for a start. Personally I believe it is far too late for us to have any effect. We have started on a wild ride with a very real risk that my kids won't get to my age, or at the very least, without a drastic change in lifestyle. Piecemeal attempts like banning plastic bags while ignoring the much greater quantities wrapping the food is nonsense and far too late anyway. If all we get is severe storms, droughts, flooding, extreme cold due to the meandering polar vortex etc, we can count ourselves lucky.
  4. Nah. They really believed they were clear. So did the stock agent who was arranging sales of their calves. Not a problem for us as the ones I sold were going into a slaughter herd. The 2 I kept have shown no issues. Bobby calves reared on milk powder and physically separate from other cows are at pretty low risk.
  5. I would say its a lot more than that. I think the number of active farms refers to farms being directly supervised by MPI. Their website is not that clear, but there appears to be another 200 or so that may or do have it but not under the same level of control. https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/dmsdocument/29192-legal-notices-map I got some calves last year for the school farm. I found a agent in canterbury who directed me to a "Clear" farm that was selling bobby calves (since the numbers at the local bobby calf auctions had all but disappeared. 4 months later, after I had sold 4 of them (luckily to a butcher who raises them for slaughter) we get contacted to say that the farm had bovis present and where were the calves. My neighbour raised 16 from various sources. Sold them to 4 different properties before finding at least 1 lot he brought in were infected and he is now potentially responsible for a mini outbreak. Not his fault as he purchasing from properties already tested clear.
  6. Use this, you can work out what your area could look like. http://flood.firetree.net/?ll=-27.8390,138.1640&z=13&m=7
  7. Yes. That is entirely consistent with a warmer climate in the southern hemisphere transporting more moisture to antarctica. https://earthdata.nasa.gov/learn/sensing-our-planet/unexpected-ice
  8. The human desire for infinite growth on a planet with finite resources is going to bite us. As much as those who deny/downplay human impacts on the environment and climate, we are not doing a good job of looking after the place.
  9. For some reason, a lot of them love our meat pies.
  10. There is a website called thetruesize.com that allows you to compare countries with each other side by side, and allows for the distortions caused by the maps we use. NZ is waaay bigger. Its fun to play with.
  11. Here are some pictures from my topbars. I use trimmed plastic frames as starters. as you can see, one hive's queen wouldn't lay eggs next to the staple so the bees put down capped honey. The other one shows are topbar I put down in the brood nest. The girls wouldn't draw comb next the the staple.
  12. Yep. Every queen is different as to how the hive approaches the staples. Some ignore them, some savage them.
  13. Stapler was a quick and dirty fix when I only needed 4. Faster than waiting for the wife to be out of the house before I could get the sewing machine out. Its only one hive eating the staples and they have requeened themselves so I will see how the new hatch works out.
  14. I started beekeeping in Oct 2017 with a nuc of italians. I initially used OA vaporisation but didn't like it. The bees were very agitated when I used it, and would attack the vaporiser, killing many. In june that winter, I noticed many bees covered with mites, despite weekly doses, so I switched to the paper staples. I make my own and used 35% OA by weight. I have not lost a hive in that time. I don't dry my staples first. But I do run them firmly between my fingers to squeeze out the solution. I also only run a line of cotton up the middle, though I have used a stapler to make some up as well. In that time I have noticed some interest things. Some queens will not lay anywhere near the staples, others I can lift up the staple and find brood. I had a couple of carni queens I purchased in Feb 2018 last till this spring before they were superceded, while an Italian queen was superceded in a month. I have made a decision not to buy any more queens in as I started overwintering queens in nucs. I have one hive as school that seems to supercede regularly. I am not sure what is going on with it, but it has had 4 new queens since August 2018. They now have a tiger queen running around so will see how that goes. Some hives seem to ignore the staples, others go out of there way to remove them and cause significant damage in only a week or two. I also left a significant amount of honey on the hive for winter due to the very poor harvest last season, and I don't like feeding sugar.
  15. Just talking to a mate in Collingwood, planning our upcoming Kingfish mission. He got stuck at school because the river was flowing over the bridge. Doubly annoyed because the school was closed in the morning because of the flooding.
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