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  1. Fume board cologne? I’ve seen mention of peppermint before, and that comes up repeatedly when googling, though I have no experience with it. What a horrible problem.
  2. And another news story - beekeeping I’m abandoned lots in Detroit - here. Imagine buying a section for US$340.
  3. I wish there was a way to get hold of people for this sort of situation. Even if it had to stay private (does it?) what if you could type in a rego number, and have it email or text the owner (without you seeing the contact details). Who is served by the current system?
  4. I was really surprised at the high mite counts. The brood pattern is good, there are no chewed capping, no DWV, they are not all defensive and horrible like last time it got bad. Lots of nice white wax and good quantities of happy bees - or so I thought.
  5. Thanks - I hope you’re right. The hives are way ahead of where they were this time last year. Is that what everyone is seeing?
  6. Staples. I tracked the mite numbers down to being low (0-2, April) and left the staples in all winter. They weren’t near the brood in the two bad ones today though, and one of them had chewed them to death too. There are lots of hives around here, which may have contributed.
  7. Got though my hives in the sun this morning. Scraped down the frames, base, mats, boxes and shook off the brood frames. Things were looking good, lots of brood, possibly a little low on supplies, but wow the varroa. Cut out some drone cells as this seemed a little early for drones and an opportunity to kill varroa. The cells were just full of varroa. I hadn’t seen that before. Sugar shakes gave me 9, 0, 2 and 9 and new Staples put right over the brood. It’s pouring now.
  8. If you played this very carefully, would you be able to have a varroa free setup? A new split with no brood and strips/vapour or something to get them all? Has anyone tried this? If there is a guaranteed zero chance of reinvasion it seems a great opportunity.
  9. I hadn’t been aware of that story - very depressing. There weren’t any winners there.
  10. I’ve started trying to get an engineer mate to make me a honey spade. I put the stove on a low setting (induction, on 2) and put a pan of water on it. Put a pan in that filled with crystallised honey. It’s messy, if it’s sunny the bees get interested and it ruins any kitchenware you spoon it out with if you’re not careful. Ive dealt to 150kgs this way so far.
  11. We have a water shortage here in Auckland. Seems hard to believe when everything is damp and it’s drizzled for days, but there you go.
  12. I’ve had a number of people tell me they are allergic to bees. When I asked what happens they tell me they get swelling around the sting and sometimes further up the limb.
  13. It doesn’t take that long to stitch a massive roll of Gib paper, then just cut off what you need and dump it in the bucket. That said, the genuine item is pretty flash, and my single stitch pauper staple is looking very last season.
  14. If you can, a gate. Electric sounds good so that you don’t have to get out, but having dealt with electric gates in the past, they are a nightmare and break regularly (usually after some moron forces them open or closed) and are expensive.
  15. You have to laugh at that sort of thing or you’d go mad. The simplest chore taking a day with you doing something removed from the problem (bees are hungry, you’re repairing a broken valve).
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