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  1. I’ve seen it with a hive that had a dud queen and varroa. The hive died and the bees all went to a hive next door, they didn’t all fit and made comb under the pallet.
  2. Thank you - that is a generous offer. I hadn’t realised that anyone here made their own. I had a look about and they seem to cost about $1200-1500 from memory. How have you found yours? I’d certainly have a lower threshold for replacing frames if it was easier and cheaper to get foundation (it wasn’t always in stock at local suppliers and they often had low limits on purchasing).
  3. This might be the same as a method I saw somewhere. I found that it stuck to my bit of wood. Was that just a flat sheet, not embossed? I was contemplating making a mould from some plastic foundation somehow.
  4. You may have just ruined one of his investments that we all paid for.
  5. I wonder what that means, it seems like it might be a “yes”.
  6. Probably the one bit of wooden gear that irritates me is a running cost of buying more foundation. Meanwhile I have a little pile of wax that is slowly banking up. I need to make foundation I guess but it doesn’t seem easy.
  7. It’ll be intersting to see what the winter is like. Do the bees know something we don’t?
  8. The robbing was miserable. Everything had bees in it and I lost several kgs of honey and a lot of bees in 8 hours when I screwed up closing a hive because I’m an idiot.
  9. Too hard to get so no one does, versus too easy and worthless.
  10. I’ve had my happy bees very angry with gardening. It was due to me digging in compost. They do not like strong smelling soil or compost.
  11. Would it be possible to put a number on the tang? Like a Ph test? Had a poke through mine - the mite count remains static at between 0-3 per hive. There has been a lot of robbing so I’m wondering if that’s the source. The single stitch staples are looking a bit battle worn, and I shuffled them about. Some disintegrated, particularly around the top bar section where they had been stuck with propolis and seemed damp.
  12. For a single anecdata point - I had a late one last year that mated and had a nice pattern. She was superceeded immediately in spring, so there was something the bees didn’t like.
  13. Notre Dame bees survived (interesting ace to site them too). https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/19/bees-survive-notre-dame-fire
  14. I recommend the below @MissOlivia, it’s excellent (bar the section on combining hives, which leaves out the excluder. Painful times). It’s available cheaper as a PDF too, but splash out on the hardback and read it this winter. It’s excellent. Also have a look at the downloads on this site, in particular the one from @tudor. https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/product/book-practical-beekeeping-in-nz
  15. You’re down, but not by $400. It’ll all be useable come spring - except for the queen. If you’re in Auckland and are still keen come spring, sing out and their is a fair chance I can help you out. Disclaimer: mine are complete mongrels with zero pedigree but are calm and make a lot of honey. They are also 3/4 frames. Edit: and a big upvote for the bee club suggestion. The hardest part for me has been knowing what’s normal. You’ll see that their and see their problems and how they are solved.
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