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  1. I got an 86% on my manuka pollen count one time
  2. Dunno, I'm my area we get a minimum of 5+ but usually 6-9+
  3. Manuka areas are so packed now days, I done a site today and got 4x 3/4 boxes from 24 hives and I had them up to strength. The majority were looking like they had half a box of Kanuka already so at least they're gonna cover cost 🤞
  4. Heaps of new massive avo orchards being put in up north too
  5. That's because they're pushing harder into areas that are already over stocked by people trying to make a living like myself
  6. Our Manuka is just ended, almost all the flowers have fallen off, so far we are 2 weeks earlier than last season. The best one I've seen was when the flowers ended after cristmas
  7. For me even at 12.50 it was running with ought profit, after extraction at $15 a box, freight, 3 guys to pull the honey, the paper work and drums
  8. Can't minimise exposure to Kanuka out my ways, it's everywhere. Today I started to pull my manuka and the hives are starting to hang outside the entrances.
  9. I'm debt free and own everything outwrigh but only have enough money to get my honey off, treatments in and cover probly half of the extraction costs at $15 a box then testing. This seasons going to be pretty tight, I don't think I would last one more season if there wasn't a crop.
  10. I done a lot of that last season. Lucky iv down sized a bit and have actually been having weekends off. Went to check a few sites and it's not looking too flash but possibly a box of manuka every second hive (making boxes up) again this season. The trick is that you have to drill thousands of holes in the bucket so they can breathe.
  11. Even swarms attract workers from other hives, I cought a swarm a while back and placed it under my ute deck while I finished the yard and there were hundreds of bees covering my holey bucket even though I done a double shake and cought almost all the bees from the swarm.
  12. All my bees are dark hybrids and they produce well compared to a lot of my competition, I've always bred from production not from dosile bees. Also they handle the mites a lot better. I bought 10 Italian hives for 5000 to add to my gene pool last season and none of them will produce a crop this season, I lost 4 to mites and the rest were absolutely wrecked. Needless to say the queen's will all getting replaced with my dark Bush bees this season.
  13. How is there a bee extinction? There's probly more beehives than people in nz And more bees in the world than people
  14. Can I get a copy of that disclaimer? Liability insurance is a rip off
  15. Iv had hives swarm and the newly mated queens couldn't find their way in and ended up nesting under the mesh, comb and all.
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