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  1. No need. My lab is also next door to the chemistry class. Got all the glassware I could ever need.
  2. If the girls go the young enterprise route then they may have to order a bucket or two of honey off you if I can't find someone a little closer to Timaru that uses OA. We will probably have 30-40kg to play with but they may need a bit more. You have a business to run, don't worry about free staples. Its fast to take a stapler to them any way. And since my lab is across the hall from the textiles room, I have access to plenty of sewing machines if I wanted to .
  3. We have chucked around the possibility of pushing the OA versus synthetic miticides thing. I think it is a legitimate direction to take. For the marketing unit we don't need anything special to promote, but if they do the young enterprise thing then it has to be an innovative product, and that is when we would have to push something like organically managed/no synthetics.
  4. I have a plot of lavender growing for oil extraction in the future. The year 12s are taking cuttings for their plant propagation work, so in a year or two they can also have a go at extracting essential oils. The bees love it too. The whole teaching of Agriculture in schools has changed in the last couple of years. There is huge demand of agriculture literate graduates. The big industry players have pumped the money in developing the course. The kids do the marketing bit, study biosecurity, look at financing options for business loans and will do a bit of food science.
  5. If it gets tricky the girls can focus on recycled glass jars instead of plastic containers.
  6. There is no intention to claim the product as organic.
  7. The girls have decided they are targeting the health conscious consumer. Marketing buzzwords include "Raw" and "Unpasteurised" to meet MPi requirements the whole thing is classed as a fundraiser for our Agriculture department.
  8. I make my staples using a stapler. The claim is going to be "Organically managed", not "organic". From what I understand, organically managed indicates an attempt to meet organic requirements without being certified.
  9. My year 13 Agribusiness students are going to market the honey from the school hives for part of their coursework, developing a marketing plan for a new or existing product. They are using recyclable glass for containers. They may end up adding in cinnamon or other things (undecided as yet) Can we claim that use of OA acid staples means they have been organically managed? The bees and hiveware have never had any contact with synthetic miticides. This is going to be part of their marketing plan. I just want to get this right as one of them is considering going to go on and enter the Young Enterprise program with it. We can use the words organically managed or find some other ways to promote the product, like "no synthetic miticides were used in the production of this product". If the young enterprise thing takes off they may need to get 25-50kg of honey off someone that uses OA only. Then they have to form a company, develop, market and sell their product, keep a set of books and wind it up at the end of the year. Any thoughts?
  10. Markypoo

    Agressive bees

    HI Just an idea that others may not have picked up on. Is this a hive that you started from a nuc this season? Nucs can be very relaxed and show their true colours when they have their numbers up. I had a nuc that was pretty good, but after they have been upgraded to a full box for a couple of weeks turned nasty. Pouring out from underneath the hivemat when I cracked it open. This is in spring during a flow as well. I even had a dozen following me across the paddocks back to the house. I pinched the queen and replaced her. As soon as the new queens daughters started hatching they calmed right down. 6 weeks later I was no longer scared to have a look. If you have a similar scenario it may not be due to the flow drying up or other reasons mentioned and just a nasty queen after all.
  11. Markypoo

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I chuck it all in a large tupperware container to microwave. Then I just shake it with the lid on tight to mix it. Minimal risk of contacting the stuff.
  12. Markypoo

    NZBF Honey gates

    I was gifted a cheap chinese plastic honey gate. It leaks water so I presume it would also leak honey. What is a good budget honey and where from please.
  13. Markypoo

    Honey Label Legality

    MPI website has a pretty clear guide on their website.
  14. Markypoo

    Science fair project ideas

    Some good ideas but unfortunately we are a modern day high school, so our budget is about $10. No way we can afford AI equipment. Especially since we have had our operational budget cut. The ministry found a magic new way of calculating school funding and surprise surprise, schools get shafted. There is some interesting stuff we have found about training bees to recognise shapes as well as colour preferences, so we are going to go down that route.
  15. Markypoo

    Science fair project ideas

    Looks like we are going to do something with UV detection. Setting out sugar water, with UVpens marking the trays somehow. Seeing if there is a colour preference. We may also look at the minimum sugar concentrations they can detect and will they go for a weaker solution that has a brighter UV signal. As she is a Year 12 their has to be a fair bit of science in it. We are going get on to next year's fair in spring for a bigger project. I have had this girl entering every year since year 9. She has won gold twice and got bronze for her first time in the senior section.