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  1. Ready for feeding, megabee hivealive patties, hive alive, blue feeders, emlocks and a new Dadant smoker
  2. I got a call one time and a house near my site was getting swarmed but no robbing was going on they were in rob mode but getting nothing, just swarming the house, thousands were trapped inside the windows because the lady closed the house up to stop them coming in???
  3. Loving the hiab, lifted these no 1 strainers in withought even putting the legs down. Gonna be my new servicing spot just gotta etch and bolt the beam for my 4.5t ramps
  4. Is anyone seeing a rise in prices, apparently Europe had a 100% increase in manuka honey sales, must be going to go boom soon 😊
  5. It's been really good, I used to spend a few grand a year renting a 2.5t and it was a bit inconvenient so I ended up buying this last year and its probably half payed itself off already.
  6. I'm gonna start feeding tomorrow onwards, some hives could still use 4L. Pumped out an 8 hour day on the 3.5ton, one site down one to go then 2 culverts and I'm up to shifting
  7. 3.5 ton payload, a decent hiab, 4x4, maybe a redlight
  8. Measured by happiness😁 I'm not in debt and my family is happy plus I got my class 2 so no more lifting hives soon
  9. 85$a Hive is the average rate out my ways, plus a box of honey
  10. I just pulled bayvarol out and Apitraz is out of stock until the 1-2 april, should be right Been in my zone this season, been a big year, I've just gotten on with work and this season I pulled more honey then ever before and it made me really look at where I am and how far I've come.
  11. Serviced 2 trucks, the digger, 2 chain saws,my blower generator, my feed pump, 2 weed eaters and the fork lift so far. Still got 6000L syrup in the tank and most my hives are full because I only put one 3/4 depth on most for the kanuka bush flow. Another 2 months and I might get a break😁 Only a week of site maintenance, 2 culverts to put in 4 more 6 cube loads of metal for site access then I got a week of freighting my honey to the extraction plant, 6 sites to shift home and one last round to feed and put strips in for winter.... wow the year went so fast.
  12. I've got sites with 5+ gates, sometimes it takes me over an hour to get out the back,especially with no gate bitch🤣
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