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  1. Markypoo

    NZBF Strapping hives

    Since all the commercial hives I have seen seem to rely on a rock on the lid to hold the lot together, do I need to bother with Emlock straps or anything for my hives? I have yet to see a commercial hive with straps on the,
  2. Thanks for that. I put in a frame of brood from my nice carni hive at school, that hasn't swarmed, or even looked like it, and has put down a lot of honey so far. I am off on school camp tomorrow (taking kids horse trekking and fishing at wanaka) so will see what is there when I come back. There was a heap of eggs and young larvae so I notched a heap of cells. If there are queen cells can I assume no virgin?
  3. I was sure it was queenless because I split the hive and put half the frames in my topbar, along with most of the nurses. I definitely did not see the queen as I hunted quite thoroughly for her. The fact that they had made a queen cell means they probably were queenless. It is annoying but I have had a pretty good run of luck introducing queens so maybe now and then they don't play ball. I should know from being a teacher that animals aren't predictable.
  4. Well things didn't work out liked I hoped. The queen arrived on thursday. 11 days after I had made the split. There was one capped queen cell, which I removed. I opened the hive today to check on the bees and found the queen cage empty. But I got a queenless roar from the hive. So I had a look around the entrance, and sure enough, found the queen, dead outside. I went back through the hive. I couldn't see any queen cells I might of missed, or empty ones a virgin may have hatched from. There was no eggs or larvae present, so probably no laying workers. I am certain there is no virgin there. Is this a common risk with hives queenless for a while? I am tempted to merge them with a queen right hive. Should I wait for a week or two to make certain that I don't have a virgin running around?
  5. I just have a couple of nucs recently transferred to full boxes. I had a look yesterday and they still have half a frame of stores, so was going to leave them. Weather looks to be clearing up and it is warm and calm. Buttercup is full bloom so they should find some tucker.
  6. I see from the forum that the commercial guys are feeding their hives at the moment with the rough weather. My school hives have quite a lot of honey stored so I presume they should be okay. Is it only hives without honey in honey supers you have to worry about? Or do I need to give everything a topup?
  7. I may be moving a QR hive to a queenless hive.
  8. Not necessarily. I may have draughty hives.
  9. I don't. Thats why I asked. I thought maybe because heat will rise and carry them up would be my theory.
  10. Sweet. I wondered if the queen needs to be in the bottom so her pheromones rise up or somesuch thing.
  11. Due to reasons, I won't be able to add a queen to a hive that was made queenless approx 9 days ago. I was expecting to add it after 3 days but stuff happened. I presume they will have started on queen cells. Should I hunt them out and remove them when I introduce the queen? What are the potential risks? Virgin killing the queen or swarming?
  12. I am considering joining two FD brood boxes together using the newspaper method. The queen will be in the top box. Does this matter? I can't simply rearrange boxes as the box that will be on the bottom is one I modified to accept an oxalic acid vaporiser and has a 17mm strip around the base, with an entrance gap. Thank you
  13. Markypoo

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I think I missed a key step when I made mine. I soaked them in OA and glycerine, then left them in the container. I ran them thru my fingers to squeeze out excess moisture just before inserting to the hive. I did not dry them out. Is this a necessary step? Doesn't seem to have caused any problems so far.
  14. Markypoo

    November 2018 Apiary Diary

    Now that the seniors have left for exams, it is junior project time. One young lad has been making me nuc boxes. Untreated, rough sawn boxing timber as raw materials.
  15. Markypoo

    NZBF Grumpy bees

    I had a 9. I didn't like having a cloud of bees hitting my veil while I walked back to the house. I sent the Queen to heaven.