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  1. I was told by a few old beeks it's a fine line, and it really is.
  2. Our manuka flow looked like it was coming on hard but most the flowers atleast 3 to 4 weeks away and the hives are at strength as of a few weeks ago so been chomping through the stores, gave a feed 4 weeks ago and hungry again
  3. My queens are looking good too, put down my third graft of the season today, first lots due out on saturday. I just use the emergency response, split the hive, take the queen and put my grafting frame next to cell cups ready to graft
  4. Northland seems to be a week or 2 early aswell, seen swarm cells last week at 3 sites
  5. Does it taste any different? I got grey propolis one season and it smelled and tasted way different, havent had it since though.
  6. Just burnt my first AFB since 2018 season but from a previously disease free area since I started. The neighbours got in a beek a few paddocks away a few seasons ago, I fed the hives about a month ago and they were all absolutely pumping with 5+ frames of brood, this time round there was brood in 7 out of 9 frames, luckily I found it before it got weak and robbed out, there were only a hand full of infected cells so hopefully it's the only one that's the only problem with having absolutely PUMPING hives, they rob near by weak hives from beeks that dont do their job!
  7. I used to call it the gutless atlas, struggled to overtake, but yes it did get the job done
  8. So they do give robbed out notices, it should never come to this if you have a DECA it's just straight negligence by the beekeeper! Should be fines if your hive gets to this state, and reparation if the neighbour gets it because of this upto the following season.
  9. There is no help in my area, its dog eat dog because of the manuka, guys still moving in when your only getting half a box and there's over 100 hives down a 1km road, I have found sites that look abandoned and just report it but all you get back is "the owner has been busy or due to covid etc" and you dont even get a reply saying the name of the owner.
  10. If they're dead and havent been getting serviced then why not? And if they had AFB or not I'd be reporting it straight away.
  11. If there's no activity, no ones been to look at them for some time and the landowner gives the ok I'd have a nosy especially if near my sites.
  12. Today I had to rush to a site, 2 hives starting to hang and one had swarm cells, things are a few weeks ahead this season. Thought one of my wintering sites was swarming on first sight too but nah just pumping, lucky my Kanuka wasnt extracted until june, wets are heavy az, still 5kgs in them so no more feeding syrip.
  13. So far all we know is that it was found, I would like to know how aswell, for example early stage, smelly stage, dwindling or dead and/or robbed out? And if found robbed out and the neighbours get it afterwards there should be liability for negligent beekeepers.
  14. I just pull the second to outside frame out, check the stores, replace the outside frame with a full honey if it needs a frame and scrape the box while its out, check for brood, bayvarol in then feed, if its failing I squash the queen and unite. Next round I scrape the top of the hive, strips out, brood check, equalize the hangers and over bubbling hives with the not so strong, scrape the excluders, super with wets and hope for the best.
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