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  1. UPDATE: I inspected my hive a couple of days before going on holiday for a week and my fears were confirmed. No queen, no eggs, no larvae and only a few capped brood. Did see a few queen cells and queen cups and one with larvae so I closed up again and crossed my fingers dreading what I would find on my return. Inspected today and found a lovely fat healthy queen and larvae too! I’m so relieved! cant believe how happy I was to see that beautiful queen. Definitely the top highlight of my beekeeping so far!
  2. Whew that’s good to hear! I agree that the bees prefer wax to the flow supers and last year they were quite slow to fill them. This year they have filled pretty quickly. My aim is for honey this year, but really just for my family so don’t need truckloads. I was thinking of doing a split this year so that I have 2 hives. I feel quite vulnerable only having one.
  3. Hi all, I suspect my hive has swarmed but I would love a more experienced opinion. Several days ago I was getting some bearding, late in the afternoon and into the evening. One day it was quite intense. The days were hot so I wasn’t overly concerned but still kept an eye out. I have a flow hive and I extracted a full frame. I then noticed the bees seemed to be taking honey out of the almost full frames which seemed strange to me and I was wondering what they were up to. No bearding in the last 2 days (it’s a bit cooler too). And yesterday I inspected the hive. Activity seemed less but once in the hive there seemed to be heaps of bees. Noticed a few queen cups, but didn’t see any capped queen cells, although I may have missed it. Lots of honey in the brood frames, along with larvae of various developmental stages. Love a second opinion as I only have the one hive so nothing to compare it to.
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