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  1. That sucks, I got over 700 matts in the shed now and am in the same boat
  2. Life's about ballance, Iv gone down over 50 hives so far, I'm not making my losses back and I'm just putting brood from outside to outside of my singles. That's the only way I could think of getting rid of my non profit sites so that I have a bit more time with my family instead of working 7days a week
  3. Iv done my tests and they're sweet az, mind you it's warmer in northland
  4. True that Phil, My hives got a massive knock on the second round and they're back bubbling, the damp sites were the worst hit but most have come right now.
  5. So far i'v made 20 smart nucs up and have used 12 so far and swarming seasons only just started, it's something to do on a rainy day😊
  6. I cought one about the same size yesterday just below one of my sites while I was on the track up to do supering, there were 2 hives developing swarm cells and the rest were too strong to aqualize so I done a bit of shook swarming and when I cought the swarm on my way out the holey bucket was 3/4 full.
  7. I always treat before rearing Queens, I open one up a day to check and make sure they're all good. One good trick is to turn the incubator off over night, it slows down development and gives you 3 or 4 more days.
  8. You can't leave honey on when using apivar or apitraz and in my opinion the treatments don't work as well with supers on the hive
  9. It's the only way to get none to low c4s in the manuka otherwise it ends up stacked in drums unable to sell, my honey also comes from sites that have never had AFB that iv been running for over a decade and I uncap it so the bees will chew all or most of it out by the time honey starts coming in. Disease free is essential though and I still do complete brood checks to be sure. But in the extraction plant frames go in willy nilly, frames could be split up into 3 different boxes annually so if you have no disease history in a area then it's just as safe as putting a wet on
  10. Yea, I saved a pallet of honey and I just put a few boxes on the back for when I find hungry hives with empty outside frames It's just flowering now which is a bit late, the ground was hard az and I was able to get to some of my worse sites this week up until today, now its wet again.
  11. My mate Gav cough a swarm and it had foul brood
  12. I haven't had anything since last summer fingers crossed
  13. Biggest swarm I cought was in 2013, it was a 20L bucket and a half on the second go and it took 2 full depth boxes to contain
  14. I been adding 3 frames of brood and a cell to my drone layers and failing queens, cells to my 7 frame smart nucs made with left over brood from my doubles that I'm pushing down and anything developing swarm cells and I have had to make a few splits with the extremely strong doubles so far iv used 40 cells in 4 days Hives are starting to bubble now, 3 had cells and 1 already swarmed
  15. Just pulled my 3rd graft out and 26cells, hives are starting to hang in a few sites, Not far off now. Found a good way to down size, pushing all brood from my doubles(losses) into one box and putting the remaining brood and stores into smart nucs to the Bush sites and replacing losses with hives from Bush sites
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