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  1. I just hope our government stops the import of all bee products, we can produce more than we need so why not make it illegal to bring more in!
  2. A local farm in my area made 50 bucks after selling their wool
  3. Beekeepers could run 5000 hives pre varroa with a seasonal helper now try running 1000 on your own
  4. It's a secret gotta have the edge lol
  5. $4 a sack in Kaitaia, used to be 2 but everyone got into bees and the price went up.
  6. No more mechanic work unless it's a major. Boss airbag suspension in, took 2 hours to do the first side, an hour and a half for the second and if I was to do it again probly an hour Now just waiting on the fork lift to set up the click on dualies. Tightening up the belt is hard but necessary, also reverted to pine needles as smoker fuel instead of buying 200$ worth of sacking, just means I gotta take 10 min a week to collect from my spots On another note only 2 mites out of 21 hives on my latest provap mission, apivar is finally doing its thing after I learnt a new trick.
  7. Looks better than waiting on the provap, today I done 24 hives in just over an hour but that's unstraping, putting inspection trays in and feeding my doubles.
  8. I've only used my Catlins suit a half a dozen times but it seems to be up to standard with the Dean suits and it has a hive tool pocket on both sides
  9. @yesbutfound the invoice for the cheap quality bee suits its Catlins Honey, aunty Google can help you from there
  10. Last site upgraded for the year, hives like it way better 16 inches+ off the ground
  11. Must be going around, my whole family's been sick, yesterday I stayed in bed for half the day
  12. I try and keep my sites around 20-24hives otherwise you end up with 3 frames now days, if I have nowhere else I'll bump my sites up to 28
  13. If it puts food on my familys table and I don't have to wreck myself running 700 hives to get by then it would be a no brainer, I'd only need a few hundred hives and I would be able to pay way better.
  14. Wow, I would be keen on doing this, the payment per hive is twice what I'm making on manuka sites and no having to pay the landowner.
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