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  1. Giving honey to neighbours before there has been a problem was suggested to me early on (possibly by the pink car). It works wonders!
  2. Drones are out here in Onehunga - the weather has been excellent. I have a newly mated queen too. I wasn’t sure what would happen or if supercedure was happening too late, but as soon as I opened up you could see that every possible cell had eggs, hopefully her enthusiasm slows a little for the next few months.
  3. It really is. These things are excellent, but as it’s a hand tool, progress will be slow. https://static.wixstatic.com/media/acfdea_b129ee46d0574303b4334935424fd7ff~mv2.jpg/v1/fill/w_330,h_628,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/acfdea_b129ee46d0574303b4334935424fd7ff~mv2.jpg I once used a walk behind mower that had blown up, and the only replacement motor that could be found was a 6hp from a ride on. It could cut anything, fence strainers, branches etc. If on uneven ground it would start tunnelling. I’d bet it couldn’t do flax though.
  4. Please could you tell me what an ‘eak’ is?
  5. To update this thread: they kept trying to make a queen, with 5 of so every week, so I let them. I culled it down to the 2 biggest/nicest and had a quick look yesterday and had found a new queen.
  6. A count of 100 can’t be sustainable for long surely? Has anyone had counts like that for long or any idea how long a hive can tolerate that level?
  7. Entirely agree - but then surely it’s the responsibility of NZ (our government) to protect the term, not the Maori Council you talked to?
  8. So if they had done it, what would producers say when ‘the Maori’s’ claimed a tax for their trademarked name? I would think that would have been a highly divisive move to have made.
  9. I had a good look at both sides and destroyed the cells and I didn’t find anything underneath. The bees that came out were healthy looking. When it has been wax moth, had the cells been uncapped rather than never capped? I think mine haven’t been capped, but looking at that photo again I am less sure of that (particularly the lower left ones).
  10. It could still work, though the menu would have to be all soups, awkwardly sieved though the veil.
  11. Hives looking good today - staples well chewed after 8 weeks. Varroa down from 15 per cup in all hives to between 0 and 2 in all hives. Temperament improved, brood looking good and a lot of brood frames (15+ in one). One seems to have requeened post staples, to be confirmed after a few weeks, as I shut it up after finding eggs. Are most people overwintering with staples in, or removing and retreating in spring? We have had a pretty damp week and I can see that I’m going to be battling the damp all winter. I’ve just raised the hives up (HD bases) put gravel rather than mulch underneath and cut back surrounding plants. Polystyrene between the mat and lid. The staples look more damp than when I put them in, though today’s efforts will help.
  12. I had a poke about. Those bees are alive. I’ve learned something, thank you.
  13. They look nearly as black as my mongrels. Is that all the frames? I wonder what a season looks like in the tropics?
  14. How does a count like that work? Is the hive robbing something and that count is of mines that are all phoretic? Mine struggle when they have a count of 10.
  15. In the OA thread @Stoney mentions melting down black frames. How much wax does this get? I’ve got a some and having given it a try once, was going to just bury it, as I got so little wax. Maybe I need to try harder (and maybe hotter?). what do others do?
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