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  1. Hi all. I just caught a great swarm and managed to get them into a large plastic rubbish bin. The lid is on with multiple holes drilled in it for air. Now my question is, is it ok to leave the swarm in the bin overnight?
  2. Hi all, a good friend of mine is looking for a beekeeper to place a hive at a school in Hamilton for education to younger children...She is very passionate about the environment and wants children to learn more about bees...around five crossroads area. If you can help, please message me.
  3. No, mice got into my last hive and they all left...
  4. thanks for the reply, so do you think it is worth keeping these small afterswarms?
  5. Hi all, a friend found what she thought was a swarm...on closer inspection it turns out it is about 4 clumps of bees about fist size and smaller...I could not see a queen amongst them...I'm useless at spotting the queen tho,lol.. but some fly away and then come back into the huddle. I took 1 clump and put it in a hive, this morning they were under the lid clumped together, now its warmed up they are out at the entrance. I have feed jar in the hive also. Ok my question is, what the heck is going on with these small clumps of bees???? any ideas?
  6. ######, it's in the shade now... will leave it until we get a fine day.
  7. hi all, am thinking about going through the new swarm hive, but is after 7pm a bit late to take apart a hive?
  8. That would be great Daniel! Would need to be around 10ish on the Saturday tho as we are heading away for the weekend...let me know, Matt.
  9. Hi all, I have been observing the bees that have taken up residence in my spare hive. There are some rather large black bees amongst the rest of the bees. Is this normal? I haven't seen this with my other hive, but also do not know if these bees are wild or came from a neighbouring hive.
  10. They are 97% yellow but have seen some black ones amongst them...
  11. Cool I will leave them alone until next weekend, how exciting!
  12. So what now? Should I leave it as is for a while or should I be looking at reducing the number of supers and maybe put some v strips in?
  13. The other night just before dark I remember seeing a swam, but thought it was some sort of beetles as I didn't have a torch with me and one landed on my shirt, so just presumed it was a massive swam of beetles. How wrong was I!
  14. Thanks for your reply Roger, there would be about a hundred bees in there at a guess, but hard to tell as the hive is stacked 7 high with 3/4 boxes. I have only lifted the top lid off and can see plenty of bees, but unsure how many are in the rest of the hive. How long do scout bees stay?
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