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  1. Have you done an alcohol wash on 350 nurse Bees?
  2. Wow that's a massave loss and I was a bit upset today when I done a Bush site that had 25% losses 2xDLs and 2x Starved from 16, I hadn't been to the site in over 14 weeks though, just been mainly focused on my manuka sites.
  3. Or sus out a near by beek who's using them and get him to add some extra to his next order.
  4. I missed stapling a hive in March, went back in July and it was on its way out, mites visible and dwv so I done the same thing, added a frame of capped brood and put staples and bayvarol in. Ill add a photo of how it went next time I get around to the site.
  5. How many losses so far? Could it bee poisoning? If I was losing that much I would get them tested. Also what are the remaining hives looking like?
  6. I found one hive like this the other day, QL (Queen less,) they just slowly dwindle
  7. The highest I've ever seen was UMF 35+
  8. I mean until I can't anymore. I bought 33 hives when I first started for $150 each off an old guy from hellensville Bruce Miller 80s plus who was happy that his hives were going to a young keen guy who would look after them and they went to a good home.
  9. I've added them as part of my treatments, they are another tool in my pest management strategy which I believe is key to the survival of my business as I'm going to be beekeeping until my end.
  10. They definitely get knocked back. Hopefully I get less swarms this season
  11. I got 2 pallets that only get 2-3hours of sun and they had quite a lot of dead bees out front a few weeks back when I put my second round of staples in for spring, I'll check them in the next fine day.
  12. May be your putting the staples too close together in the cluster and the aciditys knocked them for 6. I been spreading mine around the edge of the cluster but still just touching the bees so that they have to chew their way out to expand and that keeps the staples directly from touching the brood and killing next gen bees, But if they're pumping I'm still going straight up the guts as a swarm provention and if they're still too strong in spring they get the check and equalisation takes place.
  13. Mostly really strong but hungry at the first 2 sites of 20 with only 1 loss (DL) So I fed around 7L of inverted syrip and used Apitraz on weaker hives so that they don't get knocked back for the flow in 6 weeks. So far I'm at 35 losses from 700 due mainly to failed queen's and 3 starved out.
  14. Did they used to eat any propolis out in the field? I usually make a nice pill sized ball and swallow, I was told propolis is really good for you like getting stung.
  15. Thank you for reminding me things are easier from the top but I have had hardship in the past, losing hives to mites isn't something I haven't been through in the past. Beekeeping is a totally different game now days and it will be interesting to see how many pull through and keep pumping in the next few seasons. Today's hungry hives got 7L each, absolutely pumping. Only staples from march, seems my black bees are doing way better than my italians
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