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  1. I been rushing around like crazy putting staples in and feeding 60 hives a day with my mate. Found a strong hive yesterday on the brink of starvation, heads on brood were decapitated, one more day and that hive would of starved out.
  2. Site maintenance is key this time of year, just about couldn't see the hives under the pampus and the weedeater couldn't quite cut it so I got this
  3. How long since your last treatment went in? And was that 2 mites?
  4. Just looking on YouTube and saw a thing called the Varroa Buster that's put in the hive for a year that the bees rub against to grind the skin of mites which causes the mite to dehydrate and die.
  5. Iv never done alc washes or sugar shakes Any chance you could do a video of alc wash and sugar shake for varroa?
  6. It's got a electric pump, I got a Honda motor on my truck setup so thought I'd give it try
  7. That's what I was thinking, Iv got some baffles coming because it's a 200L tank and it probly will only take 150L even though its got a beefed up suspension
  8. I got my winter feeding setup the other day and can't quite figure how I'm going to mount it to the alloy deck on the Honda I got my winter feeding setup the other day and can't quite figure how I'm going to mount it to the alloy deck on the Honda I think it did raise it slightly but that could also be due to the bull bar on the front. It rides really well without a load and has awesome handling, in my opinion its the best ute round.
  9. I decided the cruiser isn't what I need, I need a big truck a NP450 is what I want. I have hauled 6 pallets with the trailor before but it was way overloaded, I just been putting one pallet on the Dmax and 4 on the trailor per load and with the Dmax done up its boosting. I put a iron man kit of heavy duty leaf springs in it and foam shocks which make it a way better ride, it currently blows the stock v8 cruiser away.
  10. Should of put up one with a match roping it out as well
  11. I got a mate helping me, just put in 2 buckets of staples only 5 more to go then I get a few weeks off. Wow Iv never seen a hive that overcome with wax moth before climate change is happening, the Towai is flowering up in the far north and my hives are quite full In most sites. Looks like I got 10 000L surplus feed compared to last season.
  12. Push it over the line @Philbee Over 70 loads @ 2-2.5 cube on one of my wintering sites ready for shifting tonight Shifted 55 more hives to my wintering site, 20hour day yesterday finishing at 12:30 and unloading this morning at 9am then went on to put staples in and feed 3 sites with a bit of chainsaw clearing to let some light in
  13. I'll message you tomorrow, I'm currently out of coverage. Cheers
  14. That would be great, I can swap you a jar of mine
  15. Same, mine are a cross of northern dark bee, carniolan and Italian that Iv added to from all parts of northland and I only breed from strong angry good producing bees
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