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  1. Brazil is probably one of the cheapest if you're not worried about transport...
  2. Wow - great maps. Although I don't feel a lot better after seeing that the Manawatu is currently the only part of the country where it's raining...
  3. That sounds a lot like eating it....:unsure:
  4. Sounds interesting Rob. I would expect a bit of drift to the mini nucs with brood from any broodless ones. In my 4 way mini nucs the bees are pretty quick to abandon a broodless compartment in favour of one with brood. I now tend to make them up all with brood or all without to reduce the attractiveness of one over another. Let us know how they go though.(y)
  5. What sort of base do you have Phil? Mine are a separate unit so I can super the boxes as I see fit. I couldn't find any photos so I just took this one which shows the boxes supered with one of the bases leaning on the side. On top is one of the removable dividers I use so I can steal a queen and convert it from a five to a ten frame nuc. Hope this makes my previous posts clearer...
  6. No I didn't have an excluder, I let the queens lay up as far as they wanted to give me plenty of brood for when I split them up and added cells. So I had to make sure the queen didn't slip across or I didn't put the boxes around the other way. I've got a few with spare queens in them at the moment so I might do the same thing over summer with an excluder above the second box and see how they go running as a double queen unit with standard honey supers.
  7. I have had my quad mating nucs, same configuration as yours supered up to 4 high last autumn to get plenty of feed frames filled for winter. Actually I pulled the dividers so there were two queens with 10 mini frames each per box. Just had to be careful removing the supers to avoid mixing up the queens.
  8. Natural pollen and honey from the hive you're feeding it to. Can't fail Otherwise you're best buying one of the profesionally made ones like Feedbee or Megabee
  9. Photinia is a popular shelter plant which is great for spring bee feed. I'd use it as part of a mix of species and look at planting any berries etc on the sheltered side.
  10. I've done it in the past on the odd occasion in a hive I'm sure is queenless by holding the queen on the top bars to see how the bees react - it they start scenting with their nasonov glands and feeding her I've let her go but if they react aggressively there's no point dropping her in.
  11. If the bees have filled the frames with nectar they aren't yet ready to raise that many drones, they'll move the honey and fill it out with brood when it suits them. I use an empty wood frame for drone brood in my hives and if it's in too early or they aren't strong enough they sometimes fill it with honey or with worker brood and comb which I cut out after it's hatched. The bees want to raise drones so I usually let them hatch the first cycle or two while I have spring treatments in and I then start culling later when the mites are starting to build up again. The bonus I see it is that wi
  12. That's fair enough Alastair, no need to criticize anyone but what's your experience of viability and longevity of queens from overly small cells like these?
  13. If they're not looking to nest they could be hunting spiders which would be good for keeping your cameras clean and clear.
  14. 50% is crazy losses:eek: Where has that been Tony and how many with that level of losses?
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